Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sometimes I Just Laugh Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 1:29 PM

How we doing everyone?

So before I go off on a tangent of the last 24 hours, I'm going to ask how are all of you guys doing? Everyone is or was in Arizona for Grandpas 80th. Happy Birthday Grandpa!! love you, sorry I couldn't be there but I got this Mexico thing going right now. You are great, keep that health up, and hope you had a great day.
And jenny and Britton finished their first week back at home. Wow, that is really more drug out so it doesn't sound so sarcastic. I don't know, it's something that I do a lot here.
Also, Nano starts work today? Best of luck. Just put a smile on and make a lot of friends. It's what I try to do when i don't understand what's going on, and Cooper super Scooper que tal, como esta bro? Should be finishing school here pretty soon right? all the schools here have to go for another two weeks for the pig flu time so count your blessings. Keep working hard and appreciate your siblings while there are home. and eh, start going to the stake dances!

Dad, your a stud. Keep it up. I always enjoy your little thoughts that you share. I shared the one about if he wanted it perfect he would have sent his angels but he sent us. I shared that with my district and they were like, yeah, your definitely no angel. No not really but they had that look on their faces.

Mom, love you. yeah about 11 o clock from the DF, also its called San Nicolas Romero so if that's easier to find. How is the new carpet? I feel like I am not going to recognize the house when I get back.

OK, so my week. Lets just say that it was a little bit like Sterling's last week. I think the worst number wise with a companion that wants to work as well. It's just that we are doing these actualizaciones of the members information still and my area is large and there are like 400 names that we still have to check and its due next Sunday. So i was a little stressed and that didn't help me because then I got a cold and was not sleeping much, so yeah, long week. Also the two baptisms that we had planned for this week because the mom backed out of the permission again and yeah... going to talk with her tomorrow. I try to sound tough but really I'm not -- it was a long week. And the few families that we found didn't come to church and it just made it that much bitter. Then I was reporting the numbers to Elder Brown and I left one name in the house and we were like 30 minutes walking from the house and he kind of told me off and was like elder, you are a dl now, act like it, I was a little hurt puppy for a while but I think its what I needed in reality. I haven't had someone that I respected tell me to get my act together for a while and it was kind of a wake up. so later Sunday we went with the bishop and did a lot of work with him and the church information and everything was great except that I left the cell phone in the house... and it would be the one time that I forget the cell phone that everything freaks out haha so we get back 37 missed calls, I'm like, hmm.. maybe someone wants to talk to me. Ends up that elder Soriano left this morning to Xalostoc for emergency transfers and I am left here.... without a companion.... haha right now I'm chilling with my mission leader who is going to leave on his mission in three weeks so its not to bad but... yeah I know where my house is and where the church is but more then that... its going to be fun haha I was joking with elder Soriano last night that it's about time the Presidente threw me another curve ball, I hadn't grown in a while but yeah... so I'm going to receive a priest from the stake and he will just be my little sheep to follow me around for the next two weeks. Expect exciting things.... I AM!
OK family and fans got to run and fly and lift cars and stuff like that but know that I love you all and that I think you are the best. Don't let it go to your head Coop haha much love. Lately I have been reading in Mosiah and I think it's important to note that we as members never really know the impact we have on others with our examples. The great ones never were the loud ones. And with that poetic thought I got to run. love you all!!!

To the moon and back,
con amor

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love Mexico!‏ Sent: Mon 5/18/09 1:32 PM

