Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

I came, I saw, I did Mexico Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 12:55 PM

Hey Guys
How is everyone doing this lovely day? its a great monday... also my last. its been good so far. I washed, I played soccer with heap (we will be having an all mexico norte team at BYU by the way) and now we are thinking about the food.... i mean what we are going to eat! It's all good.

So before I tell all my adventures, answers for Mom. You will need more than 200 pesos to get from the airport to the offices. Its normally about like 300, just one way. but 200 american dollars will be good, just need to change it into smaller bills. Getting the taxi from the hotel, it will probably be late when we get back from presidentes house. We are leaving from the mission home at 3, get to Presente's house at like 4:30pm eat for two or three hours and come back. So we will back here at like 8 9? Skype sounds great, thats so cool, I'm so excited to see my little sobrino!!! It's going to be crazy this weekend, but Im thinking about calling mom later this week, like saturday to just make sure everything is cool and in order. But yeah, i think i answered all the questions. Also, i love you guys.

I cant believe its over already. But no worries, we are still doing work. We had one baptism this last week and two confirmations and we are doing 2 and 2 this week. Going out in a blaze of glory. haha I tried calling the family Aguilar and i couldn't get a hold of them, but hopefully today so that we can go to the temple. And yeah... I don't know what else to write haha

ok sorry this is short but I dont know what else to say. I love my mission, i know this is the work of God. I had the privlege, the honor and the blessing to carry my Saviors name every day. I wasn't perfect. I wasn't the greatest or the most popular, but i did my job. I love this gospel and have a testimoy of the blessings that everyone can receive by living it. I love my Savior. I am nothing without Him. I love my mission

to the moon and back...

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its getting close‏ Sent: Mon 6/14/10 2:14 PM

Hey guys,

How are you guys doing today? Today isn't my real p day because this Wednesday we are going to go to the temple as a zone and Presidente changed our p-day for that, but he decided it would be better not to have 200 angry moms calling about why their son didn't write today. So here i am writing.
I'm going to try and answer all the questions about the trip and stuff before I start. I asked Pres mom if they needed anything and they said they were good, so yeah surpise them. I think green chile would be kind of joke though... there is alot here.
The car sounds fine and the hotel. Heap was a little sad but he can live with it. Yes mom, you can look stuff up to do as well, it's not my trip to Mexico, I have been here for 2 years but yeah we just have an idea of what we want to do, nothing set in stone.
Also, talked to Presidente and he said that I will still be a missionary until I get released.... as in, I have to wear the badge and the tag 'till I'm home... i know... so cool haha but whatever, I don't think dad has too, but he can if he wants to =) .
Also... I cant remember what else... oh yeah, yeah sounds great with all the people coming for the 4th of July. Should be a good old Christensen party haha even if its just for Conway... much love little sobrino. I saw the picture that mom sent me today... he is a hairly little man but i love him regardless. I think I answered everything. (He didn't).
Also heads up, the rainy season just started this week. Yeap, definitely walked home soaking wet like 2 times this week. It usually comes in the afternoon so we should be good.

Okay my life. Saturday, Heap, the generation and I all went to Teotihuacan, it was fun. I love my boys. So yeah, know when we go, Heap and I can be some excellent tour guides. And we are great at bargaining. That will come in handy know that mom is going to love shopping here. I am soo excited for you guys to come and see Mexico, its going to be great.
Mom, dont even worry about a thing. The best memories are when things went wrong.... haha jk jk jk i love you.

My comp and I had three baptisms this week. It was great. And we have two more for this week and two for the last week. I might be tired but im still kicking. It was funny because we had conference this last week and every time anyone mentioned about how we need to finish strong or that the mission is too short, Presidente would just look at me and say "isnt that right Elder Christensen?" haha it was funny

Sterl, you rock bro. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know your ozzies lost to Germany but i hope you have a great day and do work son. USA and Mexico are riding the tie train haha i love world cup, its soo crazy here how everything stops for a mexico game.

All right fam and fans, I'm out. I love my misison and i love every one of you. This is the true chruch of God and his son Jesus Christ. I have no doubt of it. Be great

to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yeah Conway!!! and Jenny and Britton too!‏ Sent: Mon 6/07/10 5:54 PM

Hey guys!!

Oh man, I'm an uncle? That's so crazy. I was telling my comp all day yesterday and was like," comp, I think I am an uncle, I think I'm an uncle. There he is the champion. Congrats guys, that is such an amazing thing, just know I'll be the fun uncle and will only play with him, I don't do the dirty work but yeah, he looks like an all american from where I am sitting.

Sorry this is going to be short. I'm burning more time then I actually have. We had alot of stuff to do in the morning and then we washed super fast and we still have to go to the Junta and do everything and I still haven't eaten today. That happens alot sometimes, but anyways.

Tuesday, I gave my last testimony in the zl conference. It was not as much fun as I thought it was going to be. It's like I know I am leaving but I don't feel I'm leaving. My mind just hasn't checked in with the body yet. We are working hard. We didn't have too much news this week but we found good ones, we had three families in church and we have three baptisms this week.
Elder Christensen is not trunky haha but I sure am tired. My next three weeks are going to be crazy. We have conference this week and then Heap and the gen are going to Teotihaucan Saturday. I think it's better if I go again so I'll know everything and be able to be a better guide. Beause last time... I didn't understand anything.
Sunday was super fun. Our services are reversed so we have priesthood first and then at the end sacrament meeting. So the funny part is that in the primary they gave out air ballons. It was probably the worst sacrament meeting of my life haha i was just waiting for a flying ballon to hit the person that was talking. I love kids..... that are my nephew, yeah its been good practice in this ward.

Ok I'm out., sorry for not writing soo much but it's not a reflection of my love ; ) ok i love you guys soooooo much and know that I am in the best place having the best timeIi could be right now. I love you.

