Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry im a little slow‏ Sent: Tue 9/29/09 9:57 PM

Hello family,
So I'm writing late and from MSN for a reason. We were sitting down to write and everything and it started to rain and I actually wrote that it had begun to rain in my letter to you guys and was about to write, "and I think the power is going to get knocked.... " and then it went out. Really, it was revelation. That's my excuse, there was not any power. and then later yesterday we tried again and the same thing happened. I think it was a sign that we were not supposed to write yesterday. Candiani doesn't agree but whatever and I'm writing from msn just because I don't want any confusion as to why I'm on the computer so late haha.
How are you guys doing? I hope everyone is rocking it school wise and not stressing too much. Also, yeah, Mom sorry, its just end of the month and I have been paying for a lot of things because Elders don't have money and I have to help them and yeah... but thanks. Also Jen and Brit thanks for giving me a shout out, means a lot to me, you guys are great. I hope you found your answer Jen and that school and work are all going well.
Nano, I swear, girl you are always going somewhere haha no it's all good, I would too if the fam was so close. Live it up and work hard, good luck with the interview.
Coop! haha kidney punched. Congrats bro, no I haven't been kidney punched before but I know you can tough it out. You are my hero bro, just keep tearing it up and be patient. Mom and dad, love you guys and i hope you know it. Its ridiculous how often I do something during the day and just pause and say to myself... gah I am such my parents child haha but its a good thing. I hope you guys are doing well in your work and with the kids, you guys are too awesome.
Also my kid wrote me!! Valdez! eh, cuidate mi chavo. Tu sabes que te amo y que espero lo mejor para ti. Hazlo que tienes que hacer y te espero muy pronto. Tambien la familia Aguilar.(Sorry about that, just a little sidetrack).
I have been good. Its been raining off and on and I have tried to stay a little more covered and warm cause my lung virus that I always get came back this week... its been fun. I am going to talk with the hna tomorrow to see what she can do. But yeah I'm not too worried.
Ok, need to go through my week super fast real quick.
Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference and at the end we took a mission picture. Was it a mess trying to get everyone together and quiet, yes but we took it and it's done. I learned a lot from the conference and I always feel like its the little revelations that make the difference. But anyways we get back and I don't know if it was because I was sick and tired or because the lunch appointment wasn't showing up but I had little patience and I got super angry super fast when out of frustration Elder Candiani started to tell me off that I was a lazy, unexcited elder. I just about freaked out haha really I haven't gotten that angry in a long time. I seriously felt tinglings haha zero sickness and I just started yelling in Spanish... but then I took some Westley time and walked away and he and I had some great talks and now we are "best friends forever" haha remember the Lord works in mysterious ways but yeah its been great. We went out and found some bomb families! Like a family that the mom is member but that no one else is and they want to be a eternal family and we are like, yes, we can help with that. We couldn't take them to church cause they had a death in the family but this week for sure. Yeah, everything went great for us. We are hoping to have three baptisms either this week or the next but really, miracles are happening every day and I love to be part of it.
Yesterday wasn't so fun cause we had emergency transfers but my new elders are bomb and we are going to tear it up. Really, we just need to tear it up as a mission, and we will, soon. Also changed houses and I love it! I will send pictures later. Just know I love my mission and I'm excited for every day.

Also Elder Heap is good. He says thanks for worrying about him, also he wants us to room with his little brother. who will be a freshman... with freshman friends... more Heap, more love is what I say haha.
Okay, fam and fans, you are be great. Know that I love you, love my work and love the Lord. Also, the presidente had a son that was inactive, and then he came here and started doing splits with missionaries. Yeah he is waiting on his mission call.... Elder Holland called personally to ask what his reaction was... yeah my Pres has friends like that, I love it. You all be great. love you, I know this is true.
con amorto the moon and back, Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Sick‏ Sent: Mon 9/21/09 1:23 PM

My countrymen,

How are we doing so far? I hope everyone is staying warm and dry cause that seems to be my problem. I am sick again but this time it is that lung thing I always get. I will suffer and live I guess. It's all good. Haven't heard from Jenny in about forever so yeah... I hope everything is alright sis and that you are not going crazy with life. Take care of her Brit.
Nano, keep working hard in school. Try and stay in Las Cruces for more than one weekend. You tear it up.
Dad, don't even worry about not writing last week, I'll just read two of your letters this week to make up for it. Hope the shoulder and work are all going good.
Mom, love you. I like how you refer to people going crazy with their lives as my senior year haha, it's all good, if you guys could do it with me, you can do it with anyone.
Have fun at the Blink 182 concert. Try to listen to their music before and be ready for a lot of pot.... haha I'm excited to hear how it goes.
Coop!!! bro, whats happening man? Why are you getting in fights (on the soccer field) and whatnot. Tough it out man and just stay calm, take deep breathes and realize that at the end of everything, you are going to be a beast. Don't get stressed over the details, find the solutions. you're a stud man, keep it up.