Hello Family,

How are we doing today? I hope that everyone is home now and enjoying life and if not just lie to me, but hopefully Jenny and Britton are back and working with less stress. Also, I hope it's a little warmer there then it is here. Heck man, as of Tuesday I haven't seen the sun. They say that this is still too early for the rainy season but I'm just getting warmed up on all my Oregon jokes. But really idk how many times I have walked home in the rain this week. The good thing is that it is rarely hard and more of a drizzle on and off but its all the same. I need the sun!
We played as a zone today and I was talking with elder Brown, love that guy, and I made the joke of saying, it is a little cold today haha cause that's how you say it in Spanish but he was just like, yeah, isn't it great! He is from Seattle, maybe explains a little. But another story that came from playing today was that someone kicked the ball over the fence and we knocked at the door and no one answered the door so elder Brown was like, ok I'll just jump the fence haha bad idea, I just he just got over and this crazy guy comes out of the house with a pistol asking him if he wants to die and nonsense and Elder Brown was like, whoa perdon, and the crazy guy was just like, trying to rape my mother huh? So moral of the story is we didn't get our ball back and elder Brown is safe and well and now we just laugh about it. Also I'm safe mom, I only told you that story cause it is crazy and didn't involve me haha
ok so your guys....
Coop, tough luck about the job loss, just look for opportunities, they are there. Nano hope you enjoy your new job. Mom, your questions. No I don't get home sick very often. I keep that album on my desk and that usually keeps me good, also your letters are fine, mundane life is perfectly fine with me.

ok my life
elder Soriano is a good missionary. Wants to work, knows how to work, and gets it done. He is also 26 years old.... yeah that was a shocker but ask me how many times I have felt like the child teaching with him, it's good, I'm going to learn a lot from him. Also he is from Guadalajara but lived like on the the other side of our area boundries for 20 years, so he knows everything about our area, so yeah i felt kind of useless this week but I think it will just improve the more comfortable I feel in the area. also.. its a large area haha its two wards and they both have a lot of territory. and its all hills... I feel like we are always going down hill just to go back up again haha but yeah my legs are adjusting well and I think its helping my knee a lot. also I don't feel as comfortable with my Spanish here. They have a different accent and .... I'm working on it. Also we are hoping for two baptisms this week! thanks nothing to what I have done... but they like me too. I'm counting it haha it's two brothers. The oldest is 14 and I was like... your my brother, it was a weird moment to think how Cooper would do with Elders teaching him so yeah we are working hard and doing well. Just need the sun in my life again.

ok fam and fans. Here is elder Christensen in the field and number one in your hearts!
I tried that line today with the zone and the Mexicans didn't get it.... but you do! do great things people.
You are all amazing individuals and children of our Heavenly Father. be great!
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder W. Christensen

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Mexico (Mexico City) Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 1:55 PM

hey guys,

So yeah, I am currently writing from my new area in Valle Dorado. Its just what I imagined it would be, a lot of people, cars and cement. I love being back. My new companion is elder Soriano and he has 6 months in the mission. I guess I have to wards and three companionships in my district and that our area covers a lot of ground.... so glad to hear that news again. He tried to pull the whole, everything you can see is your area, line but I said, you don't know my last area haha but its all good. our house is definitely not the best I have lived in, two rooms and a bathroom. mattress on the floor and the bathroom smells a little odd but its all good we cleaned for like 30 minutes while I unpacked and it looks al ot better. The good news is that the chapel is right behind our house so that's a plus. We don't have any baptisms for this week but a family of six in the week to come.... so yeah we will see how that goes.
saying goodbye to elder Valdez was alright, he was just straight faced, take care, see you later but its all good, he is a good kid, I hope to see him again. good news though! i don't know anyone in my district.... but I know both of my zls and one of them is E Brown!! I love Elder Brown, he was my zl in villas and was the best missionary I knew. I'm excited about that. But I get to lead the meeting tonight so i have to prepare the message this afternoon.... its all good
so for everyone that is a mother or will be a mother, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! yes i got to call my wonderful mother and speak with her for a little bit. I didn't cry like elder Valdez talking to his family, its all good, to each his own. but yeah, I was grateful to talk to all of you and am glad to hear that everyone will be returning home this week and be being kept care of.

This week wasn't too much in way of excitement but we returned to work and the only limitation we had was that we couldn't put ties on. ask me if i felt uncomfortable.. si, (yes) I think i reach to move my tie like 100 times but yeah its all good. We also had the confirmation for the Hno Fransisco so that was good to finish that. Maybe we will enter in the temple with them in one year as well. I said goodbye to the fam Aguilar. it was said but i was grateful that i had the chance to meet them. I plan on writing them letters and getting a couple of pictures of the baptisms of the hno and luis in two weeks. ONE YEAR BABY!! start the countdown, we are going to enter.