To the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

100 weeks old‏ Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 5:53 PM

Hey Fam and Fans
Elder Heap told me yesterday that we were 100 weeks old and I kind of just looked at him for a while and then freaked out! haha
So it was a fun week. The mission completed with 322 baptisms! yeah buddy, say my name!!! haha not really, other zones did really well and dominated and my zone and companionship did alright. I mean we should be happier because we baptized more then the stake has baptized in alot of time, like a year and a half, but i know we could have done more. But whatever, just need to go crazy till the end. And its getting tough. Like Saturday, it was the hardest day of my life,i was soooo tired and exhausted of walking and lack of sleep and we still had people to visit and invite to church and yeah it was rough but we did that thing. We baptized Saturday and it was good to back in the water. ;) We are planning for a couple more this week and the week that's coming but we need to keep seeing miracles. Please pray for Rosa, Gaby, Martha and for Carlos. I'm not going to rest until the family is in front of me, so no worries there.
Elder Heap and I hung out today, we went to chinese food and then played ping pong, he is really good at that and beat me handly. Also random note of fun, I went emo this week. haha! I don't know what was going on but while shaving I cut the skin that's on my adams apple and then again the next day. So yeah it looks funny. I just tell people I am an american and they leave me alone. ;)
But how are you guys doing this week? Coop, congrats on the grades, I know you could do it bro. Keep working hard and make sure you put a smile on = ) Jen, you are a trooper, you keep rocking it and keep coby safe until he is ready to come. You need to relax more, take a couple of p days and come back to life. It's fun to refer to real life in mission terms. "i am going to have 3 appointments with members and 2 others" haha it's funny when you think about dating again. Anways, Nano, keep working hard and good luck with people that have super fresa car. Keep me updated. Also Dad, good job on the pool and for the uplift, you rock man. Mom, i love you alot. Thanks for working so hard and planning the trip. The car sounds great and the hotel too. I haven't planned anything the Heap didn' show in his inventory that he sent to his mom. If you didn't get it I will send it again. We are not winging it so don't worry! =) But yeah tomorrow we have a conference with presidente and i will have to ask him alot of questions about the stay with you guys. Cause ties right now are not cool at all! I'm loosing weight from just sweating so much. But its all good.

ok my loved ones, take care and rock it. Don't fear, there are more with us then there are with them. Look that up, also my favorite scripture of the week. be still and know that I am God.
It helped me take a couple more deep breathes this week. I love you guys. I know this mission is true.
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Monday, May 24, 2010

Short but sweet‏ Sent: Mon 5/24/10 4:24 PM

Hey guys,

Well time is short and today even more than normal. We have a new elder in the zone so we tried to make it a good P-day for him. I almost won in bowling.... but then we went to lunch with Heap and Molyneux, yeah that's how you spell his name. They are pretty much my homies. Its been a good day, just woke up a little sick but life goes on. But oh wow, the mission is doing so well . We have one week left to complete 300 and we are at 245.... it's going to be a close one, but we will win. My zone is not soo hot right now but really I should be happier. We are going to end with more than the zone has had in over a year so I think that should still count as a pat on the back. Just everyone is getting super stressed with the end of the month and baptisms and everything and I think every one should just be like and just relax.... haha "good one wes"

The weather here is killing me softly. Its been like 90 ish everyday and I feel like I am going to die. Ties and pants are not made for this weather. I am constantly sweating and usually smell bad at the end of the day like I played a soccer game or something haha but we are doing well. I am tired but I am far from dead. I'm going out with a bang!

This week should be pretty normal. Just divisions, baptisms, miracles, the usual. Mom, I did see the reservations, sounds like a good time. Is it the same as the Heaps? Coop!! last week of school, work hard and represent.
Nano and Jen, you guys rock, keep working hard and keep praying for me please. Also jen,,, the 7th is the big day (Conway coming into this world) You stay strong.
Dad, I love you man. It's funny cause every time i am tired or annoyed and don't want to do it,I aim like, dang it, dad would do it without complaining.... so props dad haha you are my hero, I love you man.
Mom, you know that I love you. I don't know about reading all the books about Mexico when you have the best two guides ever, Heap and I, but whatever. It's all good.

OK, I got to run but I love you guys sooooo much. Talk to you soon. I know this church is true, I love this gospel, I love my mission.

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

Friday, May 21, 2010

Got the pictures open! So excited to see this boy in 6 weeks!

"OK I'm sending some photos."

Us right now at the computer place.

The second of my district

My comp and elder gardner playing wall ball against the church.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Subject: Last Transfer! the beginning of the end.... Sent:Mon 5/17/10 1:43 PM

Hey Guys
well it was fun to talk to you all yesterday. You all sound great. Sorry if I didn't really make sense or was weirdish, that's what two years in mexico does to ya. haha. but yeah thanks for all the love and support you guys rock hard. I still haven't talked to heap today, he is kind of busy these days, but ill be sure to do it soon. No Jenny, i didn't eat anything, I'm trying a new thing on fasting, every sunday. I'm not as extreme as Elder Nymeyer but its an attempt. Today we woke up, it was cold, like 70 degrees, and we went back to bed. no just kidding, but yeah we have washed and cleaned the house and now we are going to get some lunch and then a meeting and then another meeting. its my life, but I'll live. Yeah, I'm a little tired but super excited. These are going to be the best 6 weeks ever, my comp and I are going to rock it. Coop, don't wreck the car please, and get ready to train.
Jen the name is cob like koby. But i was thinking about it and I think we will have to pick a name that has nothing to do with him, like sparky haha just think it over and get back to me.
Nano, despite what mom thinks i might not be going to the young single adults activities, just kidding... maybe, but you know we got the double team going.

OK I'm sending some photos. The first is of my comp and elder gardner playing wall ball against the church. The second of my district and the last one of us right now at the computer place. Gardner is sicky, he is rolling with us today because he is going to be training and his kid hasn't gotten here yet. (Trying to open pictures still, post soon!)

OK well I'm off to conquer the world again so I'll be seeing you cats on the flip side. Haha, I'm cool. I love you guys and know this church is true. Live and love it.
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!‏ Sent: Mon 5/10/10 1:02 PM

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing? Everyone is done with school except for Coop?... bummer, keep working hard man. Thanks so cool that everyone is back in the house now. I can't believe that summer has already started for you guys. The kids here got the day off because in Mexico, Mothers Day is today and not yesterday, so there you go. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!! love you a whole bunch. Thanks for putting up with me and not letting me be too ridiculous. My comp and I were talking about it yesterday while we were watching kids roll on the floor screaming in church and we were like, I love my parents. If I would have done that, i would have gotten a swift one in the behind haha but it was with love so its all good. Mom, hope you had a great day and next year we will have to make you breakfast in bed.
Dad, you keep working hard. I'm interested in riding a bike to work too, but maybe not with wind but yeah you keep being my hero. Jen, stay strong, only a little bit more.
Nano... where is nano? I didn't hear from her this week.... but keep rocking it sis.

ok yeah, i was thinking about calling next Sunday because I thought that everyone was going to be home. I have all the time in the world, minus Sunday mornings and Monday from 6-8 my time. But yeah I'll call later to put us in accord. And thanks for the info about the house mom. Heap sounded really excited when he told me about it so there you go. Maybe it is a little fresa but Nano can come to my house for Sunday dinner. It's going to be fun.

My week was alright. Super stressed all the time. If its not my area it's my district and if its not my district it's the zone. If fun to be responsible haha but my zone is doing well, right now we are not number 1 but close. My area is doing better. We are going to baptize, WEEEEE but yeah other people in teaching not so much but we are working hard. I talked in church yesterday and I talked about how we need to pray to our Heavenly Father more often. I used mom as an example when I was at BYU. If i didn't call there were consequences! The ward enjoyed the metaphor.
Next week are transfers and I think the only companionship that will not be changed will be us.... so a whole new team but same attack plan, own up!
Today I was washing my clothes and while I was scrubbing the collar on my shirt, it kind of dissolved and fell apart... haha my comp just looked at my and said, "just 7 more weeks" So crazy to think that in a week I will be the oldest generation.... but its all good, Just got to do work.

