Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/11/10 2:17 PM

Hey family,

How are all you wonderful people doing today? I hope everyone is doing well with school and work, going back and stuff. Stay healthy and warm. I didn't think it was so hard here in Mexico but i seemed to be wrong. I finally had to call the hna Nancollas and buy some medicine. But since I have been taking it, I have been good. I'm just tired of the rain and the cold and the mud hole that is my area. I just don't bother cleaning my pants now because the next day they are just as dirty haha
But yeah, Nano, good luck at school and work, stay focused and remember you only have a transfer to meet your future husband, much love.
Coop, thanks for writing me bro! that was the longest letter I have ever seen from you! haha love you, work hard, study hard and play hard.
Jen, Brit, keep smiling and taking care of my twin nephews, I am with Britton on this one haha glad to hear you guys had a fun time skiing and sorry about Chandler. That couldn't have been fun.
Dad thank you for being a great dad and loving the family. I have just seen a lot of families this week that had bad dads and it just made me think about how great you are.
Mom, love you haha thanks for sending me the heap letter. Heap is in Guaretaro now so we are planning how we are going to be companions.
Also I think a central hotel in el df would be better then always moving around.

We had transfers! my comp went to Ecatepec, to my old district, and my new comp is a lineman! He is bigger than Heap haha he is going to play at Dixi State when he gets back. He is about 6, 7 250, i felt like a little kid whenIi hugged him haha but yeah he has 10 months in the mission and wants to work.
Mom, he is from Safford.... yeah haha well born there but from shala (ShowLow, perhaps) or something AZ by New Mexico. All i know is that we are not going to knock doors anymore, just kick them over and walk in haha but yeah its going to be great!
Last week we brought two people to church! i was going for 5 but yeah.... we need to bring more and baptize soon cause im kind of tired of not rocking it. But yeah its going to get better.

Ok I'm out to go scare little kids with my new comp, so know that I love you all and hope the best. Stay great!!

to the moon and back.....
con amor

Elder Christensen

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