Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello fam‏ Sent: Mon 12/21/09 3:20 PM

Hey guys,

So I have had my change and I'm where i thought I would go. I am in Santa Teresa Mexico but its like five minutes from Hidalgo.
There is a part of my area named Rabbits... yeah i am out in the middle of nowhere but its all good cause this area is famous in the mission because they baptized like 28 in NOV between four companionships... yeah impressive.
My new companion is Elder Sanchez from Yucatan. He is big but very nice and speaks english. I got all of my buddies in this zone like farmer and a couple of other guys so i feel right at home. I dont think this will be my last area but it is crazy to think that it could be. Also my last area... Heap cried that I left but we decided that his parents are going to come down too and we are going to party together.
We baptized Balvina! yeah baby! Oh man, was that a trip but she is doing so good now haha she is not a smiley person and she is always smiling now. Funny how that works. Also we have a district leader meeting Wednesday and I'm going to see elder brown and elder heap again. But other than that looks like a lot of work for me ahead. Right now we have like two families that we are teaching... but I'm excited, we are going to tear it up. Glad to hear that everyone had a sweet week. Girls doing the girl things and boys doing what we do haha mom told me all of your gifts and I'm jealous of everyone.
Dad I fully support you snow boarding, just dont break yourself.
Coop, love you bro, just keep staying positive and work hard.
Nano, sorry about the scholarship but just keep focused and do better, you cant worry about yesterday.
Jen, love you and thanks for the shout out. Keep healthy and try to relax every once in a while.

So I thought I was joking when I said I hoped my new area had a phone but..... it doesn’t. We are thinking about calling from the church but I'll be sure to call you guys before and let you know. I'll call 24th to tell you the number and 25th in the morning we can chat. Everyone write down the questions, love you mom. But yeah 40 minutes, it will be cool.

Also we had the Christmas program at the temple, it was probably the best thing. I didn't sing but nontheless is was still good. We also gifted all of my little toys that I got in my packages to all my kids... cause I have kids. they were like OMG are you serious!!! it was pretty cool.

Alright, I'm going to go..... do something cause there ain't al ot to do but it will be great whatever there is. You all stay great and remember why we celebrate this month. I am a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ that died for us. I know the chruch is true and is the only way that families will be together forever.
be great!!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, December 14, 2009

one more week of the Joya‏ Sent: Mon 12/14/09 3:22 PM

Hello Family,
How is everyone doing? Already done with school, last week of school, or going to work till the 23rd? Love you Papi, you just keep working hard. And the rest of you are my heros too. Nano, thanks for helping out for mom, mom thanks for being great and keeping the holiday spirit. I tell everyone that when i get home I'm going to break that clock, jk but really.... Jen love you, keep me posted on my nephew. Have fun with the Lambsons for Christmas. Coop! dude, bro, how are you man? Still working hard and doing well in school and staying positive right? Cause if you aren't better then me when I get back we are going to have a throw down. I love you, keep working hard. Also grandpa, thanks for the pics of the b ball game, B looks so small yet I know that he is actually really big haha anyways, thanks in general for my G&G on both sides, for your support and love, you guys are my heros. Mom, love you alot, I'm not sure if we can do skycam or whatever but hope there is a phone in my next area haha just kidding Sterl, love you man. You just keep working hard and being great. I try to pattern my district after yours. You rock man, don't let a single day of your next year go by. Also I laughed a little, we should probably except Chandler even though he didn't ask you haha jk you guys all rock.Anyways my week really fast. We had the two confirmations for Arturo and Adrian, love them and their family went to church! It was great and we were going to have another family there too but the members kind of dropped the ball... but its all good cause they are coming next week! Also it was fast and testimony this last week and everyone got up there and bore their testimony about how great missionaries are. I tried not to let it go to my head but I have been here a while and will miss it. It was funny because every time it happened, the Hermana that we brought would lean over and tell us, yeah you guys are great but yeah one more week and I'm off to another area. I hope to be able to write next week but we will see. For sure, just a few lines of where I am and the call. I will have to talk to my future comp about a telephone number to give you guys. But yeah I'm excited to call you guys, I can't believe it will be my third call. Also this week we have the Christmas devotional. My district was going to sing but we will have to check that tonight. Also, my distict rocks socks! As three companionships we had 7 confirmations this week! My elders are getting the job done and I am enjoying it. Also we might be having another this week. Balvina or another Hermana that Sunday realized after going to church for three months, that she needed to be baptized to have an eternal family. I blame myself for the bad communication but we will have to see.Ok I'm out to my zone meeting but you guys keeping rocking it zztop still and ill catch you on the back side.This is the true church and everyone that gives it a chance has the opportunity to live as an eternal family.
I love you guys
to the moon and back
con amor
Elder Christensen

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It was good!‏ Sent: Mon 12/07/09 6:28 PM

Hello familia,
Well, it was a good week for everyone. And by that, I mean my companion and I, and my district. How are you guys doing?
Mom I had the question-- when do I start reading the little notes you gave me in my box.... I figured that the 13 days of Christmas start 13 days before so that's when I am going to start. Maybe I'm uncultured.
Coop, sorry about the losses bro but keep that chin up and work hard. Our true success in life is when we make everyone around us better then we are, just remember that. That's a direct quote from my Presidente. So stay positive and work hard.
Nano, congrats on being done with school, it's weird that you are now ahead of me in school now and it wasn't because they held me back. Stay happy and work hard and don't worry about the crazy people, that happens to me too. Just give them the bird... Christensen style of course.
Jen, thanks for writing me and hope things are going well. I didn't eat breakfast today, I was fasting, I'm usually good about staying on task but sometimes knocking doors gets old... after 5 months in a small area. It's all good and I do and don't miss green chili.
That can mom sent me I was all stoked and when I tried it, .... it doesn't have any favor. I think my taste buds are fried.
Dad, that's cool about the elk hunt, next year you will have to take me... maybe but also you're my hero, stay healthy and work hard. Mom glad the trip was fun and you had a chance to do bride talk. Keep working hard and don't get stressed because all you need to remember is that there is a Mexican that loves you down here. "soy yo" ( im me) but yeah you guys are great and I love you. Mom, I am going to buy myself a little christmas present and replace my suit pants cause there is a hole is the groan area that is awkward sometimes. I just noticed it the other day and don't know how it got there.
We had two baptisms Saturday. Adrian and Arturo, father and son. I love them man, they are the coolest family ever, we just need to work on the rest of the family. They are making us scarfs! Obviously I picked white and blue as my colors but yeah we are hoping for another one this week, Balvina, just need to get her married and we are good to go.
I have thought alot recently about the importance of baptisms. I think sometimes as missionaries we forget that we are helping our brothers find salvation... idk, its helped me alot to think of it that way. Also, we had stake conference this last week and it was way cool. We had a seventy here and he called my comp and I to go up to do some examples and I felt all professional. The Presidente was there too and his talk was way bomb and then the Hna gets up and says, when I saw my elders walk in today, I was just filled with joy haha a little love from the Hna. Other than that we didnt do much. We got to see the Christmas devotional but didn't hear the talks very well so I'll have to wait on that. But yeah, my district is rocking and I love it. Kind of makes it worth the extra weeks that I'll be here.
Elder Brown called me today. Oh man, I love that kid and I'll get to see him next week for the Christmas program too!
Ok fam and fans I got to run to go shopping. You are all great and my examples. I know this church is true because I have seen and felt the diffence in the lives of the people that accept it into there lives. I have two more witnesses to prove it. I know that iIlove my family and that I can be with them forever. Be great!
to the moon and backcon amorElder Westley Gene Christensen

Monday, November 30, 2009

No Transfers Sent: Mon 11/30/09 12:18 PM

Hello Family,

Well the President kind of threw me a curve ball this week. We had interviews this last Tuesday and everything went well. He told me I was doing great and that he was going to move me to another district, one that was struggling and make me work for my last couple of transfers. I was like, yes, exactly what I wanted... No, but I was cool with it. Then, Thursday he calls me up and is like Elder, remember all of those things we talked about in your interview? and I'm like ya, he was like, it is the opposite. So I'm not going to leave from my area for another 3 weeks and then I'll be going to a "easier district where I will baptize a lot". The reason it's in three weeks is because all of the January elders are going home early for Christmas, so Presidente has to do transfers anyways.
I am kind of glad to be here for a couple more weeks because we have some bomb families that we will be baptizing very soon but sad that I'll be in another area for three days before Christmas, but its all good.
Mom, talked to Presidente about you guys coming to pick me up and he said that he highly encourages that parents go for their kids, and that he has done it with everyone of his kids. So yeah, come on down. I just thought that you were going to drive but maybe I was confused, I was just thinking about all of the stuff that you wanted to buy but whatever, I'm good for whatever. I can't believe that December is tomorrow.... I am old haha but it's fun to see the younger elders start to get antsy about their first Christmas. Kids haha jk

Coop, way to be a stud in basketball bro, you guys will only get better. Just stay positive and work hard. You are huge man and I haven't grown at all... but I did get a new heel on my shoes! So I grew like two inches with my ECOS. Tay you have all the permission to put on heels now haha jk but seriously. So yeah, mom, no worries, I'm going to wear my hush puppies out till there is nothing and only bring my ecos home. I normally do keep care of my shoes, just that some streets are less paved then others.