Okay, I'm off to have a BBQ American style as a zone. That's leadership for you. My comp and I made a ping pong table in our house, out of chairs, a table and some toilet paper. Just so you know. OK well I'll call you guys later. I love my mission and love my family. I know this is the true church because I have a received a testimony of it. I know that Christ is my Savior. I love you guys
to the moon and back.

Con amor,

Elder Christensen

Its a good life‏ Sent: Mon 5/03/10 10:45 PM

(* Sorry for the late post, finals week last week*)

Hey guys,

How is everyone? married, single, dating - so funny. Congrats Lacy, you are a rock star. Sorry I couldn't be there I was kind of doing my thing down here but at least I had a cut out there... oh wait... haha no its cool, I wouldn't have wanted to rob Sterls show. Congrats, I have a large testimony that families are eternal. There is no other way around it.

Jen!!! I have to admit I screamed a little bit when I saw your picture (the one of her and Lacey).
I love you so much, stay strong, one more month, you can do it. I want to buy him his first sweat bands, just going with the theme or a dew rag haha yeah my gangster sobrino.

Nano, keep working hard, just have to make it through finals and than you are home free. Coop, keep working hard in school and never relax. Presidete always talks about how if we want to do something great we have to avoid feeling comfortable. Don't feel comfortable son.
Dad, you rock for working in the stake. Keep pushing and just take all the meeting one at a time.
I am glad you could see all the fam again. I'm sure you guys said hi to everyone for me as well, thanks. Mom, you are wedding machine. Way to go! I'm sure it was one of your best. Thanks for trying so hard with the apartment stuff. Heap and I are kind of at a loss for words because we really are ignorant but yeah, if Memmott can't room with us than we have another guy. I would like to keep it under $350 a month and knowing that probably won't be there too long. Idk, I am totally willing to share a room with anyone. I trust you mom, thanks for all the help.

My week was tough. I was just getting over being sick, Tuesday morning so we went running, nothing too extreme and I threw out my back. I feel so old. But yeah it was like that one time mom, when I couldn't walk and I felt useless and yeah, some pain killers and went to work! But I am feeling better now, it's just my comp that is now sick with a fever. It's been a long week. But everyone remembers that one grandma that we lost because her kids were rejecting her for changing religions? Well, she is back!! It was the greatest miracle ever. Basically we are going to baptize her in two weeks with her daughter and granddaughter. Also my zone is not the best zone anymore but have faith, we are more of a fourth quarter team anyways. Satan is working hard to discourage us but we are working harder. I still can't believe we are in May.

So crazy, but yeah mom I was thinking that next Monday would be good to call, idk if you are home yet but i am flexible. Also we went grocery shopping today.... o man... i was going crazy haha still haven't grown up too much haha my comp wanted to look down every aisle haha I wasn't going to have any of that. but it was funny, I like him a lot.

Ok I am out like a scout. I got some meetings and people and fans to see so ill catch you guys on the flip side. I know this is the true church that was established by the true God. I love my mission and cant imagine it ending. I am been a representative of our Savior and Christ, I cant imagine anything more important. be great cause that's who you are

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Christensen

Monday, April 26, 2010

What! Pictures!

Seeing his cute face makes me miss him! Can not wait to talk to him next week!

its hot here, and i dont think its just me Sent: Mon 4/26/10 4:41 PM

Hey familia,

How are you guys doing today? BYU kids are done with school, NMSY kids are almost done, high school kids still have forever to go... jk coop. Just remember I don't get any vacations Presidente just started a new thing. The zone, the districto and the companionship with the most baptisms get to go to the temple. So I'll be letting you guys know whenI'ill be going to the temple again but right now our zone is still the best so we will see how may ends.

That's super cool thatLlacey got to go to the temple though!! congrats kids, you are my hero, just remember that it would be super cool if you and Jenny could both have little ones around the same time..... much love.
Nano, dont you worry about down south, you come up to provo and we will kick it. keep working hard. You too coop. Better hurry up and get a job for the summer if you want to drive.
Jen, love you. Sorry I don't answer more of your questions but "no" I still don't normally eat breakfast and usually in the mornings I have to do visits to missionaries houses or other stuff like that. Being zone Leader is basically the same as anyone else, just thatIi have to worry about 8 other companionships.....It's cool having the assistantes here. They are my homies.

Dad love you man. Thanks for being such an example. I have been sick for the last three days and all day i just keep reminding myself of how you knocked doors every day for atleast an hour and that time you were dieing and did it anyways. Yeah got me through Saturday and last but not least.... JAKE CONGRATS DUDE!!! dude that is so sicky. I wanted to pick the new mission that they are opening up here but Peru is cool too. Just as long as its spanish, you cant go wrong haha do work son.

Oh and yes, I can call home any day that would be better for you guys. Just tell me what day and i will give a phone number. Also tell Romney I will allow him to live in my house if he wants haha jk.

OK my week. Heap and I are going to plan an inventory today so we have a plan later about what we are going to do. So we will keep you posted.
We had conference with the Presidente onFfriday. I thought it went well. We had some sweet activities and then Presidente put on a video that the assistants made and its hilarious because they are trying to be serious. But I enjoyed it. Later we had a meeting with the stake presidente. That was impressive. He was talking to all the bishops and was like, after the bishop, your mision leader should be your best member you got. Ii was like, well good thingI aim not going to be ML when i get home haha but it was a sweet meeting.
Speaking of which, why didnt the mormons make it to heaven?... they were stuck in a meeting haha so true!!! keep strong Dad.
Our sweet family fell this week because the kids chose to reject her untill she stopped talking to us. 'Ill just be waiting for them at the judgement bar... but seriously... but the work continues.

OK im our like a scout. My new favorite scripture of the week is D&C 6:33-37. No temaís rebanito, y haced lo que yo os he mandado. Basically means, do work haha

I know this work is true, i love my mission,

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lets be patient with Westley, I'm a......... haha‏ Sent: Mon 4/19/10 4:46 PM

Hey guys,

Alright, alright, I'm a terrible person, I cant even try to avoid it. I'M SUPER SORRY FOR NOT WRITING. I will admit a got a little too indept about my classes because Heap was with me and we were planning everything together. I AM sorry, but it wont happen again. It's the process of repentance. Recognize I was wrong, confess, and don't do it again. I love you guys sooo much, thanks for all the letter and helping me out with everything.
Mom I have been taking money out of my account because there was a problem with the money system here in the mission and yeah i was short, but now everything is good.
Coop, don't listen to anyone, you are going to keep on growing. I didn't hit my second growth spurt untill the summer before junior year so there... doctors.
Nano, sorry about the rough life. Just remember, the sun with come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar on that haha idk kid, just finish strong and do work.
Jen, I imagine you are carrying a larger baby now haha i love you. Don't be hating on the nicknames, unless you provide a better one.
Dad, thanks for helping with everything and with the job. That is kind of lame about the blood test and one week waiting but whatever. Vacations!! Are we going to visit grandpa?
MOM I LOVE YOU FOREVE cause if i put an r at the end, it would be the end of forever haha i read that on a card the other day. just know im working hard and doing work.

