Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Mexico (Mexico City) Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 1:55 PM

hey guys,

So yeah, I am currently writing from my new area in Valle Dorado. Its just what I imagined it would be, a lot of people, cars and cement. I love being back. My new companion is elder Soriano and he has 6 months in the mission. I guess I have to wards and three companionships in my district and that our area covers a lot of ground.... so glad to hear that news again. He tried to pull the whole, everything you can see is your area, line but I said, you don't know my last area haha but its all good. our house is definitely not the best I have lived in, two rooms and a bathroom. mattress on the floor and the bathroom smells a little odd but its all good we cleaned for like 30 minutes while I unpacked and it looks al ot better. The good news is that the chapel is right behind our house so that's a plus. We don't have any baptisms for this week but a family of six in the week to come.... so yeah we will see how that goes.
saying goodbye to elder Valdez was alright, he was just straight faced, take care, see you later but its all good, he is a good kid, I hope to see him again. good news though! i don't know anyone in my district.... but I know both of my zls and one of them is E Brown!! I love Elder Brown, he was my zl in villas and was the best missionary I knew. I'm excited about that. But I get to lead the meeting tonight so i have to prepare the message this afternoon.... its all good
so for everyone that is a mother or will be a mother, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! yes i got to call my wonderful mother and speak with her for a little bit. I didn't cry like elder Valdez talking to his family, its all good, to each his own. but yeah, I was grateful to talk to all of you and am glad to hear that everyone will be returning home this week and be being kept care of.

This week wasn't too much in way of excitement but we returned to work and the only limitation we had was that we couldn't put ties on. ask me if i felt uncomfortable.. si, (yes) I think i reach to move my tie like 100 times but yeah its all good. We also had the confirmation for the Hno Fransisco so that was good to finish that. Maybe we will enter in the temple with them in one year as well. I said goodbye to the fam Aguilar. it was said but i was grateful that i had the chance to meet them. I plan on writing them letters and getting a couple of pictures of the baptisms of the hno and luis in two weeks. ONE YEAR BABY!! start the countdown, we are going to enter.

OK, sorry that this is kind of short but it happens and the internet is not very good. but hey, I love you all and am grateful for what each of you contribute to my life... know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves you. This is his church. Esten bien.

to the moon and back

con amor
Elder Westley Christensen

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Stephanie said...

"no ties" was about the first thing our son mentioned in our phone call yesterday.
he also sent photos of it today.
i think they go back to wearing them today.