Monday, January 4, 2010

Feliz Navidad y año nuevo‏ Sent: Mon 12/28/09 4:33 PM

Hey you guys!
well it wasn't the best week of my mission but i got over that realy fast. But enough about me, lets talk about you guys. It was great to talk to everyone and share a couple of laughs. Coopers voice hasnt changed and everyone still acts the same, but yeah it was great to be able to talk to you guys and i hope that you all know that i love you all. Im not so sure about the whole being maturer thing but yeah i sure do try and pretend. I love mom hi westley scream over everyone haha i dont think i would enjoy a phone call without it. One of my buddies called me later that day and was like hey... one phone call left haha but i dont even feel it. I still get just as lost like any other cool kid from new mexico. Also mom, heaps parents and brother are coming down too and we need to be friends forever. I gave them your email wrong but hopefully you can talk to romneys mom and get in contact with them. Just an idea. Also, i cant believe its going to be 2010... whats everyones new year resolution? im going to be more humble by doing more service and be at 165lbs. before i go home.... haha we dont walk very much and its like utah here, there are sooo many members and they always want to feed you something. It was cool the first week... but we will see. also im going to have a nephew and if i dont, it will be the most sport rocking chick ever!

but other then that we didnt have the hottest week. I had a lot of meetings and other stuff so we werent too hot in church nor do we have families that are progressing... but really we can only improve, thats the positive way to look at it. we have interviews tomorrow and hopefully the presidente can help me out. I would be cool if he told me i was going to stay here for a while. but yeah my district is pretty sweet. I have candiani, my second to last comp, garrett, that one kid from valle dorado that i loved, some other awesome missionaries and hermanas... love them jk no they are the best in the mission. But yeah basically we need to tear it up and consecrate ourselves to the Lord. That is really the only solution. also i have been sick since friday... but its cool, it will be gone by tomorrow

ok im out to go make some cookies for my district meeting. Stay great cause thats who you are and remember that i know without a doubt that this is the true and only church of Christ.
to the moon and back
Elder Christensen

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