So my life. My area got divided. I had two wards and now I only have one. And we gave the area to the assistants along with 4 families in teaching.... as long as the zone baptizesI Iim fine.
Also welcome to TEPALCAPA aka CAMP CHRIS ( my comps name is campos) where the boys become men or at least thats what we say. Actually our zone is the best in the whole mission baptism wise, so i gave myself a little pat on the back but not really, we can do better, but yeah. My comp is working me to death. HE is also finishing soon and we are going down in a flaming glory haha we wake up and run every morning at 6:20am, yeah i know, and then just go crazy all day with contacts and visits and all that good stuff and im tired, really tired when we get back haha but I feel great.
We played soccer today andIi totally owned, just a side note ~ humility.
Last week we had a conference with Pres and basically he starts out, I hope you guys don't leave here feeling good.... I was like, dang. Basically we need to do as Presidente said put on our crap kickers and do work haha ilove him. He reminded me of dad in that moment. But yeah it got me pretty fired up. Also we have a sweet family in teaching. It's a grandma a daughter and a granddaughter. They were crying in the sacrament meeting from the messages about families. It was cool.
I also realized that I am not ready to have kids. The whole crying and fighting thing in church is more than I can handle haha.

Ok fam and fansI'im out. I love you guys and pray for you all the time. I know that God lives and has a plan for all of us. I am going to finish strong, I have no other option. So yeah for these last couple of weeks lets turn UP the home and work and school stuff. Lets do work. I love you guys.

to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey guys,

You may not recognize me but, I'm Elder Christensen, 21 year old version. It's kind of advanced but just try to keep up. I'm so old!!! man... I feel like the golden years are all behind me and I just have retirement left. Thanks everyone for saying "Happy Birthdays". YOU guys are great!! Really, you put up with me for 21 years, not alot of people could have done that haha but yeah it was cool, we had a cake and the sister missonaries gave me a card. They are funny sometimes. But yeah, hope all of you guys are doing great and loving life. Sorry you have to go back to school and work and stuff, but i didn't get a break either haha hope everyone also listened closely to conference cause it was pretty much the best. I got the importance of the family and that they are worried about the youth. I am too. Youngsters these days haha but yeah.

Dad, I love you man, you don't worry about a thing, any letter is a good letter, keep working hard.
Mom, thanks for helping with the classes and stuff. Just as a side note, i would like to have the majority in the morning so i could have an easier work schedule.
Jen, thanks for the love, keep working hard, and finish strong, you are my hero.
Nano, dont get too worried about boys. You can wait still haha estoy retomando mi profecia que dije la otra vez. But yeah be great.
Coop, I will own you in any sport when I get back. Put me on whatever team. I love you man, tell Brad I would love to work with you guys for the summer.

So my week was fun. My other comp went home, my new one, Elder Matson, was way cool. We just kind of got along, except that he goes for the U.... hopefully one day he will repent haha but yeah now he is gone too and Ii will receive Elder Campos. He is cool, he is from the same ward as my trainer so that is a good sign. We need to do better as a zone and he will help me alot with that. Just trying to stay up with Sterl. My week was busy with things to do, interviews and whatnot. We had interviews with Pres. Love that man. You will probably see him soon on that general conference thing and than conference was great. Ii want to be like Elder Holland. For those of you that didn't get to see the priesthood session, just know I have a renewed testimony that I should be here in Mexico.

ok I'm out like a scout. Peace and love to everyone. Be great cause that's who you are.

to the moon and back
Elder Christensen

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

21 isnt old, just well seasoned Sent: Mon 3/29/10 5:51 PM

Buenas tardes a todos queridos
hoy me gustaria empezar con una escritura si podria... haha

whats up homies? haha i love you guys, thanks for writing and being awesome like that. I really am grateful for all of your support and love and testimonies. Coop, sorry about the loses but sometimes you win em and sometimes you lose em. Stay strong bro. Hope everyone is enjoying the break. Actually Pres. gave us a week off too!.... oh wait, nope haha but its all good, still loving it all the time. Sorry the trip to Las Vegas wasn't so hot but now you know, sin was never happiness haha hope everything goes well with the wedding and the parties and family. Send my love to everyone.

MOM!!! i got your package!! thanks haha sometimes you make me laugh with the items you send but yeah i love it all. Thanks for the birthday cake, i will be sure to make and share with my districto. Also, the girl scout cookies are already gone haha i shared them with everyone and they were like, these are pretty good, and i was like claro son americanos, sabemos de galletas haha i take pride in that haha but just kidding. Hope everyone enjoys the week and can grab a tan.

My week was alright, we had our baptism!! Javier was baptized yesterday and everything went great. Just that after we got a phone call from Pres and yeah.. elder arrieta, my comp is home now. There were just some stuff and Pres decided that it would be better if he was home, so he left today at 4 in the morning. So im chilling with an elder that is from my generation that is going to open a new area in a week so he will be with me till then. But he is not a zone leader and im going to be flying solo on that point for a week.... but its all good, totally ready for it. I got to talk to Pres in the morning about it and he has all the confidence in the world in me... haha me too.... It will be fun. we have interviews wednesday and i will be able to presidente again. other than that we are just going to work like crazy and baptize the world. I cant believe im turning 21 this week haha we went to applebees to celebrate and we totally got that free sunday! thats how we do

ok im out like a scout. Be great and be true to the faith. Trust in our God and know that he lives.

I love my family,i love my mission.

to the moon and back
Elder Christensen

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still got it Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 3:15 PM

Dear Fam,

Love you guys! Mom BYU is cool again, I got in and have been looking at my classes I need to take,I'll have a list for you guys next week of classes I might need some help to get into. LIke D&C and bowling, haha no but yeah I feel much better being able to look at everything. President gave me permission to do this.

How are you guys doing?! are you guys having a great day? I just got done playing soccer for 4 hours and i feel like I did back in the day.. sore. It was fun. Our zone isnt very good so it was more laughs than goals but I sure looked like I knew what I was doing (that's a never). But sorry you guys are having snow... just so you know, i miss. Have fun out there is Las Vegas, try to put some goals in bro. Represent the New Mexico side. Take photos of the strip for me.

MOM!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!! EE-EE-EEEE!!! haha that was my mexican scream... yeah its getting there haha mom, you are the best mom i have. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me with everything even though I was a punk alot. You are the best, have a great b day!!! Thanks for sending my packages, you guys rock. love you all. Yeah, the offices are super close to me so i will get it when it gets here.
Jen love you, I have been thinking on nicknames for my nephew and the best i got right now is CoB haha but I'll keep working. And no Jen, I usually don't eat breakfast unless someone gave me fruit the day before. I'm kind of poor right now... might have to take some money out... sorry. No more Wendys I promise. Today I didn't even go, so there it is.