Sounds like you guys had a good day of Thanksgiving. I didn't get a hold of any turkey but I'm sure you guys helped me out with your portions haha hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and are doing well in their work and school again today.
Also, G&G C thanks for visiting my fam and for the photos. I felt like I was almost there. You guys are great, stay healthy and working hard.
Jen, hope everything is going great with the nephew... yes.. nephew haha im calling it now, but yeah i love you guys stay great.

Nano, keep working hard and having fun. You have that wonderful smile, don't break too many hearts with it.
Mom and Dad love you guys. Got two packages on the day of the interviews. My comp and I have eaten almost all of the candy, I shared too haha and we put up the Christmas tree and are ready to start our sercret Santa plot.

One highlight of this week was an extra meeting with the Presidente and the stake Presidente, the zone leaders were sick and so we went. I felt office'ish haha jk but it was cool.
Highlight of next week, two baptisms, send `photos later.
Stay great fam and i love you all. I am a missionary of the one and only true church of Christ.

To the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Hot Again Sent: Mon 11/16/09 6:54 PM

Hey family,

How are you guys doing? I have had the best P-day ever. We played some basketball in the morning with Heaper, love that kid, but sadly our deadly combination didn't gain a victory. After we figured out the gas for the house we had hot water again!! You don't know how sweet a hot shower is after a week of cold ones but after we went to Chilis for Francis´s birthday, used my card, sorry, and after we went to "chill" with Farmer and play some more basketball. I did some washing of my clothes and planning my meeting tonight. That takes skill, but even better, Farmer went to the offices today and picked up a letter from Tayluray and a package from my beautiful family!! I love you guys, still haven't gotten it yet but its bound to spring up soon or later.
That was a lot about me, sorry its just that I have been having the worst luck with computers lately, like how when I went to print my letters, the printer broke, so I have little idea about how everyone is doing.... you would think I would learn.
But yeah, jen and brit, all the Elders wish you guys all the happiness in the world, Heap said he would love to be the God Father.
I think we have been in Mexico too long. It's all good cause I'm going to be his to his next nephew.
Nano, excited to hear what happened with the job, just stay in there kid, just remember that when we would go to the doctors office for shots, you were the one that didn't cry... and there were only two of us... just pray and I know you will get an answer.
Dad, it was nice to see like 5 letters from you. I love you man, you are my hero, just keep being awesome so we can play b ball when I get home.
Coop!!! I love you bro, I hope you know that, you're so much stronger then me man. Just keep being a stud and work hard, but smile every once in a while.
Mom, I hope everything went well with grandpa and that you enjoyed your stay in Tucson. The pictures were great. I love you mom and i am so grateful for all the patience and love you have for me. All the Hermanas (sisters) are putting up their Christmas decorations and are like, oh i have like another box to go still, and I'm like, hahaha you need to meet my mom. Its funny.

So my week was pretty good. We started out with a new sweet family that is way bomb. After we explained the first vision she was just crying and said that the day we contacted her, she had been praying to God for help and when we walked up, she just felt that she had bumped into two old friends that she had met before but didn't know where.... we call that, the pre-existence. It was sweet, and her husband was like, "I just feel like there is light inside of me", I just feel good, I love my mission. I love my comp, I know we are having all of these sweet experiences cause he is a bomb.

We baptized yesterday, the kids of Balbina, the lady that saw the church, felt different and later my comp contacted her. Anyways, also cool. After the second baptism, the older brother that was watching from the steps just leeped into the font and started swimming and screaming. I couldn't get too angry cause they were so happy but yeah it was funny, also when we were changing into dry clothes, they just kept chanting "nos bautisamos, nos bautisamos" They are good, we just need to marry the mom and dad.

Okay familia, I got to run and do some sweet things but you all stay great and remember that there is an Elder in Mexico that loves each and every one of you, and that our Heavenly Father loves you guys too. He listens and answers prayers. I have a whole bunch of people to testify of that. BE great cause that is who you are!

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Westley Christensen

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, im relaxed haha Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 4:54 PM

Hello everyone
Can we just take like two deep breathes real fast haha i feel like everyone just went and did a 180 when i wasnt looking. jen!!!!! freak are you kidding me? haha i can´t believe it. i am so happy for you guys i just kind of screamed at my comp haha no but really when i saw the, read this one first, title i was like, freak jenny is pregnant, but then I was right and was like no way!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. And he would be in June just to steal my thunder haha jk. I'm so excited, I'm going to be the best uncle. That's right coop haha no but you guys rock.
Also mom, i love you and everyone else, but yeah i am eating well. Its gotten a little colder but at least it is not raining anymore. and even if i get transfered in 3 weeks like i think will happen, unless Heap calls out a huge favor from presidente, the offices will find me, so no worries about packages. Also the next holiday is christmas and i cant believe it. The mission is already getting ready for the Christmas program and i am kind of in shock that it will be 18 months. Got to live it up.
Nano, you stay tough in that ER, you are my hero, you know i couldnt do it.
Grandpa B, you take care of yourself, i love you guys. I need to give you a big hug when i get back.
Dad, idk whats happening in your life but i assume much of the same studness. Keep care of mom and coop, and congrats on being a grandfather. We are old dad haha jk you are a stud. COOP! I love you bro but i don't want to give you a swift one in the rear, and i say that with all the love in my heart. But really bro, stop stressing so much. you got skills bro, just trust in yourself and work hard. Just the last week i was playing b ball with heap and he is really good and im not and i was like, man, i could have played if i didnt have a bad attitude. So be better than me bro. Its the same as you and me playing in front of the house. Find the joy. But i love you bro, remember that. I dont know how many times I brag about my little brother every day, you are my hero.
SO my week. Also heap just called and said congrats to jen and brit. also that Tay shouldn't die haha anyways my week was good. We definitely found people and brought them to church and it was great. We have a possible 5 baptism weekend but it will probably we two kids. Other then that i have been out of my area alot. I left my comp to do alot of the work and like a stud, he did it. We have my new favorite fam. the fam cortes, its a complete family but the father and son are listening to us right now and everyone else later. But yeah its like a dream investigator. He prayed and dreamed about teh first vision. Is that not bomb. and yeah we are doing really well as a district too. But anyways, the news is that Elder Brown in the new assistant , yeah im pumped, im waiting to call him and tell him he is a jerk for not waiting to be my comp first.

ok i got to run and be late still. so i love you and pray for you guys every day. Be wonderful and have faith that God loves you too. I got a letter from T money!!! he is in Florida!

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

Monday, November 2, 2009

Woo hoo i learned to delete!!! Sent: Mon 11/02/09 4:05 PM

Hello Family,
Man, I love you guys. Uust wanted to get that out there real fast. How have you guys been? I cannot express my love for technology because I finally learned that deleting letters doesn't delete letters.. you have to purge them... I'm going to have to look up the word purge haha but yeah the mail box should be good for a while now so we can go abck to, please. Thanks for all the patience.
I know how mom has been doing but little else.
Coop, don't even worry about it bro. You will only get better with time and experience. Don't stress, just keep rocking it.
Jen, Happy Birthday again, I am kind of slow like that but I heard my lovely sister Nano made some dinner for you. you guys are great, take care of each other.
Dad, nice job representing with all the talks, you're my hero, just keep it up.
Mom, I do have the box, thanks so so much. It was so great in fact that it only lasted like 4 days. I still have my cookies to make... it's just that they don't use ovens here very much... but I'll make it work... in a skillet haha but yeah thanks so much.
I hoped everyone had a great dia de los muertos and ate way too much candy. We had a lot of pumpkin and... gave contact cards out to the kids that knocked our door haha no, but we should have.
Today is a national holiday, it's a two day holiday, yesterday was for the children that had passed away, and today are the adults. Oh man, there are so many traditions that I need to tell you guys about but any ways it was a good holiday except that today the post office is closed for that and I cant mail Tays memory chips... but Thursday si, we have a conference over there so I'll just stop by.
My week~
It flooded again. Oh man I love rain. It started when we were climbing a dirt road to go give a blessing and when it started we just ducked inside of a store and thought, we will just wait it out, and hour later we decided we had to leave but it just never stopped and when we looked down the road that we had come up on, it was gone haha what had replaced it was a river a about the size of the Rio Grande. It was fun and me trying to be super elder was like, hey we are going to go to our appointments/ Bad idea, but it was funny at the beginning and I did get to run in the rain! We were drenched when we got home and slightly miserable cause no one was home haha so yeah there were house flooded and people swept away in the current. But yeah, hopefully it is the end of the rain.