So my week. I am sick again.. but that probably because I can't seem to get dry... too many baptisms... haha a little missionary humor. I'm cool. Anyways, it was awesome to have two more baptisms this Saturday. Arturo and Cuquita are two of the newest members of the church and they rock hard. I had the pleasure to do the ordination and it was the first double baptism I have had since my trainer.... yes. but Elder Candiani also became my most sucessfull companion with those two baptisms. We get along great, just when he thinks I make rules and I'm stubborn and too old haha yes old. I'm going to be turning 21 in six months.
But other than the two baptisms we kind of dropped the ball this week... like bad. We brought only three people to church and only 7 new investigators in total. You can be sure it will not happen again. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Other than the fact that Elder Heap almost died. He walked into the house of an investigator and fainted... and they don't know what's wrong with him... so yeah I'm sure he will tough it out but praying helps too. Oh and we are going to change houses... cause I am tired of leaks.
Wednesday we are going to meet the new presidente de area, Elder Johnson. We will see if he has some new ideas.

Okay fam, fans and all you other people I got to run to chill with Elder Farmer but you all stay great and happy cause you are all loved. Your prayers and testimonies are wonderful and I know that this church is true. I love my mission and the opportunity I have to serve. I love you all and see ya next week.

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Wet in a lot of ways Sent:Mon 9/14/09 12:24 PM

Hey Loved Ones

How is everyone doing this fine looking monday? I hope everyone is doing well going back to school and work and doing well in their individual activities. SOO pumped to hear that byu dominated haha thanks for the info dad, we will have to see how the broncos do as well.

Coop, you make me laugh with your ridiculousness but i still love you. Hope you tore it up against st mikes. Also pay attention in seminary, you could use a couple of those scriptures out here. speaking from someone that doesnt remember much..... haha expect when dad taught! love you haha

Mom love you so much. the shoes are hush puppies and that would be a lame side note but its all good, my other pair should hold out.... and mom, good luck in sunday school, i know the lord will bless you with the help you need. I had to freak out of some diacons yesterday cause they were wrestling with my future convert in the lawn... oh my gosh i love kids haha

dad i loved your curveball analogy, it made my laugh a little. For a second i thought it was one of moms made up metaphors but no... haha i love you guys. hope the shoulder feels great and also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! your a stud, keep it up. hope it was a good one.

Bingham family, i love you guys but we need to stay healthy. everyone look after themselves and take care. i love you guys, trust in the Lord.

Nano and jen, hope everything is going great and everyone is enjoying themselves and trying hard in school... not getting distracted by parties... haha take care you two, i love you guys

ok my week, we had a baptism! whee! bianca alvarez, 23, boyfirend, jehovahs witness. Amazing faith to tell him to respect her decisions, yes. She is great and we will continue to work with her mom and sister. Other then that we were not the hottest things in mexico haha we had trouble finding and teaching people but we had a lot in church. It also did not help that all that rain that we were missing finally showed up this week... all at once haha its rained every afternoon for the last week or so and we have had some minor flooding issues in the city. By my last area they had like 200 houses damaged from flooding. but no worries, i live on the second story haha but yeah getting wet is a custom again. Also my companion and I get in the dumbest fights. I just need him to not beat box in the street while we are walking haha

also got sick two days ago. Threw up and everything, it was awesome. Probably something that i ate at mexican night at the stake activity. Im sending photos of that. we took mustaches haha it was fun

ok im out like a scout. Love you all and know that our heavenly father does too.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Pictures! Sent: Sep. 14, 2009

Explanations of pictures in letter above.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feliz CumpliaƱos PAPI!! Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 11:16 AM

Dear Family
How are you all rocking it? It was way good to hear from all of you last week, minus coop... haha jk i saw the new letter. But yeah sounds like everyone is now getting into the groove of school and whatnot and i hope that everyone continues to work hard and pray for that extra help. Also all the pictures were way cool. Thats too cool that Elder Nelson was there in the stake! Elder Oaks came here like two weeks ago to speak to the young single adults so we didnt get to listen to him.
Jen, congrats on letting the kids out early for recess, im sure they all love you haha and really jen, do what you feel is right, but know i love you and konw that Heavenly Father loves you too.

nano, thanks for feeding my brotheren haha i am sure they cleaned you girls out haha i think im actually loosing weight here just because there are not as many cool members haha all for the better, need to make friends.

