Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry Im late‏ Sent: Mon 1/25/10 7:20 PM

Hey everyone,

Sorry I'm writing so late but we had our meetings in the morning and we just barely got back to the house. But no worries, it was definitely a day of adventure. We got there, Atotonilco, and we were just walking up to the church and the county mayor rolls up in his car and gives us 1500 pesos to go buy breakfast for the elders. YES! He is member but that's a little ridiculous so we ate a good breakfast and 12 pizzas for lunch. My stomach regrets it but I'm happy regardless, we played soccer for like 5 hours today. We finally got the privalege back and we used it to the extreme. But it was enjoyable eventhough I wont be able to walk for like a week.

How are you guys doing? Getting tired of winter and snow? I think today hit the high 70 low 80, it was beautiful but thats just because we had to suffer last week. Sounds like I'm going to hear if I am going to have a nephew next week!! Try your bestJjen to make it a boy haha jk but I love you and wish you and Britton the best and hope you guys can juggle real life.
Coop, sorry about the game bro, good job with the grades and yeah... be careful with that permit. It can disappear very quickly. Your a stud man, keep it up.
Nano! glad you loved my academic experience. Really if you want to transfer to BYU, go for it, we can chill up there, and you can meet Heap. Keep working hard, I konw you do.
Dad, thanks for being a stud and traveling everywhere. You keep working hard and keep working out cause I brag about you to my comp so you cant let me down. You rock.
Mom, I love you, thanks for doing everything for me. You can go ahead and use the number Romneys mom gave you, just don't mentionIi had anything to do it and blame Romney haha no its fine. Actually I'm going to see the Presidente tomorrow so I'll give him a little heads up. I honestly have never felt unsecure here but idk. I hope you guys find the solution. Also you might want to ask when my visa runs out here... but yeah mom, love you and thanks for everything.

My comp is pretty much sicky(awesome) haha sorry for being a little informal but he pretty much is my best friend. He is giving me all these tips about how to lift and wants me to walk on at Dixi. I told him I would have to think about it but yeah we are working soo well. We had two families come to church and two more that kind of didn't but 'ok because we are going to bring them this Sunday. We are having soo many awesome experieces and miracles that every night we honestly just come home exhausted but feeling pretty sweet. idk it's just cause my comp is so humble andI aim working on it. Hopefully I stay here for the rest of the transfer because I could be leaving next week.... 6 weeks in one area... yeah. It's just causeIi went the zone leader council this last Tuesday and I know that I'm going up but it just depends on when. I would enjoy staying but you know how it is, I will "go and do."

A miracle I saw this week was... all the sweet people we found. Seriously, it was soo awesome. We had one guy that was like, you guys are pretty serious about this heaven stuff haha I was like yeah, we try. But really, if it wasn't for the district not doing so hot it would have been one of the best weeks in my mission. I feel like im progressing and getting alot better in alot of things. I know that I'm not being specific but some day i will explain the santa teresa days haha oh yeah mom, its like between Cuautitlan and Atotonilco right along the high way. Idk if that helps at all but i tried.

Ok I am out like a scout but konw thatIi love you all. You are my testimony and my love. I have a knowledge of the true church of Christ. He lives and blesses us beyond what we can understand. I love my mission and the opportunity they gave given me to represent them.

I cant wait till its over
I hope it never ends
con amor
to the moon and back....

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loving it‏ Sent: Mon 1/18/10 1:56 PM

Hey fam,

How are you guys doing? I hoped you could survive all of the storms that were coming, both in the weather and in life. That was deep haha anyways i hope everyone is doing great and rocking it like the all stars that you all are. It was just weird to have almost everyone write last week and this week was just mom and grandpa. But its all good. I know you are all working hard in school and work.
Jen and Brit, good luck in school and keep care of my twin nephews haha. I still dont know if its a boy or not.
Nano, hope you enjoyed visiting my school, please say hi for me haha hope you had fun with Amanda.
Coop! dude good luck driving, hopefully you wont tear it up too bad haha jk, you rock man, congrats on the win and keep working hard. I'm always bragging about you.
Dad you rock, that you for your service and visiting all over the place and planning meetings. thats rough but I know you are a stud and keep working hard, love you.
Mom, love you alot. Thanks for helping with my byu stuff and let me talk to Brown about what email I can give you...for the mission office.
Grandpa C, i say... i would be way sad if i couldn't see you guys when I got home but it would be awesome to serve again. I love all you guys. You rock!

My week was pretty much the best. My comp is a stud. Like he cant speak spanish very well but man does that guy have the biggest heart... no seriously, its like double mine haha but he is just so humble and wants to do everything right and rock it in his mission. his official stats are 6`8 350 pounds and everyone just stares at him haha like we walk into members houses and people are like, wow elder you are really big, and i respond first and say, well thanks hna i have been doing some extra push ups. They usually just look at me and shake their head haha but its all good. he reminds me alot of big B, just a chill guy that gets along with everyone. anyways we had a sweet week and found some awesome people. we had one guy talk to us in the street and it ended up being some old investigators that had moved and wanted to go to church again and it was just beautiful haha so yeah it was a cool week.
Today im with the zls and im going to a meeting tomorrow with Presidente and I might be leaving my area here pretty soon but its nothing bad so dont worry haha just going to be loosing alot of good elders soon.

This is the true church of Christ. He is our living Savoir and Redeemer. I wear HIS name on my chest every day and give thanks every night for the opportunityIi had to do it. I love my missoin and am trying to become and servant that He will recongize when he comes again.

love you guys
con amor
to the moon and back.....