OK, sorry that this is kind of short but it happens and the internet is not very good. but hey, I love you all and am grateful for what each of you contribute to my life... know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves you. This is his church. Esten bien.

to the moon and back

con amor
Elder Westley Christensen

Monday, May 4, 2009

Subject: Happy Mothers Day! Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 11:41 AM

Hey Fam,

How is everyone doing this afternoon? This morning there but it's all good, only one hour. Which reminds me of the most important thing. We just discussed it and Elder Valdez and I think that we are going to call at like 5 our time so 4 your time and we have two options to call from so I think that we are going to go with the same plan as last time were I call and you all call back. Just need to find my phone card... haha all good though. Have all your questions ready to ask so that we dont spend the time asking about my last letter like last time haha so muh love. Can't believe that jen and brit aren't going to be there but it's all good, I understand that life is like that sometimes. I'm excited to see if Coopers' voice has dropped anymore or if he is still my taller little brother. Bro, measure up, I want to know. Also congrats on being beat up by a girl in your soccer game. No offense to girls, tay, we know they are strong, but it's alright bro. The Kluks did the same thing to me. Hope state goes well and stay strong.
Sisters... havent heard from ya in a while, hope school is going well and that your ready to finish.
Nano good luck with the job again.
Mom congrats on your missionary experiance. I was going to say that yes it is slow for missionary standards but that's because I'm a missionary. I hope everything goes well and will pray for you.
Dad glad to hear that you are staying busy as usual. Try to heal man haha oh yeah, I want to write Eva so if someone could help me with her home address or wherever she is going to be in a month and also to Nadar!!! love you man!! you are a stud. I was so pumped when i read that letter from Tay. You are going to do awesome. Also I spent a lot of free time writing this week so people will be getting letters...

ok so my week very quickly
uh basically this swine flu nonsense is ridiculous. Life is pretty much back to normal and 90 percent of the population think that it was a big lie, so yeah , but as for the last week everyone still believed thus we did not do much. We were told to visit our investigators and no one else.
I think Tuesday we had 4 appointments and one was there and the rest of the time was in the house, it was fun for the first day but by wednesday it got old. I started singing that "we got cabin fever" song from the muppets treasure island.
Wednesday all we did was have the interview for our baptism and the rest of the day I wrote letters.
Thursday, what an adventure. We left our house at 5:30 am walking to arrive at the church at 6 to start the water to be ready for the baptism at 8. I finished preparing everything and took an hour nap on the bench. Since we were allowed to have alot of people in the baptism, for the situation, it was just us, the Hno and his family, and the bishop and his family. Hno Fransisco got baptized thursday morning at 830 inthe morning by elder valdez. So I was happy that it finally happened because his family are all members and the Hna is great and I love his kids so it´s exciting to see them start the year wait to enter the temple. It's just that the Hno is a little hard... haha Elder Valdez asked him if he wanted to take photos with us after the baptism and the Hno just looked at him and said no. I wasn't too hurt but Elder Valdez only refers to the hno as Grinch haha so that was a good experience and the last thing we did Thursday.
I took alot of naps this week haha and then Friday was more of the same and Saturday we couldn't take it and tried to visit as many people as we could. I think we entered two houses..... so yeah, I'm excited to return to normal this week. We had sacrament meeting in our house yesterday. Me, as bishop, haha I got a couple good jokes out of it. But it was interesting just the four missionaries. We sang and did everything and then bore our testimonies. After, I said that we were going to pass into sunday school and everyone just looked at me haha no jk and then, yesterday, we were going to have transfers but yeah... those got postponed for a while too... so I'm ready to leave here but we will see what happens. We have interviews Thursday so I'm excited to talk to the Presidente.
ok I got to check some thing before the district meeting but I love you guys. I have been feeling kind of... not down but dragged? haha just like I'm ready to get rid of all this nonsense and do something great. So basically, be on the lookout, something is going to happen. I love you and am excited to talk to you guys next week. I promise not to mess with dad this time haha be great fam, thank you for you prayers and faith. Our Heavenly father loves us.

to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Wes Christensen
PS (Just kidding, mom, Elder Westley Christensen)