Dad! eh Papi, love you man, keep working hard and being my example. Good luck on the trek planning, just know that i would love to be the pony express guy that rides up with the mail. I promise to avoid anything that would disrupt the trip mom haha thanks for the love. love you guys so much.

So this week was fun. We married a couple, had an interesting leadership conference and Elder Hunter and i couldnt get into the presidentes van with his keys in hand.
We will baptize this next week the guy we had for this last week, there was some mixups... that is part of the 2 weeks thing... transfers haha but its all good, just need to count to ten more often haha but yeah and we did really well in church with some sweet families we have in teaching.
The conference was alright until I had to help with an activity andIi got in front of everyone and they asked my to teach faith so I was like "yeah sure easy". so I start and like the assistants just start copying everything I do. We all know how much Wes loves to be in front of a crowd but seriously haha i was sweating like a big dog. I turned bright red and was all nervous and everything was laughing but yeah the example was that our elders will do everything they see us do, so what kind of example are we putting? A sad sweaty little man one haha but it was good. Later we were helping the hna put the stuff into her van and me and another elder were totally retarded. We spent 15 minutes easy trying to open it haha it was just more advanced then we have ever seen. back doors and open by themselves with a button and all that crazyness haha but yeah we felt cool.

Ok gang, i got to take a shower and wash clothes but I love you guys soo much. I know this is the true chruch because I see the blessings every day. I know God lives and loves you all. Be great cause that is who you are.
love you to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Christensen
I love my mission

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snowing?‏ Sent: Mon 3/15/10 4:51 PM

Hey guys,

Well i love you all.

How are you all doing? Sounds like my little hill of a town got some snow haha thanks for the picture. A guy in my district and I were just talking about snowboarding before I saw the picture. I think yesterday was the third time in my mission thatIi had ice in my drink. Good old mexico. Thanks so sicky that you guys all have the flight plans and everything!!!! I was kind of hoping to get back home a little earlier but it will be fine, like a Friday. My comp also got his flight plans back to his house. 'Im kind of willing to pay for a ticket a little bit earlier than that but... jk kind of.
Nano, welcome to PROVO haha thats way cool. You will have to go eat at the Dennys right there in front of UVU and know how great it is haha good times.
Jen, congrats on the super weekend and that your cowboys won. Hopefully they can make it past the first round this year in march madness haha, stupid BYU haha sterl, you rock it bro, that is so Mexico City style.
Dad, i love you man. I didnt do so well on the work out plan this week because of the conferences but i did good this morning.
Mom, love you and thanks for helping everyone and everything. YOu are my hero. Heap and I are going to start planning week seven of our last transfer so that you guys can have an idea about whats going to go down. I have a meeting with him tomorrow so it will give me a chance.

My life, it was a fun week but it definitely made me miss you guys alot. Not like I want to end my mission but like... I am tired of some things, like comps but it's all good, I am still loving every moment. It was a week of zero citas... bueno like 4 in total. We had a lot of errands to run for the Presidente and the assistants and it just kind of destroyed a couple of days of work. Then we showed up late to everything... Presidente was not happy. Actually conference was the most upset I have seen him in a long time. He basically just told us that we weren't doing a portion of our potential and invited, like called everyone out, if you dont want to work, just go home. It was way intense but I loved it. I would not have picked a better Presidente. And than the rest of conference was good too. The best was that at the end, I was sweeping up culture hall where we ate, Christensen cleaning standards, thanks dad haha and Presidente was like "Christensen, thanks alot," I was like "yeah sure Presidente," and than he was like, "I pray for you every night. Just three more weeks if you know what I mean" haha i love him. Yeah... three weeks.
The zone is not so hot right now but yeah that's going to change. Just have to throw some auzzi at em =) like my boy sterl does haha but yeah we brought ten to church!!! it was sicky, stay tuned on furture baptisms. We actually have one this week. Javier, he is 27 married and way sicky, teaching us how to box.

Ok, I'm out. love you guys.
be great cause that's who you are
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, March 8, 2010

Westley wrote on Saturday!‏ Sent: Sat 3/06/10 4:39 PM

Hey guys,

Well I am just going to take advantage of the free time I have in the offices to write you guys. I get to stay with an elder that had a surgery on wednesday and im going to be his companion today. Should be fun. Everyone else went out to buy us food so we are just listening to music andI'im writing you guys. How are you all doing? I can't figure the question mark out on this computer.

Thanks everyone for reminding on my sobrinos (nephew) name. Conway.... really, jk, but really what am I going to call him? Con? conner? corn? air con? haha just saying, nicknames will come hard. ButIi will support any name.
Cooper you will not be the best uncle. But second was never bad either haha
Nano, allIi can say is that the Lord wants you to be happy. He has a plan for you that will lead to that happiness. We sometimes think we know better when the decision isn't so hard, just give it all over to him and let him make you the best you can be. I love you.
Coop, keep working hard bro. I didn't get to work out very well this week but I have been able to do 60 push ups in a row three sets.... just know we are going to be throwing down when I get home. Also Avery wrote me and said that you were sicky at a b ball now a days. We will have to see. Heap and I are going to be on the same team at byu. I love you bro, keep working hard.
Mom thanks for everything and all the love. I would rather have money for a new laptop then stuff here. The only thingIi would ask for are some new pairs of socks cause all of mine are suffering now haha but yeah huge thanks for finding that job for me! I love you guys. And yes, mom, there normally are tacos in the street that are cheaper but sometimes we like to have a flash back to the good old US haha
Dad keep working hard. I know you don't like to work on the weekends but like the good book says, let the things of cesar to cesar and the things of God to God.... oh wait that would be Sunday haha jk love you man, keep working hard.

My week was pretty good. We had a surpise baptism of the lady that couldn't last week on Tuesday. It was good just that my comp didn't plan it very well and yeah good times, just breathe in and out with me. Also this week, I went on divisions with my whole district. It was good to get out and work with eveyone and see how they are doing. I didn't help too much but at least I got to know my elders better.
Two funny stories of the week. The first, is that on one of the divisions we ate with an hermana that just got back from the mission three months ago and she has been married for a month and a half. So we were like, oh wow, so your husband waited for you then? uh kind of, he finished the mission before i did.... he was her zone leader haha yes! but yeah, no worries here. I thought it was funny and the second was that we ate with an hermana that had a huge plate of veggies cooked and all ready, like more than mom would make for the whole fam, and she was just like, here you go elder, I know how you guys don't get to eat many veggies... half the plate. I was like, well I am full! It was all good. I love my area, the members are great and we are going to be baptizing every week until my comp goes home.