Also, the worst week of work in a long long long time. I love my comp, we get along great, we work hard, we are obedient, and we got owned this week. No one wanted to listen to us. The only family we found was a family of 5 Saturday at 8. talk about the last hour but they are great but no one went to church except two kids and our baptism!!! Even that wasn't easy but we did and he will be a great member, he is already talking about getting married in the temple! just that he is single... haha on the prowl haha oh RMs, anyways yeah it was a rough week but we will turn it around. We have a couple good families that we are hoping to baptize in the next two weeks but we will have to work and pray a lot. I'm pumped. Also I really like my comp. We have never fought. If he was in the US he would be a legal miget haha and then he has this laugh that cracks me up. We are doing good. Also got to see and get owned by elder heap today in basketball... but I love that he is here... it's great.
ok fans and fam, stay great, i am going to go chill with Farmer before the meeting so you all stay great, keep your heads up and work hard, I love you all and know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father does too. I love my mission
to the moon and back,

con amor,

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Monday, October 26, 2009

(So busy, no title to this e-mail)‏ Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 5:53 PM


Hey huge sorry to everyone. Last week were transfers and I didn't get moved but I had to accompany an elder to go get other elders and basically we visited every zone in the mission and I didn't have time to write..
So, I am sorry, you guys know that I love you, don't doubt that. Also I have two weeks to cover and 15 minutes to do it.
Long story for why I don't have time but I'll get to that.
First, my mailbox is full. So um.... I got a lot of letters from mom and no one else haha so if you happened to send a letter to me for the last two weeks, a re-send would be great. Or if you didn't write me, you got luck this week and can make up for the next.
But yeah, so that was kind of a shocker when I got to the computer today. If you all could send it to my hotmail or my msn address for next week until I figure things out that would help a lot.
Two weeks ago, the last week of Elder Candiani. We didn't do much... haha it was kind of frustrating but he was ready to go and had a lot of families to say good bye to. He went to Hidalgo with all of the cows and chickens and I am sure he will have a great time. My interview with Presidente went really well, we just had some good laughs and then the usual go get em. I liked it, it helped.
My new companion is elder Hernandez. Yes I have completed a year with a Mexican companion. No, my spanish has not improved because of it, haha no but he is why cool. He is from Oaxaca and has little time in the mission. What I mean to say that he is from Oaxaca is that they are like Samoans... just big happy people and I love him. We had to drop a lot of families this week because they didn't go to church last week so we were basically started from new and we needed some miracles. We worked our butts off the first three days trying to find new families. And by the end of three days... we had two new... they weren't that hot.
So Thursday night I was a little like, freak, I'm tired, but I asked the Lord for a little help for one more day and wow... he helped. We found some bomb families that at the end of the lessons called us heaven sent and then went to church... I felt pretty good. It was just such a great blessing I can't even explain it. We are going to do great things here. I love my mission.

Speaking of which we climbed the mountain again. No, I will never climb it again but this time we went up as a zone and yeah... one of us five got lost thus the lack of time to write. It is all good now. Also Elder Heap is my new ZL!!! That kid is such a stud.

Everyone, I love you all so much. I can't believe this is all starting to end but know that I am here and loving it. I still haven't talked to Pres about the summer arrangments but it would be easier for you guys to visit Mexico to come pick me up. But yeah. I'll write more next week, sorry again, love you!!!!

to the moon and back
con amor

elder christensen

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not sick anymore‏ Sent: Mon 10/12/09 3:23 PM

Hello Familia,

How are you guys doing? I keep hearing that the the Broncos are doing well so I just assume that everyone is doing great. Thanks for the sports pop. Also, I am in the area of Elder Farmer so I left all of my letters in my house and I am going to try and remember how well everyone is doing.
Mom, keep it up with the business. I was going to tell you that my two journals that I have are exactly the same brand and color haha so maybe like a Vol 1 and vol 2 thing or idk.
Still haven't seen the package yet but we have interviews tomorrow so I am hoping for a gift.
Dad, you are stud. I hope the paper is finished and that you are tearing it up in all aspects. I loved the photo of all you guys at NMSU.... it would have been better in blue.... BYU! No not really but I have to have some pride.
Sisters, hope work and school and life are all staying up with you two. You guys are my heroes. It will all pay off in the end. Brit, you keep care of them bro.
Coop, congrats on the goals, sometimes that's all you need to get back into the habit. Have confidence in yourself but never be prideful. You can always work harder haha if you learn that now you wont take so long to learn it here in the mission like me. Yes, I have undertaken the task of ridding all pride from me... some may ask, what will be left? That's a good question, we will have to see, idk but I love you guys. I can't believe everyone is having birthdays and growing and moving on with life haha we don't have birthdays here. We are elders.
I thought I was getting a little of a belly so I went and weighed myself with my mission leader and I am actually a little under normal haha like 163... I need to do something with that. We will have to see what I look like when Christmas comes around.
Transfers next week, I am probably staying cause my comp and I now have 6 months here, but yeah, I love the kid. He is such a stud also if I have another Mexican comp next transfer I will have had one for an entire year.... yes, i do know their culture very well.
Also, funny story of the week. We were knocking doors and we got to this door that had two cables coming out of the hole for the doorbell and so my comp is like, I'll just put them together and the doorbell will sound. And it made perfect sense to me so I was like go for it. So he put them together and Boom haha all I saw was a pillar of light, more brillant then the sun.... directly behind my comps head hahahaha oh man, we booked it out of that building pretty quick after we realized we had knocked out the light for the entire building but we had a good laugh and my comp didn't die haha and then we went and found two awesome families.
We might be having a baptism this week, the grandson of my Mexican grandma, but we have to see some papers first.
Also Elder Francis and I are now best friends. It's just people from the north west.
I do use the word flip haha things change in the mission. Just know that Halloween is pretty soon and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hope its not too cold there... the sun is quiet nice here.

Ok I got to go eat some tacos and chill with Elder Farmer before my junta. You all take care and know that our Heavenly Father loves you and that he has so much planned for each one of you. Be great cause that is who you are.
Con amor
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost not sick...‏ Sent: Mon 10/05/09 12:11 PM

Hey Fam,

How is everyone doing today? I feel like I ask that question a lot but people respond to it so I guess I'll just continue with it. But really I hope everyone had a great week and an even better conference. Flip, that was the best conference I have ever been to. I dont know if I just haven't payed attention before or if it was in another language... possible. I just went with the right spirit and a lot of questions but I left a new man... boy haha no with 20 and a half years under my belt I think I qualify for man. I loved it. I loved the apostles and the first presidency. I wish I had a testimony like Elder Holland or could call everyone to repentance like Elder Bednar. They are my heros. I think they should put conference on dvd. I'ld watch it haha and that's what a year in mexico does to you.
Nano, congrats on the job, work hard and be humble. Learn everything you can.
Jen and brit, thanks for writing me. I know you guys are busy so thanks for taking the time to show some love. Also Jen, we take taxis if it is over 30 mintues walking and we don't have time. There are about 5 families that have cars but a ride is a very rare occasion. And it always happens right as we are about to arrive at our destination.. ironic haha you guys keep tearing it up and work hard. That Lacey fireside sounded bomb.
Also I think it was funny that today everyone decided to send pictures to me and I wasn't able to open them... sad days. next week. Dad, you are a stud man, you keep working hard and stay positive. Good luck on the document.
Coop, idk if you are dead or alive, but you keep it up man, I hope you recover soon. Also, no worries, i have a whole book of advice that I am writing down for your mission haha.
Mom, love you. Thanks for all of your sacrifices and work. You are great. Thanks for the shoes, but i think we should just keep them there in the US and then I just get these fixed up for 20 pesos.. also still havent gotten the box but ill be looking.
The reason I have been taking other money out is because when I went to the temple E Farmer asked me to buy him the new bible in leather... Yes, new bible in spanish. It's sweet. Idk if anyone else saw Presidente Monson explain it on the Saturday morning session. I loved his spanish haha also I listened to conference in english, and yeah I understood everything in spanish but it is better in english. for example, when everyone is making jokes and laughing, the translator is in his monotone voice for the punch line and it ruins everything haha no all of it was great.

On Wednesday, we had a leadership meeting and I saw Elder Brown, love him. Also it was basically a, "we need to do better pep talk." Also that some dls are going to be let go to give other kids a shot. Well its been fun haha no I wouldn't be sad, I could handle less stress.
This week we found some bomb families. The only thing was that only one went to church... but this next week. Also i need prayers and fasting.... not me but just we have alot of people that can get baptized this month but everyone is having something come up. So a little help if we could.
Mom I was wondering if you could help me out with one of those containers for consecrated oil and rechargable batteries.. idk, i actually love the idea of just putting money in the bank for when i get back haha cause ill need it... but yeah if i only had two christmas gifts, it would be those two. Other than that life is normal.
I got to jet and do some paper work haha really official right haha no but you guys have great week and of course happy b day bro!!!!! i cant believe life moves on without me but your a man now. Keep being a stud bro, you can do anything. YOu are my hero. Everyone take care and see ya in a week.

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry im a little slow‏ Sent: Tue 9/29/09 9:57 PM

