Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It was good!‏ Sent: Mon 12/07/09 6:28 PM

Hello familia,
Well, it was a good week for everyone. And by that, I mean my companion and I, and my district. How are you guys doing?
Mom I had the question-- when do I start reading the little notes you gave me in my box.... I figured that the 13 days of Christmas start 13 days before so that's when I am going to start. Maybe I'm uncultured.
Coop, sorry about the losses bro but keep that chin up and work hard. Our true success in life is when we make everyone around us better then we are, just remember that. That's a direct quote from my Presidente. So stay positive and work hard.
Nano, congrats on being done with school, it's weird that you are now ahead of me in school now and it wasn't because they held me back. Stay happy and work hard and don't worry about the crazy people, that happens to me too. Just give them the bird... Christensen style of course.
Jen, thanks for writing me and hope things are going well. I didn't eat breakfast today, I was fasting, I'm usually good about staying on task but sometimes knocking doors gets old... after 5 months in a small area. It's all good and I do and don't miss green chili.
That can mom sent me I was all stoked and when I tried it, .... it doesn't have any favor. I think my taste buds are fried.
Dad, that's cool about the elk hunt, next year you will have to take me... maybe but also you're my hero, stay healthy and work hard. Mom glad the trip was fun and you had a chance to do bride talk. Keep working hard and don't get stressed because all you need to remember is that there is a Mexican that loves you down here. "soy yo" ( im me) but yeah you guys are great and I love you. Mom, I am going to buy myself a little christmas present and replace my suit pants cause there is a hole is the groan area that is awkward sometimes. I just noticed it the other day and don't know how it got there.
We had two baptisms Saturday. Adrian and Arturo, father and son. I love them man, they are the coolest family ever, we just need to work on the rest of the family. They are making us scarfs! Obviously I picked white and blue as my colors but yeah we are hoping for another one this week, Balvina, just need to get her married and we are good to go.
I have thought alot recently about the importance of baptisms. I think sometimes as missionaries we forget that we are helping our brothers find salvation... idk, its helped me alot to think of it that way. Also, we had stake conference this last week and it was way cool. We had a seventy here and he called my comp and I to go up to do some examples and I felt all professional. The Presidente was there too and his talk was way bomb and then the Hna gets up and says, when I saw my elders walk in today, I was just filled with joy haha a little love from the Hna. Other than that we didnt do much. We got to see the Christmas devotional but didn't hear the talks very well so I'll have to wait on that. But yeah, my district is rocking and I love it. Kind of makes it worth the extra weeks that I'll be here.
Elder Brown called me today. Oh man, I love that kid and I'll get to see him next week for the Christmas program too!
Ok fam and fans I got to run to go shopping. You are all great and my examples. I know this church is true because I have seen and felt the diffence in the lives of the people that accept it into there lives. I have two more witnesses to prove it. I know that iIlove my family and that I can be with them forever. Be great!
to the moon and backcon amorElder Westley Gene Christensen

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