Congrats Stan on the baptism. represent the Germans haha.

Love you guys a huge bunch
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I GOT YOU A JOB!‏ Sent: Mon 3/01/10 5:01 PM

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Sorry I'm kind of writing with no time but you know that's how things happen sometimes. We just got back from bowling and Wendys. We do normally eat tacos and dog meat but that's only when we don't want to travel jk... or am I? It sounds like everyone had an exciting week! a new truck?! I didn't see that one coming but I guess my old truck was kind of old. Just about 21... like some other really old thing around here... haha oh thats me in one more month and I can buy beer, well in the US, here you can do it whenever. I think i might do it just to say I'm 21 haha jk mom,Ii won't.
And that's sweet about the job!!! Thanks guys that sounds sweet. I will watch paint dry for 16 dollars an hour and Fridays off!? This could be heaven, is there anyone I might know there? Either way,I am super pumped for it.
That's a bummer about all the sports. Flip, I have to run to my junta, i mean meeting, I love you guys soooo so much. Thanks for everything. I know the church is true and I love my mission.

Okay, I'm out. Love you guys, be great cause that's who you are. Sorry for the letter. Next week will be better.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

from West‏ Sent: Mon 2/22/10 5:19 PM

Hey Fam,

How are all of you guys doing today? It's a beautiful 80 degree sunny day outside with a slight breeze from the northwest, great day to write the fam. I have decided that all of our family trips from now on need to be directly to parts of Mexico or on cruises that stop here. I'ts only unpleasent like two months of the year.
I got my Subway and my Dr. Pepper on my side andI'im reading to "rock".

Nano, I would love to have you up inPprovo with me. Idk about nursing and everything and career choices but you are always welcome up there if you want. I have a lot of good buddies from the mission that are going to go to UVU afte their mission. So yeah, pray, ask, meditate and be patient.
Mom, I was going to ask you if you have done any research on the housing situation?... or maybe that's still too far ahead but Heap andIi do'nt want to screw up.
I love you guys. Mom and Dad thanks for everything you guys are doing to keep everyone on solid earth and calm. Thank you for your examples and your love. Keep working hard in the church and in the home.
Dad thanks for the sports updates too haha.
Jen, love of my life, how are you doing? Keeping my nephew safe? Good to hear, also I can't remember what his name is going to be....
Coop, I can't believe that you are going to be a sophomore. Try to keep those grades up bro and keep working hard. I only took adv chem and alg/trig my sophomore year oh and adv english haha that was terrible but really helped me for college so, suffer now and not suffer too much later? I love you bro, keep a positive attitude and working hard.

My week here in Tepa. I love this place. The stake is as large White Roc, area-wise so it makes it nice to have all the companionships close by if we need to give a thump over the head. But yeah it was a crazy week with alot of weird things going on but I'll have to tell you guys about that later. Just know that calls after 10:30 are never good things but yeah everything is fine. I had to say goodbye to E. Brown, I am going to miss that guy,Ii can't believe he is already in his house haha but yeah that makes me like the third oldest generation in the mission. It feels weird but we are working hard and trying to help my comp finish strong too. He is my lifting coach. Cooper, just know we are going to lift when we get back.

We will hopefully have another baptism this week and finish the month with 3 confirmations. We are doing well as a zone. We had transfers today and we lost every senor companion in the zone... we got to do alot of growing up real fast. I am going to have a couple of pep talks with some elders tonight so hopefully we will be on the same page. Also we had stake conference this week. One of the councilors of the stake presidency talked about how dead babies still grow after the resurrection and all this stuff that wasn't apostasy but it definitely wasn't a good topic for stake conference so just keep that in mind if you ever talk in church and the missionaries are in the back with a family of investigators. A smile and a testimony go a long way. I was sitting by one of the assistants of the mission and he was like, please kill me, haha, its fun.

Okay, I'm out like a scout but I love you guys soo much. I can't believe that it will be March the next time I write. MOM Ii still remember your birthday. Uou guys are great. I know this church is true,Ii have no doubt of that. I know that Christ not only came to this world but is my Savior also. I love my mission. 20 months son!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Wes Christensen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Just Another Week Sent: Mon 2/15/10 7:01 PM

hey fam,

What a crazy week. Then to top it all off with this new system they have going for the church,Ii couldnt log into my own email, but no worries I finally remembered all the things thatIi had forgotten and got in to get all of your great letters!! Sorry about last week, and yeah I was on the move and we didn't plan things very well and had to run instead of writing but here I am.
My new area is here in Tepalcapa by theLlago Guadalupe, idk, if that's on the map but there you go. The nearest companionship to me are the assistants, its been a blast seeing them every day and doing division. I got my fill of E. Brown. I still cant believe that he is going to end this week... it's crazy. My new comp is Elder Arrieta from Chihuahua, if you don't recognize the name, that's ok, he was my dl before.... but now we got along great and we had a pretty sicky week with two baptisms and a confirmation and the zone is going crazy with baptizms so it was a good time to arriv. I don't want to take all the credit but.... I haven't done anything really. But yeah, its a larger area and we have two wards here. It's funny cause one of my bishops is a manager for Coke and the other for Pepsi haha and neither one gives us free soda... lame!
The members are all pretty nice and my zone is kind of smaller so its ok. I miss ElderFfackler but I talked to him yesterday and he sounds like he is tearing it up just like I taught him to. That was my week in a nut shell.

Coop, good job on basketball and keep working hard. Just know that in my new house, there is all of this gym stuff so im going to be pretty much ripped when I get home.. be ready. Itss a way for me to vent haha
Nano... i love the effort to get married beforeIi get home but it's not necesary haha but have fun and don't break too many hearts.
Jen thanks for the letters and good luck in school, work, baby and everything, tha'ts way cool how Henrys' mom helped out alot.
Dad, keep being a stud on the stake. That was cool you could be home for one Sunday and good luck in thoseSspanish wards. I had an interview with Presidente for some things in my zone today and he just asked about all you guys. He loves you guys so thanks for being you, he also said that he had been to Los Alamos one time to do some work stuff and really liked it. I was like, yeah that's my pueblito.
MOM!!! love you, thanks for the package, it was super sweet. I made sure to make friends and share the candy but thank you soo much. Don't be like ¨ its just the family...¨ haha i love you guys, I definitely didn''t feel like it was national SAD haha.
Coop, you would tell me if you stole a kiss already right haha jk but yeah hope everyone had a great V day.

Sterl,Ii love you bro, don't go dying with those headaches. You are my hero. Grandpa and Grandma Christensen, i love you guys, do work on the mission.

I talked to the Presidente mom about the rules andIi can leave the mission to go whereverIi want and he hasn't gotten a letter from you and he says he wouldn't have the nearest idea about hotels, so yeah, good luck.