Hello family,
So I'm writing late and from MSN for a reason. We were sitting down to write and everything and it started to rain and I actually wrote that it had begun to rain in my letter to you guys and was about to write, "and I think the power is going to get knocked.... " and then it went out. Really, it was revelation. That's my excuse, there was not any power. and then later yesterday we tried again and the same thing happened. I think it was a sign that we were not supposed to write yesterday. Candiani doesn't agree but whatever and I'm writing from msn just because I don't want any confusion as to why I'm on the computer so late haha.
How are you guys doing? I hope everyone is rocking it school wise and not stressing too much. Also, yeah, Mom sorry, its just end of the month and I have been paying for a lot of things because Elders don't have money and I have to help them and yeah... but thanks. Also Jen and Brit thanks for giving me a shout out, means a lot to me, you guys are great. I hope you found your answer Jen and that school and work are all going well.
Nano, I swear, girl you are always going somewhere haha no it's all good, I would too if the fam was so close. Live it up and work hard, good luck with the interview.
Coop! haha kidney punched. Congrats bro, no I haven't been kidney punched before but I know you can tough it out. You are my hero bro, just keep tearing it up and be patient. Mom and dad, love you guys and i hope you know it. Its ridiculous how often I do something during the day and just pause and say to myself... gah I am such my parents child haha but its a good thing. I hope you guys are doing well in your work and with the kids, you guys are too awesome.
Also my kid wrote me!! Valdez! eh, cuidate mi chavo. Tu sabes que te amo y que espero lo mejor para ti. Hazlo que tienes que hacer y te espero muy pronto. Tambien la familia Aguilar.(Sorry about that, just a little sidetrack).
I have been good. Its been raining off and on and I have tried to stay a little more covered and warm cause my lung virus that I always get came back this week... its been fun. I am going to talk with the hna tomorrow to see what she can do. But yeah I'm not too worried.
Ok, need to go through my week super fast real quick.
Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference and at the end we took a mission picture. Was it a mess trying to get everyone together and quiet, yes but we took it and it's done. I learned a lot from the conference and I always feel like its the little revelations that make the difference. But anyways we get back and I don't know if it was because I was sick and tired or because the lunch appointment wasn't showing up but I had little patience and I got super angry super fast when out of frustration Elder Candiani started to tell me off that I was a lazy, unexcited elder. I just about freaked out haha really I haven't gotten that angry in a long time. I seriously felt tinglings haha zero sickness and I just started yelling in Spanish... but then I took some Westley time and walked away and he and I had some great talks and now we are "best friends forever" haha remember the Lord works in mysterious ways but yeah its been great. We went out and found some bomb families! Like a family that the mom is member but that no one else is and they want to be a eternal family and we are like, yes, we can help with that. We couldn't take them to church cause they had a death in the family but this week for sure. Yeah, everything went great for us. We are hoping to have three baptisms either this week or the next but really, miracles are happening every day and I love to be part of it.
Yesterday wasn't so fun cause we had emergency transfers but my new elders are bomb and we are going to tear it up. Really, we just need to tear it up as a mission, and we will, soon. Also changed houses and I love it! I will send pictures later. Just know I love my mission and I'm excited for every day.

Also Elder Heap is good. He says thanks for worrying about him, also he wants us to room with his little brother. who will be a freshman... with freshman friends... more Heap, more love is what I say haha.
Okay, fam and fans, you are be great. Know that I love you, love my work and love the Lord. Also, the presidente had a son that was inactive, and then he came here and started doing splits with missionaries. Yeah he is waiting on his mission call.... Elder Holland called personally to ask what his reaction was... yeah my Pres has friends like that, I love it. You all be great. love you, I know this is true.
con amorto the moon and back, Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Sick‏ Sent: Mon 9/21/09 1:23 PM

My countrymen,

How are we doing so far? I hope everyone is staying warm and dry cause that seems to be my problem. I am sick again but this time it is that lung thing I always get. I will suffer and live I guess. It's all good. Haven't heard from Jenny in about forever so yeah... I hope everything is alright sis and that you are not going crazy with life. Take care of her Brit.
Nano, keep working hard in school. Try and stay in Las Cruces for more than one weekend. You tear it up.
Dad, don't even worry about not writing last week, I'll just read two of your letters this week to make up for it. Hope the shoulder and work are all going good.
Mom, love you. I like how you refer to people going crazy with their lives as my senior year haha, it's all good, if you guys could do it with me, you can do it with anyone.
Have fun at the Blink 182 concert. Try to listen to their music before and be ready for a lot of pot.... haha I'm excited to hear how it goes.
Coop!!! bro, whats happening man? Why are you getting in fights (on the soccer field) and whatnot. Tough it out man and just stay calm, take deep breathes and realize that at the end of everything, you are going to be a beast. Don't get stressed over the details, find the solutions. you're a stud man, keep it up.

So my week. I am sick again.. but that probably because I can't seem to get dry... too many baptisms... haha a little missionary humor. I'm cool. Anyways, it was awesome to have two more baptisms this Saturday. Arturo and Cuquita are two of the newest members of the church and they rock hard. I had the pleasure to do the ordination and it was the first double baptism I have had since my trainer.... yes. but Elder Candiani also became my most sucessfull companion with those two baptisms. We get along great, just when he thinks I make rules and I'm stubborn and too old haha yes old. I'm going to be turning 21 in six months.
But other than the two baptisms we kind of dropped the ball this week... like bad. We brought only three people to church and only 7 new investigators in total. You can be sure it will not happen again. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Other than the fact that Elder Heap almost died. He walked into the house of an investigator and fainted... and they don't know what's wrong with him... so yeah I'm sure he will tough it out but praying helps too. Oh and we are going to change houses... cause I am tired of leaks.
Wednesday we are going to meet the new presidente de area, Elder Johnson. We will see if he has some new ideas.

Okay fam, fans and all you other people I got to run to chill with Elder Farmer but you all stay great and happy cause you are all loved. Your prayers and testimonies are wonderful and I know that this church is true. I love my mission and the opportunity I have to serve. I love you all and see ya next week.

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Wet in a lot of ways Sent:Mon 9/14/09 12:24 PM

Hey Loved Ones

How is everyone doing this fine looking monday? I hope everyone is doing well going back to school and work and doing well in their individual activities. SOO pumped to hear that byu dominated haha thanks for the info dad, we will have to see how the broncos do as well.

Coop, you make me laugh with your ridiculousness but i still love you. Hope you tore it up against st mikes. Also pay attention in seminary, you could use a couple of those scriptures out here. speaking from someone that doesnt remember much..... haha expect when dad taught! love you haha

Mom love you so much. the shoes are hush puppies and that would be a lame side note but its all good, my other pair should hold out.... and mom, good luck in sunday school, i know the lord will bless you with the help you need. I had to freak out of some diacons yesterday cause they were wrestling with my future convert in the lawn... oh my gosh i love kids haha

dad i loved your curveball analogy, it made my laugh a little. For a second i thought it was one of moms made up metaphors but no... haha i love you guys. hope the shoulder feels great and also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! your a stud, keep it up. hope it was a good one.

Bingham family, i love you guys but we need to stay healthy. everyone look after themselves and take care. i love you guys, trust in the Lord.

Nano and jen, hope everything is going great and everyone is enjoying themselves and trying hard in school... not getting distracted by parties... haha take care you two, i love you guys

ok my week, we had a baptism! whee! bianca alvarez, 23, boyfirend, jehovahs witness. Amazing faith to tell him to respect her decisions, yes. She is great and we will continue to work with her mom and sister. Other then that we were not the hottest things in mexico haha we had trouble finding and teaching people but we had a lot in church. It also did not help that all that rain that we were missing finally showed up this week... all at once haha its rained every afternoon for the last week or so and we have had some minor flooding issues in the city. By my last area they had like 200 houses damaged from flooding. but no worries, i live on the second story haha but yeah getting wet is a custom again. Also my companion and I get in the dumbest fights. I just need him to not beat box in the street while we are walking haha

also got sick two days ago. Threw up and everything, it was awesome. Probably something that i ate at mexican night at the stake activity. Im sending photos of that. we took mustaches haha it was fun

ok im out like a scout. Love you all and know that our heavenly father does too.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Pictures! Sent: Sep. 14, 2009

Explanations of pictures in letter above.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feliz CumpliaƱos PAPI!! Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 11:16 AM

Dear Family
How are you all rocking it? It was way good to hear from all of you last week, minus coop... haha jk i saw the new letter. But yeah sounds like everyone is now getting into the groove of school and whatnot and i hope that everyone continues to work hard and pray for that extra help. Also all the pictures were way cool. Thats too cool that Elder Nelson was there in the stake! Elder Oaks came here like two weeks ago to speak to the young single adults so we didnt get to listen to him.
Jen, congrats on letting the kids out early for recess, im sure they all love you haha and really jen, do what you feel is right, but know i love you and konw that Heavenly Father loves you too.

nano, thanks for feeding my brotheren haha i am sure they cleaned you girls out haha i think im actually loosing weight here just because there are not as many cool members haha all for the better, need to make friends.

Coop, you make me laugh bro. Good job on the tournament, you just keep tearing it up and please give a shout out to sam for me. Call him best buddy haha

Mom and Dad, love you guys, know that us kids can control being held too tight, but you guys are great, thanks for your prayers and love

ok my week.
We dont have transfers today. Well, my district at least. Everyone is going to stay the same!!!! weee!! haha really when the presidente told me that my mouth kind of just dropped.... haha but im way excited for it. We had some issues last transfers, some conflicting attitudes but Im just excited to see how we are going to rock it. So yeah elder candiani is still my companion and i love that kid. He thinks i make some rules sometimes but its ok haha also we only speak english in the house haha i have enjoyed it. So tuesday were our interviews and mine wasnt as cool as i wanted it to be but ill live. I just need to dominate basically. Also we have seen soo many miracles this week. We did a fast for some people that we are planning to baptize next week and the 20th and everything work itself out, it was beautiful haha so yeah another one this week and three in the one after. Also it was funny cause last night i was talking to Elder Heap, love that kid, and he was like, Christensen, do you realize in that one year we will be living together at BYU? haha that would be a party. Um.... yeah i think that was all of the cool things that happened. Oh and that my zls are staying too... whoo! love my mission haha

ok fam and fans, im going to go head off and do something great and i hope all of you will to. Going to eat hamburgers with Elder Farmer later on too haha love you guys and know that Heavenly Father loves you too. I have zero doubt in that He lives and watches over all of you. Have faith in that.
i love you guys!
con amor
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry sorry‏ Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 8:33 PM

Hey fam,

Sorry for being late..... again but we know me, I'm a little slow at times but just know that it's not a matter of love. Just bad planning haha but how are we doing? Everyone doing well with the first week of school under their belt? And if not, its ok, you have a lot more to go. Resolve problems quickly, otherwise they just drag on and on and on. That's what I learned this week.
Also Father I hope that recovery is coming well and that you aren't getting too crazy.
Coop, work hard on school and soccer, look for opportunities to be a leader always.
Jenny and Brit, good luck being poor. Total love I'm just kidding. Really I know that Lord blesses his servants and you guys are great. Just put your faith in him, work hard and you will see miracles every day.
Mom, love you. Hope work is going well and everything, Recent news, my backpack broke haha like the strap unsewed itself. idk, I'm going to get it fixed.
Also Nano!! hope you had a great b-day, lots of love sis.