Coop, you make me laugh bro. Good job on the tournament, you just keep tearing it up and please give a shout out to sam for me. Call him best buddy haha

Mom and Dad, love you guys, know that us kids can control being held too tight, but you guys are great, thanks for your prayers and love

ok my week.
We dont have transfers today. Well, my district at least. Everyone is going to stay the same!!!! weee!! haha really when the presidente told me that my mouth kind of just dropped.... haha but im way excited for it. We had some issues last transfers, some conflicting attitudes but Im just excited to see how we are going to rock it. So yeah elder candiani is still my companion and i love that kid. He thinks i make some rules sometimes but its ok haha also we only speak english in the house haha i have enjoyed it. So tuesday were our interviews and mine wasnt as cool as i wanted it to be but ill live. I just need to dominate basically. Also we have seen soo many miracles this week. We did a fast for some people that we are planning to baptize next week and the 20th and everything work itself out, it was beautiful haha so yeah another one this week and three in the one after. Also it was funny cause last night i was talking to Elder Heap, love that kid, and he was like, Christensen, do you realize in that one year we will be living together at BYU? haha that would be a party. Um.... yeah i think that was all of the cool things that happened. Oh and that my zls are staying too... whoo! love my mission haha

ok fam and fans, im going to go head off and do something great and i hope all of you will to. Going to eat hamburgers with Elder Farmer later on too haha love you guys and know that Heavenly Father loves you too. I have zero doubt in that He lives and watches over all of you. Have faith in that.
i love you guys!
con amor
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry sorry‏ Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 8:33 PM

Hey fam,

Sorry for being late..... again but we know me, I'm a little slow at times but just know that it's not a matter of love. Just bad planning haha but how are we doing? Everyone doing well with the first week of school under their belt? And if not, its ok, you have a lot more to go. Resolve problems quickly, otherwise they just drag on and on and on. That's what I learned this week.
Also Father I hope that recovery is coming well and that you aren't getting too crazy.
Coop, work hard on school and soccer, look for opportunities to be a leader always.
Jenny and Brit, good luck being poor. Total love I'm just kidding. Really I know that Lord blesses his servants and you guys are great. Just put your faith in him, work hard and you will see miracles every day.
Mom, love you. Hope work is going well and everything, Recent news, my backpack broke haha like the strap unsewed itself. idk, I'm going to get it fixed.
Also Nano!! hope you had a great b-day, lots of love sis.

Ok, my week super duper fast. We baptized again!! I'm loving it! A little girl of an inactive family, but the nicest most pleasant little girl you have ever met and always screams "hello" from across the street haha love her.
I have been sick with the sore throat this week but idk, I will just man it up I guess.
Interviews tomorrow so that will be an uplifting experience, I hope. I don't know what's going to happen in a week with transfers but I assume I'm going to stay and receive another younger missionary. I'm starting to open my eyes now a days and by that I mean that I am just realizing so many things that I wasn't doing right and that there is an easy solution that was right there. So yeah, I feel like I have been growing up really quickly these last two weeks. Kind of makes me wonder what I have been doing these last 12 months....
We had an awesome experience in that Esther, my grandma here, is inviting all of her family to listen to us and the magority are and it's great and I love how the Lord has a plan and that I get to be part of it. I love my mission! I feel good, we had a good district meeting, I only yelled once and the rest I felt the spirit so it turned out great.
Went bowling with Elder Francis, from Portland, again today. We are pretty much best buds, can't figure out why haha no but he is really a great elder.
Ok, my comp is angry - got to run. Love you and and know the Lord has a plan, our job is not to tell him the plan but to figure it out for ourselves. I love you and know the Savior loves you too.

to the moon and back

con amor,

Elder Christensen