Also very important, new email., i will only get letters at this address, so please help a brother out haha

ok I am out to my junta, love you guys and I know that this church is true. I have seen it bless the lives of two more people this week. I love my mission.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen
ps dad, that job sounds great and if not, then there is one here as a translater like 1500 a week with housing and food so yeah.... just an idea
pss i love everyone

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its raining on a sunny day‏ Sent: Mon 2/01/10 5:18 PM

Hey fam
How are you guys doing? FEBERO!!!! Haha, I just get excited that its a new month. Its hailing and snow right now after a week of really nice weather. Hopefully, you are all surviving the weather over there.
And just before we move on to other things,Ii knew it was going to be a nephew, it's all good. That's so cool Jen, just stay healthy and don't try to do too much. I keep asking all the pregnant peopleIi meet how much time they have. They all look at me kind of strange but atleast i know what you look like more or less haha i love you guys.

Coop, keep working hard in everything, especially school. And keep helping mom and dad out.
Nano, good luck with that RM thing haha crazy girl. I would definitely pray about it. The Lord has a plan, just need to figure it out.
Mom and Dad, thanks a bunch on the school stuff,Ii will definitely ask the Presidente about that letter. Also I love you guys, Dad, the Presidente gave me a book that was pretty sweet. Counciling with our councils, by Elder Ballard,Ii would buy it.
Mom, Heap and I decided that it's perfectly safe here. I love you.

My week was a little crazy. We did super awesome. We found alot of good people and than had some sweet lessons whereIi was like, "man, I totally dont even know where that came from", and just awesome experiences in general and then we got to Sunday and everything fell on its face... we had one in church... not too bad because he is getting baptized this week but it was a little rough. We can only repent and do better. We also did interchanges with our zone leaders and that was pretty sweet. I love them, sometimes they just get angry that my district drops goals... but yeah. We also had conference this last Tuesday and it was pretty good. The Presidente pulled me out and told me that I was leaving next week, the 7th, to Tepalcalpa as a zone leader. I know my comp and he is pretty good. I'm going to take the new assistants old spot so hopefully I'll just keep going with the flow. It is crazy. Only 7 weeks here in Santa Teresa and 4 with elder Fackler. I am going to miss alot of things, but its all good. I will go and do. It's also crazy to think that unless something terriblely wrong goes down this will be my last area... crazy.

Today we went to Tula and saw the GIANTES, it was sweet. They are just some ancient statues that are way sweet. It wil have to be on our list of things to do. We took some great pictures but ill have to send them next week.

Ok I am out. Love you and I know that this is true, it changes lives and blesses families.
to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry Im late‏ Sent: Mon 1/25/10 7:20 PM

Hey everyone,

Sorry I'm writing so late but we had our meetings in the morning and we just barely got back to the house. But no worries, it was definitely a day of adventure. We got there, Atotonilco, and we were just walking up to the church and the county mayor rolls up in his car and gives us 1500 pesos to go buy breakfast for the elders. YES! He is member but that's a little ridiculous so we ate a good breakfast and 12 pizzas for lunch. My stomach regrets it but I'm happy regardless, we played soccer for like 5 hours today. We finally got the privalege back and we used it to the extreme. But it was enjoyable eventhough I wont be able to walk for like a week.

How are you guys doing? Getting tired of winter and snow? I think today hit the high 70 low 80, it was beautiful but thats just because we had to suffer last week. Sounds like I'm going to hear if I am going to have a nephew next week!! Try your bestJjen to make it a boy haha jk but I love you and wish you and Britton the best and hope you guys can juggle real life.
Coop, sorry about the game bro, good job with the grades and yeah... be careful with that permit. It can disappear very quickly. Your a stud man, keep it up.
Nano! glad you loved my academic experience. Really if you want to transfer to BYU, go for it, we can chill up there, and you can meet Heap. Keep working hard, I konw you do.
Dad, thanks for being a stud and traveling everywhere. You keep working hard and keep working out cause I brag about you to my comp so you cant let me down. You rock.
Mom, I love you, thanks for doing everything for me. You can go ahead and use the number Romneys mom gave you, just don't mentionIi had anything to do it and blame Romney haha no its fine. Actually I'm going to see the Presidente tomorrow so I'll give him a little heads up. I honestly have never felt unsecure here but idk. I hope you guys find the solution. Also you might want to ask when my visa runs out here... but yeah mom, love you and thanks for everything.

My comp is pretty much sicky(awesome) haha sorry for being a little informal but he pretty much is my best friend. He is giving me all these tips about how to lift and wants me to walk on at Dixi. I told him I would have to think about it but yeah we are working soo well. We had two families come to church and two more that kind of didn't but 'ok because we are going to bring them this Sunday. We are having soo many awesome experieces and miracles that every night we honestly just come home exhausted but feeling pretty sweet. idk it's just cause my comp is so humble andI aim working on it. Hopefully I stay here for the rest of the transfer because I could be leaving next week.... 6 weeks in one area... yeah. It's just causeIi went the zone leader council this last Tuesday and I know that I'm going up but it just depends on when. I would enjoy staying but you know how it is, I will "go and do."

A miracle I saw this week was... all the sweet people we found. Seriously, it was soo awesome. We had one guy that was like, you guys are pretty serious about this heaven stuff haha I was like yeah, we try. But really, if it wasn't for the district not doing so hot it would have been one of the best weeks in my mission. I feel like im progressing and getting alot better in alot of things. I know that I'm not being specific but some day i will explain the santa teresa days haha oh yeah mom, its like between Cuautitlan and Atotonilco right along the high way. Idk if that helps at all but i tried.

Ok I am out like a scout but konw thatIi love you all. You are my testimony and my love. I have a knowledge of the true church of Christ. He lives and blesses us beyond what we can understand. I love my mission and the opportunity they gave given me to represent them.

I cant wait till its over
I hope it never ends
con amor
to the moon and back....

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loving it‏ Sent: Mon 1/18/10 1:56 PM

Hey fam,

How are you guys doing? I hoped you could survive all of the storms that were coming, both in the weather and in life. That was deep haha anyways i hope everyone is doing great and rocking it like the all stars that you all are. It was just weird to have almost everyone write last week and this week was just mom and grandpa. But its all good. I know you are all working hard in school and work.
Jen and Brit, good luck in school and keep care of my twin nephews haha. I still dont know if its a boy or not.
Nano, hope you enjoyed visiting my school, please say hi for me haha hope you had fun with Amanda.
Coop! dude good luck driving, hopefully you wont tear it up too bad haha jk, you rock man, congrats on the win and keep working hard. I'm always bragging about you.
Dad you rock, that you for your service and visiting all over the place and planning meetings. thats rough but I know you are a stud and keep working hard, love you.
Mom, love you alot. Thanks for helping with my byu stuff and let me talk to Brown about what email I can give you...for the mission office.
Grandpa C, i say... i would be way sad if i couldn't see you guys when I got home but it would be awesome to serve again. I love all you guys. You rock!