Ok, my week super duper fast. We baptized again!! I'm loving it! A little girl of an inactive family, but the nicest most pleasant little girl you have ever met and always screams "hello" from across the street haha love her.
I have been sick with the sore throat this week but idk, I will just man it up I guess.
Interviews tomorrow so that will be an uplifting experience, I hope. I don't know what's going to happen in a week with transfers but I assume I'm going to stay and receive another younger missionary. I'm starting to open my eyes now a days and by that I mean that I am just realizing so many things that I wasn't doing right and that there is an easy solution that was right there. So yeah, I feel like I have been growing up really quickly these last two weeks. Kind of makes me wonder what I have been doing these last 12 months....
We had an awesome experience in that Esther, my grandma here, is inviting all of her family to listen to us and the magority are and it's great and I love how the Lord has a plan and that I get to be part of it. I love my mission! I feel good, we had a good district meeting, I only yelled once and the rest I felt the spirit so it turned out great.
Went bowling with Elder Francis, from Portland, again today. We are pretty much best buds, can't figure out why haha no but he is really a great elder.
Ok, my comp is angry - got to run. Love you and and know the Lord has a plan, our job is not to tell him the plan but to figure it out for ourselves. I love you and know the Savior loves you too.

to the moon and back

con amor,

Elder Christensen

Monday, August 31, 2009

No Letter Today

Sorry ='(


Monday, August 24, 2009


P-day at the bowling alley
Sweet Sister Westley loves

Jail Bird Jake got nothing on me haha‏ Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 10:21 AM

Hey guys,

So, yeah, it was a pretty exciting week I must say. A little bit of everything and at the end a confirmation of my favorite little old lady haha but how are you guys doing? Everyone is now back in school, including here, it's the first day, and I have my p day... hmm it feels good. It's crazy to think that I am going to complete one year here in Mexico. Time is not on my side. I have too many things to do still.
Mom, I am hoping to go to the dentist today, its with a member in another ward but he is still going to charge me. I don't think he will charge normal but still something so I'm going to use my home money.... if you could help me, but we will see. Also, took the picture of my shoe.
CLARK, how you doing buddy!?!? I cant believe it's over man, you are such a stud, write me a line or two man. You are my hero. You too Jeff haha you guys rock, thank you for your service and for giving all. I love you guys. And really I am sure Clark and David sounded just fine without me singing in church. I was ususally a burden haha love you guys, see you in one year.
Nano, back in Cruces, live it up sis. Make friends and more important grades haha love you.
Coop!! you are stud man, congrats on JV, you are going to tear it up this year. Just listen to the coach, give 100%, and stretch, cause you dont want to end up like me. You go ahead and make #15 a great number.
Dad, hope surgery went well, remember to relax and be patient. Basically take a break haha love you.
Jen love the soccer chear. I would have loved to play in green and gold but yeah I'm doing my thing here. Good luck in school and being the mom of everyone. We all need you, so stay strong. Brit, thanks for the shout out.

Okay, so my week really quickly. Bueno, well Monday night in the junta, Elder Romney came with the secs and yeah sat in on my junta. Which was fine cause we were only going to watch videos of preach my gospel. Elder Romney is a stud, I love that guy. He reminds me alot of Clark now that I think about it. But yeah we had a chat for about half an hour outside and he helped me alot to think about the needs of my district. So Wednesday I decided to go on splits with one companionship for 24 hours and everything was going great untill we got put in jail.... haha not even kidding haha good times.
So I am going to explain myself before mom freaks out. We were wrapping up the day and we happened to pass by an atm and I still had money in my mission account that I wanted to take out. So while I was taking out my 300 pesos, Elder Rivera was outside passing the time playing with his keys, and at one point decided that he was just going to try his key in the sercurity lock on the gate outside, just for grins and giggles. Bad idea! An old man saw him and thought that he was tampering with the security gate and told the police and they picked us up two blocks later haha. I got to ride in the back of a police truck!! Yeah, it was just nonsense so we were laughing the whole time and everything so when we got to the police HQ we just were really nice to everyone, saying hi, doing contacts, the norm haha and when the police asked me for my name they just kind of looked at me strangely and asked is I was Mexican, which I said "no", if I had my license, "nope". So they left me alone but the fine for my comp was going to be 2000 pesos but yeah they are kindof corrupt like that so Elder Rivera called an hna that works in the state goverment and five minutes later, they let us go free and then the zls came by to give us ride and we jsut laughed a lot. Yeah, now I am the joke of the mission in that everyone has to say something about jail but it's all good. I felt like Troy in Russia, but not as cool haha but the thing was that the rest of the week we tore it up! Only five in church but three of our inactive families came too. And then the confirmation. We have a baptism this week too. It's of a 9 year old girl of an inactive family so yeah its alright.

fam, love you
pray often
work hard
be examples
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

PS no i didnt forget nano, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! eat a piece of cake for me haha stay great sis

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lets get wet!‏ Sent: Mon 8/17/09 4:18 PM

Hey fam and fans

so what a week right? I am sure you guys were running around just as i was if not more. I hope that everything went well with the moving into the other house for nano and that tryouts went well for coop. Britton saw that you wrote me bro, love you, sorry about that sunburn, i saw the photo in the package haha at first i didnt know what it was haha. also mom, love you, loved the package, already gave away all the candy and laughed at all the photos haha the one with jenny in the tube... oh man... great haha also cooper! why are you wearing my soccer jacket! gosh dang it haha your school photo was all my clothes haha keep it real man. Nano, saw the new hair cut, very hot, good luck keeping the boys off. Jenny, last two semester, keep it strong, everyone needs you down there. Dad, sorry i forgot to mention it but the drawings were way sick that you sent me. I have a much better idea what to expect when i get back haha, i liked the little dock idea haha i say we put in some live trout or something to go fishing every once in a while haha and were those turtles or just plants i saw in the pond haha hope everything goes great.
So yeah sorry this is kind of fast but we didn't plan to well today. But really i love you all.
Sam and Ave! How you guys doing? haha clowns, still look the same. (Mom Sent hima picture) Ave also got your letter man, ill be writing you back soon.
Also got one from tay and t money. so yeah i have some letters to write.

so my week super fast....
we had a baptism sunday for my favorite person ever haha she is super nice and treats us like her grandchildren. So yeah we will definitely be in line for some miracles this week with her family accepting haha but yeah other than that it was a little rough going. there have been a lot of rumors going around in a couple parts of our area that we are entering into the houses of women to do other things and yeah nonsense so basically everyone is afraid of us and we lost alot of good investigators. I'm not too frustrated, The Lord has a plan, we will just work around it. So yeah that was exciting news haha also that there is no water in mexico. It has not been raining like normal and the reserve levels are really down so the gov is turning the water off every other day haha its fun. It doesnt affect us too much cause we arent ever in our house but the members yes.
today we had a fun p day and went to a fun center with bowling and ice skating and mini golf. yes, i won haha no only in bowling once.
my miracle this week was an investigator dropped her boyfriend when he started yelling at her for talking to us. Power in faith. miracles happen

ok i got to get to my meeting but i love you guys and pray for you all constantly. Have confidence in the Lord
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello People that have to go back to school... Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 4:36 PM

Hey fam,

So I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone that has to go back to school this week. Good luck.. really it's all worth it. You don't know how important an education is until you see that some people make for a living. So yeah, its rough, but worth it, like all great things. Any ways, how is everyone doing? Fully rested and everything after a vacation and a week of normal life? Disney sounded fun, I'm glad you all thought of me and everything, and yes Coop, MR Toads Wild Ride is my favorite. I saw the pics and we will have to take some more when we go in a year or something.
Cooper, hope that tryouts are going well and that you are feeling calm. It's good to be nervous because it keeps you sharp but really, just rock it bro, you're my hero.
Nano good luck moving back, make friends, make memories, enjoy life.
Jen hope you had fun decorating Chances wedding night room.... cool haha oh man anyways, I would totally answer some questions but I forgot and I'm in a rush to go to my zone meeting and get yelled at because my district is not the hottest on the block but it's all good, we can only improve, and I sincerly mean that,
Mom I would have loved to gone on the whale boat ride but its all good, we have conference tomorrow and I imagine that the package will be there. I love you mom, thanks for all the support.
Papi, hope everything is going well with the shoulder and work. Your'e my hero.
So my week really fast......
Today we climbed the mountain as a district to get some more unity. Yeah, kind of back fired in that we lost an Elder but it's all good cause we found him again. Good old Eagle Scout training haha but really I'm having some issues with my district. It's definitely not the perfect one I had last transfer but it's like Elder Arnett told me, if i couldn't do it, I wouldn't be there. So yeah, we are going to have a heart to heart. Basically I just want to be an amazing missionary like Elder Heap or Farmer. They rock!
Yesterday was not so hot in that we had few in church.... and we didn't have the baptism of my favorite old lady.. her son got sick and was in the hospital for surgery... so this week we will do it!!! Please pray but yeah it just seemed this week was a little bit tougher but really I think it was just my mentalidad. I can do better and I am going to do it.
Also I think I have a cavity.. going to see what the hna says tomorrow... but just so that you know.
Oh yeah, for lunch today we ate the craziest fruit ever. I actually thought it was a joke. It was bright pink with a white inside with a lot of black seeds. We asked the members but they just said it was from another part of Mexico. When you guys come, get ready for some weird stuff.
oh yeah a miracle this week! We are teaching this punk kid that is the son of a convert that just got baptized. so basically everyone is great in the family and he is the black sheep. I mean black clothes, death metal, always what's to fight. No really, I love him. I get along really well with him and we made him a promise that if he would say a pray asking for an answer to a serious question he had, open the Book of Mormon and read a couple of versus, he would find the answer. Mostly cause he doesn't believe in God. So he did it and he received it..... yes.... haha I was just like, how was it? and he was like... good, well, I only have one question? How did you do it? I was like what? and he was like, answer my question? I just started to laugh and was like, no son, that's how God does it. So I commit every single one of you to do the same.
I know school doesn't start till sep but the school advice goes to you too haha no, i am grateful for the paragraph shout out. It was worth it for todos haha but yeah that little chicken guy knows what's up. Hope you enjoy every day and are being amazing like i know you are.
everyone take care. I got to run but know that i love you all and wish the best and pray every day for you guys. Keep true to the faith.
to the moon and back.

