Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sometimes I Just Laugh Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 1:29 PM

How we doing everyone?

So before I go off on a tangent of the last 24 hours, I'm going to ask how are all of you guys doing? Everyone is or was in Arizona for Grandpas 80th. Happy Birthday Grandpa!! love you, sorry I couldn't be there but I got this Mexico thing going right now. You are great, keep that health up, and hope you had a great day.
And jenny and Britton finished their first week back at home. Wow, that is really more drug out so it doesn't sound so sarcastic. I don't know, it's something that I do a lot here.
Also, Nano starts work today? Best of luck. Just put a smile on and make a lot of friends. It's what I try to do when i don't understand what's going on, and Cooper super Scooper que tal, como esta bro? Should be finishing school here pretty soon right? all the schools here have to go for another two weeks for the pig flu time so count your blessings. Keep working hard and appreciate your siblings while there are home. and eh, start going to the stake dances!

Dad, your a stud. Keep it up. I always enjoy your little thoughts that you share. I shared the one about if he wanted it perfect he would have sent his angels but he sent us. I shared that with my district and they were like, yeah, your definitely no angel. No not really but they had that look on their faces.

Mom, love you. yeah about 11 o clock from the DF, also its called San Nicolas Romero so if that's easier to find. How is the new carpet? I feel like I am not going to recognize the house when I get back.

OK, so my week. Lets just say that it was a little bit like Sterling's last week. I think the worst number wise with a companion that wants to work as well. It's just that we are doing these actualizaciones of the members information still and my area is large and there are like 400 names that we still have to check and its due next Sunday. So i was a little stressed and that didn't help me because then I got a cold and was not sleeping much, so yeah, long week. Also the two baptisms that we had planned for this week because the mom backed out of the permission again and yeah... going to talk with her tomorrow. I try to sound tough but really I'm not -- it was a long week. And the few families that we found didn't come to church and it just made it that much bitter. Then I was reporting the numbers to Elder Brown and I left one name in the house and we were like 30 minutes walking from the house and he kind of told me off and was like elder, you are a dl now, act like it, I was a little hurt puppy for a while but I think its what I needed in reality. I haven't had someone that I respected tell me to get my act together for a while and it was kind of a wake up. so later Sunday we went with the bishop and did a lot of work with him and the church information and everything was great except that I left the cell phone in the house... and it would be the one time that I forget the cell phone that everything freaks out haha so we get back 37 missed calls, I'm like, hmm.. maybe someone wants to talk to me. Ends up that elder Soriano left this morning to Xalostoc for emergency transfers and I am left here.... without a companion.... haha right now I'm chilling with my mission leader who is going to leave on his mission in three weeks so its not to bad but... yeah I know where my house is and where the church is but more then that... its going to be fun haha I was joking with elder Soriano last night that it's about time the Presidente threw me another curve ball, I hadn't grown in a while but yeah... so I'm going to receive a priest from the stake and he will just be my little sheep to follow me around for the next two weeks. Expect exciting things.... I AM!
OK family and fans got to run and fly and lift cars and stuff like that but know that I love you all and that I think you are the best. Don't let it go to your head Coop haha much love. Lately I have been reading in Mosiah and I think it's important to note that we as members never really know the impact we have on others with our examples. The great ones never were the loud ones. And with that poetic thought I got to run. love you all!!!

To the moon and back,
con amor

Elder Christensen

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