My week was pretty much the best. My comp is a stud. Like he cant speak spanish very well but man does that guy have the biggest heart... no seriously, its like double mine haha but he is just so humble and wants to do everything right and rock it in his mission. his official stats are 6`8 350 pounds and everyone just stares at him haha like we walk into members houses and people are like, wow elder you are really big, and i respond first and say, well thanks hna i have been doing some extra push ups. They usually just look at me and shake their head haha but its all good. he reminds me alot of big B, just a chill guy that gets along with everyone. anyways we had a sweet week and found some awesome people. we had one guy talk to us in the street and it ended up being some old investigators that had moved and wanted to go to church again and it was just beautiful haha so yeah it was a cool week.
Today im with the zls and im going to a meeting tomorrow with Presidente and I might be leaving my area here pretty soon but its nothing bad so dont worry haha just going to be loosing alot of good elders soon.

This is the true church of Christ. He is our living Savoir and Redeemer. I wear HIS name on my chest every day and give thanks every night for the opportunityIi had to do it. I love my missoin and am trying to become and servant that He will recongize when he comes again.

love you guys
con amor
to the moon and back.....

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/11/10 2:17 PM

Hey family,

How are all you wonderful people doing today? I hope everyone is doing well with school and work, going back and stuff. Stay healthy and warm. I didn't think it was so hard here in Mexico but i seemed to be wrong. I finally had to call the hna Nancollas and buy some medicine. But since I have been taking it, I have been good. I'm just tired of the rain and the cold and the mud hole that is my area. I just don't bother cleaning my pants now because the next day they are just as dirty haha
But yeah, Nano, good luck at school and work, stay focused and remember you only have a transfer to meet your future husband, much love.
Coop, thanks for writing me bro! that was the longest letter I have ever seen from you! haha love you, work hard, study hard and play hard.
Jen, Brit, keep smiling and taking care of my twin nephews, I am with Britton on this one haha glad to hear you guys had a fun time skiing and sorry about Chandler. That couldn't have been fun.
Dad thank you for being a great dad and loving the family. I have just seen a lot of families this week that had bad dads and it just made me think about how great you are.
Mom, love you haha thanks for sending me the heap letter. Heap is in Guaretaro now so we are planning how we are going to be companions.
Also I think a central hotel in el df would be better then always moving around.

We had transfers! my comp went to Ecatepec, to my old district, and my new comp is a lineman! He is bigger than Heap haha he is going to play at Dixi State when he gets back. He is about 6, 7 250, i felt like a little kid whenIi hugged him haha but yeah he has 10 months in the mission and wants to work.
Mom, he is from Safford.... yeah haha well born there but from shala (ShowLow, perhaps) or something AZ by New Mexico. All i know is that we are not going to knock doors anymore, just kick them over and walk in haha but yeah its going to be great!
Last week we brought two people to church! i was going for 5 but yeah.... we need to bring more and baptize soon cause im kind of tired of not rocking it. But yeah its going to get better.

Ok I'm out to go scare little kids with my new comp, so know that I love you all and hope the best. Stay great!!

to the moon and back.....
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/04/10 3:22 PM

hey guys
so I haven't gotten better. I have been running around with what I thought was a head cold but now its more like a sinus infection. I say that like i know what it means but i really don't, its just what everyone else tells me. But idk, I just know that my head hurts alot but im tough, so ill stick it through.. Also its been raining here! its like the first time in history and it is so cold. Its like freezing rain/lots of mud on the ground = pretty good looking missionaries, but yeah hopefully the rain will stop soon and the sun will come back out. but that was all of my bad news for the day.

how are you guys? trip to AZ! that sounds way sweet, glad to hear you guys had a blast. Grandma and Grandpa, congrats, you guys are my heros, way to go. Lace and Chandler, have fun with my family and be patient with snow boarding, its actually kind of fun. jen, i love you, you keep my nephew safe haha i love you guys. is it a nephew now? im with britton on twins hahaha. Coop, dont worry, you dont look like me much. You are not that handsome, jk bro, keep working hard and good luck trying. remember to have just as much patience with mom and dad as they will have with you. nano, thanks for all the photos and shout outs. Good luck back at school, you will do well, just stay positive.

My week was long, i had a couple interviews to do and a lot of sitting at waiting but the results were good. The other elders in my branch baptized 4 this week and they have one more for the coming sunday. We are trying to keep up... we brought someone to church!! that is a definite improvement. i just need to work harder and just be a rockstar and stop putting up all of my excuses. i know that i can because i know thats what God wants me to do. Just got to keep my comp focused for one more week before transfers next week and we are all good. Presidente said in my last interview that my next comp was already selected and its an american! havent had one of those in a while but it should be fun! ill let you know when i have him, other than that it was a pretty slow week. Also i learned the rubix cube... yes I am a nerd. The things i do for my district haha jk

Im out like a scout, but dont pout cause ill shout... haha yeah i love you guys and i love my mission. This is the true chruch and I am a representative of it. Be great!!

to the moon and back
elder christensen

Feliz Navidad y año nuevo‏ Sent: Mon 12/28/09 4:33 PM

Hey you guys!
well it wasn't the best week of my mission but i got over that realy fast. But enough about me, lets talk about you guys. It was great to talk to everyone and share a couple of laughs. Coopers voice hasnt changed and everyone still acts the same, but yeah it was great to be able to talk to you guys and i hope that you all know that i love you all. Im not so sure about the whole being maturer thing but yeah i sure do try and pretend. I love mom hi westley scream over everyone haha i dont think i would enjoy a phone call without it. One of my buddies called me later that day and was like hey... one phone call left haha but i dont even feel it. I still get just as lost like any other cool kid from new mexico. Also mom, heaps parents and brother are coming down too and we need to be friends forever. I gave them your email wrong but hopefully you can talk to romneys mom and get in contact with them. Just an idea. Also, i cant believe its going to be 2010... whats everyones new year resolution? im going to be more humble by doing more service and be at 165lbs. before i go home.... haha we dont walk very much and its like utah here, there are sooo many members and they always want to feed you something. It was cool the first week... but we will see. also im going to have a nephew and if i dont, it will be the most sport rocking chick ever!

but other then that we didnt have the hottest week. I had a lot of meetings and other stuff so we werent too hot in church nor do we have families that are progressing... but really we can only improve, thats the positive way to look at it. we have interviews tomorrow and hopefully the presidente can help me out. I would be cool if he told me i was going to stay here for a while. but yeah my district is pretty sweet. I have candiani, my second to last comp, garrett, that one kid from valle dorado that i loved, some other awesome missionaries and hermanas... love them jk no they are the best in the mission. But yeah basically we need to tear it up and consecrate ourselves to the Lord. That is really the only solution. also i have been sick since friday... but its cool, it will be gone by tomorrow

ok im out to go make some cookies for my district meeting. Stay great cause thats who you are and remember that i know without a doubt that this is the true and only church of Christ.
to the moon and back
Elder Christensen