con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dont let your feet be the weak link‏ Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 20:37:28 +0000

Hello Familia

Whew, yeah i am going to write ya'll haha. It's like i sit down to write and everything starts to happen. People calll me, i need to print stuff and who knows what happens but its all good. I loved the pics from disneylandia. No worries not bitter at all... haha. No i am glad you guys had a blast even without your favorite person, we can all go when i get back if we don't go to Powell or something. I couldn't believe how tall cooper was! and is he wearing my favorite pair of shorts? watch out coop... haha. Thats cool though, i hope it didn't take too much work to retrun to the normal life again.

Coop, good luck with soccer tryouts next week, thanks for writing.

Dad, please dont die falling off a ladder, and thanks for Bishops Betts talk, it was sweet. Excited to hear what the doc had to say.

David!!! how you doing man, thanks for the letter. Don't even fret good buddy, any advice you wish to bless me with is welcomed with open arms. Your like an veteran haha how you are enjoying the after life, remember where you came from, i love you man.

MOM love you, haha sorry you almost got the worst score possible in your first round golfing, life is like that sometimes. Dont let it get you down. I say you should just stick with it. NO i havent gotten the envelope yet but im hoping this week yes. and mom, i konw you want pictures, and i have been taking a couple and i know i need to send more. Really i even tried today but this computer is lame and doesnt want to help me. I need to find a better way to do it I think... idk ill think on it but know im trying.

Also, thank you Jen for reminding me. my hush puppies are suffering i need to take a pic and get the new pair. so we will think on that one later. also yes i took out money twice... not happy about it but i had nothing so yeah its all good. sorry i didnt tell you in advance. Jen! love you questions and here are your answers, no i'm not sick, i have been good for a while and im starting to loose weight in this area again cause there are not as many cool members haha all for the better. actually this area has a title in the mission as being one of the worst for members. Alot of gossip and drama and nonsense. So obviously im pumped for the challenge haha but really, i want to make a real difference here and help a little bit.

We confirmed two on Sunday! felt good even though we weren't there... long story haha. My companion is good but young in mission terms. sometimes his priorities are mixed up but that will just come with experience. I just tell myself that i was way worse haha other than that we get along great. We worked hard, found people, and brought a sweet family to church. My district needs a little help but its all good, just a good kick in the butt and kind word goes a long way haha oh dear i think im funny. Um i basically call all my buddies every day cause they are all dls and its funny to hear them stress about their problems with their districts, they will get better. and yeah that was my week, not really any miracles but we will see this week, we have a baptism planned for a grandma that is 80. if i could adopt her, i would haha i love her, so pray everything goes well.

ok fam i got to run but i love you all and all of your faith. Please know and find out for yourselves that this is the Lords church. We are his children and He wants the best for us. I love you all with all my heart.

from the man in black
to the moon and back

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Mom, yes i do haha‏ Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:35 PM

Hey guys,

So, yeah, sorry about the wait and everything but you know that it is sometimes with these transfers. But I called my new zls and asked for permission and Elder Arnett, yes, the same one from a year ago, was like, you better show some love to your mom, so here I am thanks to you mom. And yes, I had a transfer. I am now on the other side of the city in Ecatepec and Coacalco. It should be really close to my fist pin. Actually when we passed my first area in the car I just started screaming and pointing and everyone was like... white guys, but yeah so I'm back and I love it.

My area is tiny... or maybe that's just because I have had large for a long time now haha, but one ward! First time in my mission. I won't know what to do with all of my extra time. My comp. Elder Candiani, his last name is Italian but he is from the Nuevo Leon Monterray. He only has three transfers but seems like a pretty solid kid, maybe a little quiet at times but yeah so was I. So yeah, I just feel good here. We have two confirmations and two other baptisms this week... love that and I just think that I'm going to do really well here. My zone rocks! I got Arnett as a ZL, Francis who is also very cool, likes to be a little forward at times but it's ok. And than Elder Farmer! yeah baby, he is the other dl so we call each other frequently. The house is a triangle but still larger than my other house so I love it. Took a cold shower this morning... not pleasant haha.

My other area..... yeah I'm going to forget it. Elder Leon and I got along better than ever this last week which was weird because normally companionships loose it the last week. I realized I never took a picture just me and him.... and I'm ok with that I'll see him later.
That's my life right now. I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I have to treasure up every moment. But yeah, that's all I got.
Love you mom, Dad hope everything is going well with the shoulder, sisters getting ready to go back to school, Jen I ate a bowl or Raisen Bran today... and last night.
Bro, thanks for writing me finally haha its all good.
Sterl, tear it up bro, go get your own baptisms.
Tay sorry no letter, no he tenido tiempo. Cuidate y espero que estes disfrutando tu tiempo. and still getting one liners from 12 year olds.

Alright everyone, the field is white and I need to go reap. I love you all and you are all the reason why I am smiling right now.
Remember that the BofM answers any all and every question you have. READ IT!
To the moon and back,

con amor,

Elder Christensen

NO Letter =(

We did not receive a letter from Elder Christensen yesterday. We are hopping it is just due to transfers maybe??? Just FYI


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here comes the BOOM Sent: Mon 7/20/09 1:55 PM

Hello Familia,

How are we doing this week? It was nice to hear from everyone... except cooper, this week haha I understand Bro, soccer camp. you don't have an excuse now. Hope you learned a lot and had fun. Be strong and remember who you are.
Jen, you are a trooper. Props on the hike. You make me laugh with being afraid of the outside. You make me laugh with all of your questions as well but it's all good.
We did have some people in church this week and one of them was a person that we are going to baptize this Sunday!! It's all set up and everything and it's not going to drop which seems to be the cool thing to do with baptisms in the zone. I get to go to a meeting tomorrow with the Presidente to be told that we need to improve. Brown and I are trying to sweeten it up by calling it a pep talk haha oh man, i love Brown, its sad that this is my last week with him, unless we go to the same zone! Miracles happen every day. But yeah transfer next Sunday and... I'm ready for them. I'll go wherever the Presidente wants or stay and suck it up but yeah.... next Sunday.

Dad, glad to hear the patio is going well, maybe it would be an opportunity to call in your home teachers to help with the barn raising. Or call the missionaries!! But hopefully you're back in the big LA.
Nano, keep working hard, summer is not almost over.... or maybe it is, im just out of the loop haha and Mom, love you and am grateful that you are always aware of my worries. Really you are great and I love you.

It's not raining here anymore, everyone is kind of worried... I'm fine with it.

Chace! yeah I understood 90 percent of your spanish, thanks man. Always love getting a shout out in spanish, I hope you and Amy are doing well. I saw a hat from Utah State the other day and thought of you guys haha.

So this week was a lot of bus rides, frustrating phone calls and miracles. Are you smiling cause I am. I love my mission! So one of the companionships in my district esta hasta la goma... really far would be another way to say that, and they had 4 planned baptisms. I did the 1 and a half bus ride three times there and three times back this week. And we didn't complete with any..... so yeah, but it is a nice little village to visit. We broke my new investigators record this week. After 24 I just stopped counting cause only a couple were really interested. We found an awesome family of four that already excepted to get baptized and everything... just didn't go to church.... yeah we are going to work on that.
Also, let me tell you how many thought I looked Mexican this week... like four... until I opened my mouth haha it was the most balloon popping experience of my mission. They would ask me what part of Mexico I was from and I would smile and say I wasn't Mexican and they would laugh and be like oh sorry hadn't heard you talk yet haha. Oh man, I want to be perfect! That's my new goal this month, perfect accent. It's going to happen.
I don't think I have mentioned it but Elder Farmer is a dl now too and Elder Memmott is in his district so they call me all the time to say what's up. It's funny to hear their stories and about their companions.
Elder Leon and I actually got along really week this week... probably cause we didn't play soccer... probably cause its banned now.. haha yeah new rule. The mission is going to be changing here pretty quick... hopefully for the better. The Presidente is tired to so so results. Time to grow up!