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/11/10 2:17 PM

Hey family,

How are all you wonderful people doing today? I hope everyone is doing well with school and work, going back and stuff. Stay healthy and warm. I didn't think it was so hard here in Mexico but i seemed to be wrong. I finally had to call the hna Nancollas and buy some medicine. But since I have been taking it, I have been good. I'm just tired of the rain and the cold and the mud hole that is my area. I just don't bother cleaning my pants now because the next day they are just as dirty haha
But yeah, Nano, good luck at school and work, stay focused and remember you only have a transfer to meet your future husband, much love.
Coop, thanks for writing me bro! that was the longest letter I have ever seen from you! haha love you, work hard, study hard and play hard.
Jen, Brit, keep smiling and taking care of my twin nephews, I am with Britton on this one haha glad to hear you guys had a fun time skiing and sorry about Chandler. That couldn't have been fun.
Dad thank you for being a great dad and loving the family. I have just seen a lot of families this week that had bad dads and it just made me think about how great you are.
Mom, love you haha thanks for sending me the heap letter. Heap is in Guaretaro now so we are planning how we are going to be companions.
Also I think a central hotel in el df would be better then always moving around.

We had transfers! my comp went to Ecatepec, to my old district, and my new comp is a lineman! He is bigger than Heap haha he is going to play at Dixi State when he gets back. He is about 6, 7 250, i felt like a little kid whenIi hugged him haha but yeah he has 10 months in the mission and wants to work.
Mom, he is from Safford.... yeah haha well born there but from shala (ShowLow, perhaps) or something AZ by New Mexico. All i know is that we are not going to knock doors anymore, just kick them over and walk in haha but yeah its going to be great!
Last week we brought two people to church! i was going for 5 but yeah.... we need to bring more and baptize soon cause im kind of tired of not rocking it. But yeah its going to get better.

Ok I'm out to go scare little kids with my new comp, so know that I love you all and hope the best. Stay great!!

to the moon and back.....
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/04/10 3:22 PM

hey guys
so I haven't gotten better. I have been running around with what I thought was a head cold but now its more like a sinus infection. I say that like i know what it means but i really don't, its just what everyone else tells me. But idk, I just know that my head hurts alot but im tough, so ill stick it through.. Also its been raining here! its like the first time in history and it is so cold. Its like freezing rain/lots of mud on the ground = pretty good looking missionaries, but yeah hopefully the rain will stop soon and the sun will come back out. but that was all of my bad news for the day.

how are you guys? trip to AZ! that sounds way sweet, glad to hear you guys had a blast. Grandma and Grandpa, congrats, you guys are my heros, way to go. Lace and Chandler, have fun with my family and be patient with snow boarding, its actually kind of fun. jen, i love you, you keep my nephew safe haha i love you guys. is it a nephew now? im with britton on twins hahaha. Coop, dont worry, you dont look like me much. You are not that handsome, jk bro, keep working hard and good luck trying. remember to have just as much patience with mom and dad as they will have with you. nano, thanks for all the photos and shout outs. Good luck back at school, you will do well, just stay positive.

My week was long, i had a couple interviews to do and a lot of sitting at waiting but the results were good. The other elders in my branch baptized 4 this week and they have one more for the coming sunday. We are trying to keep up... we brought someone to church!! that is a definite improvement. i just need to work harder and just be a rockstar and stop putting up all of my excuses. i know that i can because i know thats what God wants me to do. Just got to keep my comp focused for one more week before transfers next week and we are all good. Presidente said in my last interview that my next comp was already selected and its an american! havent had one of those in a while but it should be fun! ill let you know when i have him, other than that it was a pretty slow week. Also i learned the rubix cube... yes I am a nerd. The things i do for my district haha jk

Im out like a scout, but dont pout cause ill shout... haha yeah i love you guys and i love my mission. This is the true chruch and I am a representative of it. Be great!!

to the moon and back
elder christensen

Feliz Navidad y año nuevo‏ Sent: Mon 12/28/09 4:33 PM

Hey you guys!
well it wasn't the best week of my mission but i got over that realy fast. But enough about me, lets talk about you guys. It was great to talk to everyone and share a couple of laughs. Coopers voice hasnt changed and everyone still acts the same, but yeah it was great to be able to talk to you guys and i hope that you all know that i love you all. Im not so sure about the whole being maturer thing but yeah i sure do try and pretend. I love mom hi westley scream over everyone haha i dont think i would enjoy a phone call without it. One of my buddies called me later that day and was like hey... one phone call left haha but i dont even feel it. I still get just as lost like any other cool kid from new mexico. Also mom, heaps parents and brother are coming down too and we need to be friends forever. I gave them your email wrong but hopefully you can talk to romneys mom and get in contact with them. Just an idea. Also, i cant believe its going to be 2010... whats everyones new year resolution? im going to be more humble by doing more service and be at 165lbs. before i go home.... haha we dont walk very much and its like utah here, there are sooo many members and they always want to feed you something. It was cool the first week... but we will see. also im going to have a nephew and if i dont, it will be the most sport rocking chick ever!

but other then that we didnt have the hottest week. I had a lot of meetings and other stuff so we werent too hot in church nor do we have families that are progressing... but really we can only improve, thats the positive way to look at it. we have interviews tomorrow and hopefully the presidente can help me out. I would be cool if he told me i was going to stay here for a while. but yeah my district is pretty sweet. I have candiani, my second to last comp, garrett, that one kid from valle dorado that i loved, some other awesome missionaries and hermanas... love them jk no they are the best in the mission. But yeah basically we need to tear it up and consecrate ourselves to the Lord. That is really the only solution. also i have been sick since friday... but its cool, it will be gone by tomorrow

ok im out to go make some cookies for my district meeting. Stay great cause thats who you are and remember that i know without a doubt that this is the true and only church of Christ.
to the moon and back
Elder Christensen