Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loving it‏ Sent: Mon 1/18/10 1:56 PM

Hey fam,

How are you guys doing? I hoped you could survive all of the storms that were coming, both in the weather and in life. That was deep haha anyways i hope everyone is doing great and rocking it like the all stars that you all are. It was just weird to have almost everyone write last week and this week was just mom and grandpa. But its all good. I know you are all working hard in school and work.
Jen and Brit, good luck in school and keep care of my twin nephews haha. I still dont know if its a boy or not.
Nano, hope you enjoyed visiting my school, please say hi for me haha hope you had fun with Amanda.
Coop! dude good luck driving, hopefully you wont tear it up too bad haha jk, you rock man, congrats on the win and keep working hard. I'm always bragging about you.
Dad you rock, that you for your service and visiting all over the place and planning meetings. thats rough but I know you are a stud and keep working hard, love you.
Mom, love you alot. Thanks for helping with my byu stuff and let me talk to Brown about what email I can give you...for the mission office.
Grandpa C, i say... i would be way sad if i couldn't see you guys when I got home but it would be awesome to serve again. I love all you guys. You rock!

My week was pretty much the best. My comp is a stud. Like he cant speak spanish very well but man does that guy have the biggest heart... no seriously, its like double mine haha but he is just so humble and wants to do everything right and rock it in his mission. his official stats are 6`8 350 pounds and everyone just stares at him haha like we walk into members houses and people are like, wow elder you are really big, and i respond first and say, well thanks hna i have been doing some extra push ups. They usually just look at me and shake their head haha but its all good. he reminds me alot of big B, just a chill guy that gets along with everyone. anyways we had a sweet week and found some awesome people. we had one guy talk to us in the street and it ended up being some old investigators that had moved and wanted to go to church again and it was just beautiful haha so yeah it was a cool week.
Today im with the zls and im going to a meeting tomorrow with Presidente and I might be leaving my area here pretty soon but its nothing bad so dont worry haha just going to be loosing alot of good elders soon.

This is the true church of Christ. He is our living Savoir and Redeemer. I wear HIS name on my chest every day and give thanks every night for the opportunityIi had to do it. I love my missoin and am trying to become and servant that He will recongize when he comes again.

love you guys
con amor
to the moon and back.....

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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