The last miracle I saw this week was that after we were all disappointed about having only a couple of people to church because those 24 news all gave us the facial, two families showed up to church and wanted to know more. So yeah, the Lord has a plan and sometimes just wants to see that we are trying.

Okay family, fans and loved ones, I got to go eat tacos and stuff so know that I love you, I love my mission and I love the Lord and his blessings.
We are all children of God and have the opportunity to be like him. And just like our parents here at home, he loves to hear from us every day. Be great because that's what you are.

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Christensen

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes Grandpa knows just what to say‏ Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 3:49 PM

Hey Americans

So the reason for my title was and is because Grandpa Christensen is great. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself a week ago and Grandpa just told me to suck it up and I realized he was right! So thanks grandpa, your great haha I love you guys.
I love all my family, yes extented too but how is everyone doing?
Jen, don't be mad, you know I love you a whole bunch. Just that sometimes I forget to answer all of your questions and I love that you are still hung up on that fact that the fireworks have shapes haha. Glad 4th of July was good even though you didn't blow up anything and that the nephews are good.
Coop, hit the gym man, just start the habit now.
Nano, idk, the last I heard work was better and you were going to go down to Las Cruces, how did that go?
Dad, love you, good work on the patio. Its ok if you can only lift one bag of cement, you will always be a champ in my eyes haha jk but really, the weekend I get back, we are going to put in that fish pond. If I don't have other plans. I'm there for you.
Mom, it was almost funny cause I didn't see your letter and was like... wow... mom didn't write me for the first time in my mission.... I'm going to have to rag on her. JK (I did write!) Mom I love you. Thanks again for the package. In the envelope, if you could send some more stamps, I have been sharing with the other American in my district. Also the postcards from LA still make me laugh, that was a good idea. Now it will be easier to explain to people that I live in a desert but my house is in a forest...

My week. Well, Monday Elder Leon freaked out and was crying and stuff saying that we needed to be best friends and everything and I was like, this is... dumb haha but then I remember grandpa and yeah we have been good this week. Minus one thing. Our baptisms... yeah it didn't happen. They got scared because the Bishop said a couple of things to them and yeah... its going to take a little of time. and then Sunday I had to be with the zls for almost all of the day and I left Elder Leon in my area to control everything and yeah.... well it could have been better in my ward on Sunday but its ok, we are going to dominate this week. Also Elder Diaz, my zl, came to work with me Friday after everything went wrong and I thought he was going to yell at me and make me feel like trash and everything but he didn't. I consider that as a miracle because the mission is changing a little bit, as in less patient but no he came and was way chill with me and made me feel like everything was going to be ok. But the coolest thing ever this week was a guy that well... found us haha he is the boyfriend of a member here and he wanted to meet us and yeah has already received his answer... twice so that's cool, we already put a baptismal date with him. I hope that will be my last Sunday here as well... but either way I'm good. And the only other exciting thing that happened was that we changed houses. And I say exciting very loosely because we didn't have a car to help haha but yeah we got it done. I feel a lot stronger now, it was amazing to see all the junk we had packed into our little apartment.
Ok fam, I forgot to do something and it's kid of important so I am going to end my compu time early and run and do it... haha asi soy yo haha any ways, love you all and pray for you frequently. Remember that there are three types of people in the world. The ones that see the wall and just laugh and walk away, the other that looks for an easy way around and give up and the last ones that just plow through it. Its what Presidente taught us and it made me think a lot about which I was. I love you all and know this work is true. The Lord loves you.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I... am grateful for a companion‏ Sent:Mon 7/06/09 7:11 PM

Hey guys,

What's happening in all your lives? Well I sort of know but like I am week behind. I hope everyone is well and that they are dominating at what they are doing. I almost forgot that is was the 4th of July until I had to call Elder Brown about something and he said it, haha, I have been here too long. It's crazy to think that one year ago I was sitting in the MTC parking lot watching the fireworks over the BYU stadium... the only fireworks here were ones to celebrate the new elections, Any ways, I hope everyone was home and that the back yard patio looks awesome. I would have loved to help but yeah.... next time. It sounds cool. I hope dad doesn't miss his starry nights too much.
Jenny, thanks for that quote. It was way awesome and I need to improve my prayers, thanks. Visiting teaching is just missionary work to members, remember that but work hard you two.
Dad, hope Aiken is treating you well. Keep up the hard work.
Mom. love you, I got the package on Friday and it was a box of delights. The only thing that is completely gone are the sour air heads The mini preach my gospels were the hottest item in the district. I thought you sent me a letter saying I couldnt have them? oh well. And that photo of Grandma and Grandpa Bingham. I didn't read at first and just looked at it and was like... that looks alot like grandpa B haha that was cool.
I'm looking forward to your talk dad. I need to hook you up with some spanish line. like a testimony or something.
Coop! I know I said it before but your a stud. Keep working hard, drink more water and stretch. It doesn't help to be big and not be able to do anything.
Nano, love you. I prayed for you really hard Friday night. idk, i felt like you needed a little love. You're great kid.
Also got David's letter on Monday last week. Your a stud man. Hope you enjoy being home. You did a great work. also I'm currently listening to a CD that Elder Brown lent me. It's called angel, or the artist is Angel, but either way, love it haha look for it. Also i need it to be more relaxed. I am having serious issues with my comp. I realize I need to be a better person and yeah be a leader and show love but man... its hard. We almost got in a fist fight today at soccer. He laid me out from behind and really I didn't care about that so much just that I kind of let all of my tension out that I built up during the week and yeah, had my spanish rant and let it go. Three more weeks.
Also we had an adventure. First an assitant came Tuesday to work with me and that was actually pretty sweet, I learned a whole bunch. and than later on Tuesday, an elder that a family in my area was taking care of, took off. like went home solo. He had been sick and instead of putting him the offices the Presidente put him in my area with a family to take care of him. We came after some interviews and he was gone.... so that was the first time in my mission. Hope it doesn't happen again.
More than that, nothing too exciting. We pretty much blanked Sunday, that was depressing after finding a lot of people that were really interested. We are hoping for two baptisms this week for a couple. They are really cool and said that they already had a dream getting baptized and everything but they weren't in the church Sunday. please pray for familia Vega Martinez. I will pray too.

Got a letter from Tay!!!
and she wrote me a paragraph!
but i got to go love, know that i think you are great and hope you are having a great time with the boys haha
be great everyone, I love you all.

this is the true church
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Westley Christensen

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sometimes we have challenges in life... Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 1:53 PM

Hola familia,

How is everyone doing today? The weather there I assume is one of those beautiful summer afternoons where it would be a good day to go to the pool.... haha almost the same here. A little sun in the morning and that's about it. It has officially began as the rainy season. It's great that everything is now green but not that we are constantly wet, it's not that bad, I am learning to adapt and really, it's the last rainy season I will have!! one year baby! Did I do anything special? No, it was a normal day of work and I ran out of time at the end to buy tacos. But yeah its weird to think that I am one of the old guys now. I cant use the excuse that I don't know what's going on because well, I do. I will see how this last year goes, I have a lot of goals to accomplish and at the end I hope to have accomplished something. Any ways there's my rant!
But Coop!! I took some time to read moms letter right now and wow haha I was going to say, one inch shorter but only four pounds left. I'm sure its all muscle bro haha much love, keep working hard and be nice to mom while dad is away. Dad!! heck man, that's a bummer. I thought I was going to be the only one out of state for the next six months. Well, look for the bright side in everything.
It's what i say to myself every morning when I see my comp.... haha jk.... kind of. If week six of this transfer rolls around and my comp is dead.... I did it with the best intentions (jk), really we will be fine.

Other news! US WON!! we know that the real team is doing pretty good but today we got the job done. 5-4!!! haha its really the thing i look forward to every Monday besides you guys. and last week they destroyed us 2 -10 so I feel pretty good right now.

yeah mom, i know Elder Romney. that kid is a stud. He has a little more time than I do in the mission but yeah way chill. I saw him the day of transfers actually, gave him a little high five.
Also shout outs. Sam, best buddy, how you doing man. Finally working, that's good news, take care man. NADAR!!!! you stud!! Brasil! its not Mexico but hey still pretty good just have patience with the language man, that's all I can say. Just be awesome like you are man and you will dominate.
David! speaking of Brasil, you are my hero man. Enjoy Alaska and see you in a year. Remember that time right before you left when we were sitting on my driveway and my mom was like this wont happen again in at least 3 more years? haha yeah... two down man haha see you soon. and.... that's it.
This week we didn't do much. Failed on a baptism cause the dad is lame but hoping we will find the solution to touch his heart. Look for great things to come in this month. I totally forgot about 4 of July......

and Tay!
not there... did I do a little sigh when I didn't see a letter? yes, its all good. Conference Friday, hopefully i will get packages and letters and man I want to be great. I'm tired of good. I want to be the leader that the Presidente wants and that the lord wants. Time to grow.
hey, i love you, I give thanks every night for the family and friends I got back there. You are all great. The Lord Loves you. Don't forget it.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Really I don't know why everyone is so upset.....‏ Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 4:25 PM

Hola Fam,

So really I was going to write Tuesday because Monday was ridiculous with transfers but then I realized that you guys weren't even going to be there. I figured I would just go work instead, sorry, I will do better next time.
My new comp is Elder Leon from Tabasco. He is a good old chap and we are trying to find the cemistry between us. I might end up killing someone but that is still chemistry. No, he is great, I just let the little things get to me. I need to be the mature one and overlook it all. Anyways, he has five months in the mission and this is his second area.
Speaking of which, one year, I really don't even feel that different. I asked how another guy in the generation felt today about Thursday and he just gave me a blank stare for a while and asked what Thursday was, so he is better than me haha. But really I can't believe it's gone by that fast, I hope to grow so much in the year that comes. Also, I would like to baptized like the Sons of Mosiah with thousands but we will have to see about that one,
So I have to wrap up two weeks really fast. First, last week were interviews and I feel like a new. I love President and he expects great things from me. I just have to follow through than, but really, I love that man.
Since I didnt have a comp, I just talked to him double haha also last week, I had a sweet time with elder Brown. His comp left Thursday so we just chilled for a couple of days> I learned alot. He is just one of those genuinly nice guys that gets along with everyone. But anyways, we found a sweet family. They went to chuch and everything and then when we put the baptismal date the dad was like yeah I already had a dream about this. I have already accepted it. I was like... oh, that's nice haha fist time in my mission. The Lord works in many ways.
This week we did alright working wise we just didn't see it in the numbers but we will improve. Sorry again about the letter Mom, know that i love you and hope you guys had an awesome time.

