Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello fam‏ Sent: Mon 12/21/09 3:20 PM

Hey guys,

So I have had my change and I'm where i thought I would go. I am in Santa Teresa Mexico but its like five minutes from Hidalgo.
There is a part of my area named Rabbits... yeah i am out in the middle of nowhere but its all good cause this area is famous in the mission because they baptized like 28 in NOV between four companionships... yeah impressive.
My new companion is Elder Sanchez from Yucatan. He is big but very nice and speaks english. I got all of my buddies in this zone like farmer and a couple of other guys so i feel right at home. I dont think this will be my last area but it is crazy to think that it could be. Also my last area... Heap cried that I left but we decided that his parents are going to come down too and we are going to party together.
We baptized Balvina! yeah baby! Oh man, was that a trip but she is doing so good now haha she is not a smiley person and she is always smiling now. Funny how that works. Also we have a district leader meeting Wednesday and I'm going to see elder brown and elder heap again. But other than that looks like a lot of work for me ahead. Right now we have like two families that we are teaching... but I'm excited, we are going to tear it up. Glad to hear that everyone had a sweet week. Girls doing the girl things and boys doing what we do haha mom told me all of your gifts and I'm jealous of everyone.
Dad I fully support you snow boarding, just dont break yourself.
Coop, love you bro, just keep staying positive and work hard.
Nano, sorry about the scholarship but just keep focused and do better, you cant worry about yesterday.
Jen, love you and thanks for the shout out. Keep healthy and try to relax every once in a while.

So I thought I was joking when I said I hoped my new area had a phone but..... it doesn’t. We are thinking about calling from the church but I'll be sure to call you guys before and let you know. I'll call 24th to tell you the number and 25th in the morning we can chat. Everyone write down the questions, love you mom. But yeah 40 minutes, it will be cool.

Also we had the Christmas program at the temple, it was probably the best thing. I didn't sing but nontheless is was still good. We also gifted all of my little toys that I got in my packages to all my kids... cause I have kids. they were like OMG are you serious!!! it was pretty cool.

Alright, I'm going to go..... do something cause there ain't al ot to do but it will be great whatever there is. You all stay great and remember why we celebrate this month. I am a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ that died for us. I know the chruch is true and is the only way that families will be together forever.
be great!!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, December 14, 2009

one more week of the Joya‏ Sent: Mon 12/14/09 3:22 PM

Hello Family,
How is everyone doing? Already done with school, last week of school, or going to work till the 23rd? Love you Papi, you just keep working hard. And the rest of you are my heros too. Nano, thanks for helping out for mom, mom thanks for being great and keeping the holiday spirit. I tell everyone that when i get home I'm going to break that clock, jk but really.... Jen love you, keep me posted on my nephew. Have fun with the Lambsons for Christmas. Coop! dude, bro, how are you man? Still working hard and doing well in school and staying positive right? Cause if you aren't better then me when I get back we are going to have a throw down. I love you, keep working hard. Also grandpa, thanks for the pics of the b ball game, B looks so small yet I know that he is actually really big haha anyways, thanks in general for my G&G on both sides, for your support and love, you guys are my heros. Mom, love you alot, I'm not sure if we can do skycam or whatever but hope there is a phone in my next area haha just kidding Sterl, love you man. You just keep working hard and being great. I try to pattern my district after yours. You rock man, don't let a single day of your next year go by. Also I laughed a little, we should probably except Chandler even though he didn't ask you haha jk you guys all rock.Anyways my week really fast. We had the two confirmations for Arturo and Adrian, love them and their family went to church! It was great and we were going to have another family there too but the members kind of dropped the ball... but its all good cause they are coming next week! Also it was fast and testimony this last week and everyone got up there and bore their testimony about how great missionaries are. I tried not to let it go to my head but I have been here a while and will miss it. It was funny because every time it happened, the Hermana that we brought would lean over and tell us, yeah you guys are great but yeah one more week and I'm off to another area. I hope to be able to write next week but we will see. For sure, just a few lines of where I am and the call. I will have to talk to my future comp about a telephone number to give you guys. But yeah I'm excited to call you guys, I can't believe it will be my third call. Also this week we have the Christmas devotional. My district was going to sing but we will have to check that tonight. Also, my distict rocks socks! As three companionships we had 7 confirmations this week! My elders are getting the job done and I am enjoying it. Also we might be having another this week. Balvina or another Hermana that Sunday realized after going to church for three months, that she needed to be baptized to have an eternal family. I blame myself for the bad communication but we will have to see.Ok I'm out to my zone meeting but you guys keeping rocking it zztop still and ill catch you on the back side.This is the true church and everyone that gives it a chance has the opportunity to live as an eternal family.
I love you guys
to the moon and back
con amor
Elder Christensen

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It was good!‏ Sent: Mon 12/07/09 6:28 PM

Hello familia,
Well, it was a good week for everyone. And by that, I mean my companion and I, and my district. How are you guys doing?
Mom I had the question-- when do I start reading the little notes you gave me in my box.... I figured that the 13 days of Christmas start 13 days before so that's when I am going to start. Maybe I'm uncultured.
Coop, sorry about the losses bro but keep that chin up and work hard. Our true success in life is when we make everyone around us better then we are, just remember that. That's a direct quote from my Presidente. So stay positive and work hard.
Nano, congrats on being done with school, it's weird that you are now ahead of me in school now and it wasn't because they held me back. Stay happy and work hard and don't worry about the crazy people, that happens to me too. Just give them the bird... Christensen style of course.
Jen, thanks for writing me and hope things are going well. I didn't eat breakfast today, I was fasting, I'm usually good about staying on task but sometimes knocking doors gets old... after 5 months in a small area. It's all good and I do and don't miss green chili.
That can mom sent me I was all stoked and when I tried it, .... it doesn't have any favor. I think my taste buds are fried.
Dad, that's cool about the elk hunt, next year you will have to take me... maybe but also you're my hero, stay healthy and work hard. Mom glad the trip was fun and you had a chance to do bride talk. Keep working hard and don't get stressed because all you need to remember is that there is a Mexican that loves you down here. "soy yo" ( im me) but yeah you guys are great and I love you. Mom, I am going to buy myself a little christmas present and replace my suit pants cause there is a hole is the groan area that is awkward sometimes. I just noticed it the other day and don't know how it got there.
We had two baptisms Saturday. Adrian and Arturo, father and son. I love them man, they are the coolest family ever, we just need to work on the rest of the family. They are making us scarfs! Obviously I picked white and blue as my colors but yeah we are hoping for another one this week, Balvina, just need to get her married and we are good to go.
I have thought alot recently about the importance of baptisms. I think sometimes as missionaries we forget that we are helping our brothers find salvation... idk, its helped me alot to think of it that way. Also, we had stake conference this last week and it was way cool. We had a seventy here and he called my comp and I to go up to do some examples and I felt all professional. The Presidente was there too and his talk was way bomb and then the Hna gets up and says, when I saw my elders walk in today, I was just filled with joy haha a little love from the Hna. Other than that we didnt do much. We got to see the Christmas devotional but didn't hear the talks very well so I'll have to wait on that. But yeah, my district is rocking and I love it. Kind of makes it worth the extra weeks that I'll be here.
Elder Brown called me today. Oh man, I love that kid and I'll get to see him next week for the Christmas program too!
Ok fam and fans I got to run to go shopping. You are all great and my examples. I know this church is true because I have seen and felt the diffence in the lives of the people that accept it into there lives. I have two more witnesses to prove it. I know that iIlove my family and that I can be with them forever. Be great!
to the moon and backcon amorElder Westley Gene Christensen