Tay,why do you insist on breaking yourself, much love but really? I am glad to hear your hand is not broken and hopefully the rest of the tournament went well. Glad to know you had a good trip to salem and that you finally got all the letters.

Sterl!!! happy birthday man, love you, stay strong.
Also I got to run but know that I love all of you with all my heart and so does the Lord. BE GREAT!!!

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder CHristensen

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I cant believe the transfer is over‏ Sent: Mon 6/08/09 3:46 PM

Hello family,

So from the little that I read from mom's letter, I lacked details in my last letter. I will try to improve. But how are all of you doing this Monday? Getting back to work and for those that work? Dad is back in Carolina? That's lame haha but I hope you doing well dad, just be patient, just remember that it is only a little bit more... until the next time you have to do it.
Coop is going to soccer camp in UNM? Sounds good, tear it up bro. I can't remember much about the camp but I imagine that it's better than most.
My sisters are working and loving life, always good to hear. Stradling came back with what? pmd? Elder Nay is going home on Thursday and I dont think he will have pmd. I imagine that my mastery of english has declined in the last months but we will just see how much in one year.
Mom i love you and I hope you are enjoying the vacation time. Thanks for sending the package, obviously I remembered every thing i was going to ask a day later but it happens like that some times, but thanks mom, I'll be on the look out for it.
Ok so my week...
We didnt really have any exciting stories this week, and by that I mean that we didnt get attacked by gangs but we did get attacked by a gang of dogs. Brian took it like a man and threw me in front of them haha the good thing was that the one dog that bit me didnt have many teeth so it didn't do anything. Brian is doing good. He is feeling a little trunky with me yelling at him to get up and everything but he never ceases to amaze me. I told him he had to bear his testimony because otherwise the members were going to think bad of the missionaries and he was like heck no, so I left it at that and bore mine and right before the bishop got up to end it Brian being the champ he is got up there and bore his testimony, it was good for his first time. Also we are teaching this grandma that doesn't understand my spanish at all... so Brian has to teach. He just looks at me every other sentence to repeats what I say but it went well. ALSOO!!!! talked to the family Aguilar!!!! hno Juan and Luis got baptized on Sunday!!!! The hna was funny in that she just screamed but yeah start the clock, one year, going to the temple. That was really the most exciting thing that happened all week. We have lost a lot of investigators and I feel like we are starting from scratch and yeah no one is going to church.... but we will find the way to do it, just have to practice some faith.

ok fam and fans, I got to run and meet some more with some investigators that didn't go Sunday. No worries, we are going to have a talk haha jk but remember that I love you all and that your prayers make miracles. Know that it's a little rough right now but that I love this work. I find that I just smile in lessons when I hear testimonies. I never would have imagined that in my life, I love you all!!!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder W Christensen

Monday, June 1, 2009

Man i love my comp...ish thing haha‏ Sent: Mon 6/01/09 3:01 PM

Hola familia,

So yeah, I have had a pretty exciting week. So exciting in fact, that I didn't get to read anyones letter because I had to teach a lesson and stuff... so if it looks like I'm kind of spacey and say things that don't make sense, no worries, just being me, sorry about that but I get two letters from everyone this week so I'm content.

How crazy is it that we are now in the same month in that I'm going to complete one year! Ridiculously so fast. But I'm enjoying it so it's all good.

So my week cause I have no idea what's going on in your lives haha sorry again.
Monday after the zone meeting, I just stayed with the zls because I had to go to a meeting the next morning with Elder Brown. I love my zls. Elder Nay the other one, goes home in two weeks and I'm sad that i didn't get to know him before. He is like the kid in class that always says what's on his mind.. even if it has nothing to do with anything haha so that was fun sleeping on the couch. And then I got to put his suit on to go to the Junta because we didn't go to get mine. Everyone asked me if I had lost a lot of weight. The Junta was good and everything, only got to see Elder Farmer but that's still a pleasure as always. and I got my comp after!!!! his name is Brian... yes, kind of weird for here and he is from Queretaro. The coolest part is that he is a convert of Elder Tolosa! so we have that connection. But really he is a really chill kid, and I can say kid cause he is 16 but he is just as tall as me so that's fun..
But really its just awesome to listen to his stories about his life before his baptism cause he was pretty much a 180. Lip, eyebrow, eye and tongue piercing, part of a gang, got kicked out of two schools, and now he is giving up three weeks to help me out haha so obivously im learning a whole new basket of spanish vocabulary.... not sure how much of it I'm going to use haha but really he is great and I'm grateful to have him as my companion.

Other than that, we didnt have too many exciting things. We only got lost a couple of times and one time ran into a gang but it all turned out well so it's all good haha investigators are... difficult. but hey, so is everything great. We could use some prayers cause we need to see some miracles these coming weeks.
Okay, I got to go read two weeks of letters and everything but remember that the church is true and the best way to know is to try it. if you have a doubt put it to the test. I know our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you, and so do I. Esten bien!
to the moon and back,

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sometimes I Just Laugh Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 1:29 PM

How we doing everyone?

So before I go off on a tangent of the last 24 hours, I'm going to ask how are all of you guys doing? Everyone is or was in Arizona for Grandpas 80th. Happy Birthday Grandpa!! love you, sorry I couldn't be there but I got this Mexico thing going right now. You are great, keep that health up, and hope you had a great day.
And jenny and Britton finished their first week back at home. Wow, that is really more drug out so it doesn't sound so sarcastic. I don't know, it's something that I do a lot here.
Also, Nano starts work today? Best of luck. Just put a smile on and make a lot of friends. It's what I try to do when i don't understand what's going on, and Cooper super Scooper que tal, como esta bro? Should be finishing school here pretty soon right? all the schools here have to go for another two weeks for the pig flu time so count your blessings. Keep working hard and appreciate your siblings while there are home. and eh, start going to the stake dances!

Dad, your a stud. Keep it up. I always enjoy your little thoughts that you share. I shared the one about if he wanted it perfect he would have sent his angels but he sent us. I shared that with my district and they were like, yeah, your definitely no angel. No not really but they had that look on their faces.

Mom, love you. yeah about 11 o clock from the DF, also its called San Nicolas Romero so if that's easier to find. How is the new carpet? I feel like I am not going to recognize the house when I get back.

OK, so my week. Lets just say that it was a little bit like Sterling's last week. I think the worst number wise with a companion that wants to work as well. It's just that we are doing these actualizaciones of the members information still and my area is large and there are like 400 names that we still have to check and its due next Sunday. So i was a little stressed and that didn't help me because then I got a cold and was not sleeping much, so yeah, long week. Also the two baptisms that we had planned for this week because the mom backed out of the permission again and yeah... going to talk with her tomorrow. I try to sound tough but really I'm not -- it was a long week. And the few families that we found didn't come to church and it just made it that much bitter. Then I was reporting the numbers to Elder Brown and I left one name in the house and we were like 30 minutes walking from the house and he kind of told me off and was like elder, you are a dl now, act like it, I was a little hurt puppy for a while but I think its what I needed in reality. I haven't had someone that I respected tell me to get my act together for a while and it was kind of a wake up. so later Sunday we went with the bishop and did a lot of work with him and the church information and everything was great except that I left the cell phone in the house... and it would be the one time that I forget the cell phone that everything freaks out haha so we get back 37 missed calls, I'm like, hmm.. maybe someone wants to talk to me. Ends up that elder Soriano left this morning to Xalostoc for emergency transfers and I am left here.... without a companion.... haha right now I'm chilling with my mission leader who is going to leave on his mission in three weeks so its not to bad but... yeah I know where my house is and where the church is but more then that... its going to be fun haha I was joking with elder Soriano last night that it's about time the Presidente threw me another curve ball, I hadn't grown in a while but yeah... so I'm going to receive a priest from the stake and he will just be my little sheep to follow me around for the next two weeks. Expect exciting things.... I AM!
OK family and fans got to run and fly and lift cars and stuff like that but know that I love you all and that I think you are the best. Don't let it go to your head Coop haha much love. Lately I have been reading in Mosiah and I think it's important to note that we as members never really know the impact we have on others with our examples. The great ones never were the loud ones. And with that poetic thought I got to run. love you all!!!

To the moon and back,
con amor

Elder Christensen