Monday, May 24, 2010

Short but sweet‏ Sent: Mon 5/24/10 4:24 PM

Hey guys,

Well time is short and today even more than normal. We have a new elder in the zone so we tried to make it a good P-day for him. I almost won in bowling.... but then we went to lunch with Heap and Molyneux, yeah that's how you spell his name. They are pretty much my homies. Its been a good day, just woke up a little sick but life goes on. But oh wow, the mission is doing so well . We have one week left to complete 300 and we are at 245.... it's going to be a close one, but we will win. My zone is not soo hot right now but really I should be happier. We are going to end with more than the zone has had in over a year so I think that should still count as a pat on the back. Just everyone is getting super stressed with the end of the month and baptisms and everything and I think every one should just be like and just relax.... haha "good one wes"

The weather here is killing me softly. Its been like 90 ish everyday and I feel like I am going to die. Ties and pants are not made for this weather. I am constantly sweating and usually smell bad at the end of the day like I played a soccer game or something haha but we are doing well. I am tired but I am far from dead. I'm going out with a bang!

This week should be pretty normal. Just divisions, baptisms, miracles, the usual. Mom, I did see the reservations, sounds like a good time. Is it the same as the Heaps? Coop!! last week of school, work hard and represent.
Nano and Jen, you guys rock, keep working hard and keep praying for me please. Also jen,,, the 7th is the big day (Conway coming into this world) You stay strong.
Dad, I love you man. It's funny cause every time i am tired or annoyed and don't want to do it,I aim like, dang it, dad would do it without complaining.... so props dad haha you are my hero, I love you man.
Mom, you know that I love you. I don't know about reading all the books about Mexico when you have the best two guides ever, Heap and I, but whatever. It's all good.

OK, I got to run but I love you guys sooooo much. Talk to you soon. I know this church is true, I love this gospel, I love my mission.

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

Friday, May 21, 2010

Got the pictures open! So excited to see this boy in 6 weeks!

"OK I'm sending some photos."

Us right now at the computer place.

The second of my district

My comp and elder gardner playing wall ball against the church.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Subject: Last Transfer! the beginning of the end.... Sent:Mon 5/17/10 1:43 PM

Hey Guys
well it was fun to talk to you all yesterday. You all sound great. Sorry if I didn't really make sense or was weirdish, that's what two years in mexico does to ya. haha. but yeah thanks for all the love and support you guys rock hard. I still haven't talked to heap today, he is kind of busy these days, but ill be sure to do it soon. No Jenny, i didn't eat anything, I'm trying a new thing on fasting, every sunday. I'm not as extreme as Elder Nymeyer but its an attempt. Today we woke up, it was cold, like 70 degrees, and we went back to bed. no just kidding, but yeah we have washed and cleaned the house and now we are going to get some lunch and then a meeting and then another meeting. its my life, but I'll live. Yeah, I'm a little tired but super excited. These are going to be the best 6 weeks ever, my comp and I are going to rock it. Coop, don't wreck the car please, and get ready to train.
Jen the name is cob like koby. But i was thinking about it and I think we will have to pick a name that has nothing to do with him, like sparky haha just think it over and get back to me.
Nano, despite what mom thinks i might not be going to the young single adults activities, just kidding... maybe, but you know we got the double team going.

OK I'm sending some photos. The first is of my comp and elder gardner playing wall ball against the church. The second of my district and the last one of us right now at the computer place. Gardner is sicky, he is rolling with us today because he is going to be training and his kid hasn't gotten here yet. (Trying to open pictures still, post soon!)

OK well I'm off to conquer the world again so I'll be seeing you cats on the flip side. Haha, I'm cool. I love you guys and know this church is true. Live and love it.
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!‏ Sent: Mon 5/10/10 1:02 PM

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing? Everyone is done with school except for Coop?... bummer, keep working hard man. Thanks so cool that everyone is back in the house now. I can't believe that summer has already started for you guys. The kids here got the day off because in Mexico, Mothers Day is today and not yesterday, so there you go. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!! love you a whole bunch. Thanks for putting up with me and not letting me be too ridiculous. My comp and I were talking about it yesterday while we were watching kids roll on the floor screaming in church and we were like, I love my parents. If I would have done that, i would have gotten a swift one in the behind haha but it was with love so its all good. Mom, hope you had a great day and next year we will have to make you breakfast in bed.
Dad, you keep working hard. I'm interested in riding a bike to work too, but maybe not with wind but yeah you keep being my hero. Jen, stay strong, only a little bit more.
Nano... where is nano? I didn't hear from her this week.... but keep rocking it sis.

ok yeah, i was thinking about calling next Sunday because I thought that everyone was going to be home. I have all the time in the world, minus Sunday mornings and Monday from 6-8 my time. But yeah I'll call later to put us in accord. And thanks for the info about the house mom. Heap sounded really excited when he told me about it so there you go. Maybe it is a little fresa but Nano can come to my house for Sunday dinner. It's going to be fun.

My week was alright. Super stressed all the time. If its not my area it's my district and if its not my district it's the zone. If fun to be responsible haha but my zone is doing well, right now we are not number 1 but close. My area is doing better. We are going to baptize, WEEEEE but yeah other people in teaching not so much but we are working hard. I talked in church yesterday and I talked about how we need to pray to our Heavenly Father more often. I used mom as an example when I was at BYU. If i didn't call there were consequences! The ward enjoyed the metaphor.
Next week are transfers and I think the only companionship that will not be changed will be us.... so a whole new team but same attack plan, own up!
Today I was washing my clothes and while I was scrubbing the collar on my shirt, it kind of dissolved and fell apart... haha my comp just looked at my and said, "just 7 more weeks" So crazy to think that in a week I will be the oldest generation.... but its all good, Just got to do work.

Okay, I'm off to have a BBQ American style as a zone. That's leadership for you. My comp and I made a ping pong table in our house, out of chairs, a table and some toilet paper. Just so you know. OK well I'll call you guys later. I love my mission and love my family. I know this is the true church because I have a received a testimony of it. I know that Christ is my Savior. I love you guys
to the moon and back.

Con amor,

Elder Christensen

Its a good life‏ Sent: Mon 5/03/10 10:45 PM

(* Sorry for the late post, finals week last week*)

Hey guys,

How is everyone? married, single, dating - so funny. Congrats Lacy, you are a rock star. Sorry I couldn't be there I was kind of doing my thing down here but at least I had a cut out there... oh wait... haha no its cool, I wouldn't have wanted to rob Sterls show. Congrats, I have a large testimony that families are eternal. There is no other way around it.

Jen!!! I have to admit I screamed a little bit when I saw your picture (the one of her and Lacey).
I love you so much, stay strong, one more month, you can do it. I want to buy him his first sweat bands, just going with the theme or a dew rag haha yeah my gangster sobrino.

Nano, keep working hard, just have to make it through finals and than you are home free. Coop, keep working hard in school and never relax. Presidete always talks about how if we want to do something great we have to avoid feeling comfortable. Don't feel comfortable son.
Dad, you rock for working in the stake. Keep pushing and just take all the meeting one at a time.
I am glad you could see all the fam again. I'm sure you guys said hi to everyone for me as well, thanks. Mom, you are wedding machine. Way to go! I'm sure it was one of your best. Thanks for trying so hard with the apartment stuff. Heap and I are kind of at a loss for words because we really are ignorant but yeah, if Memmott can't room with us than we have another guy. I would like to keep it under $350 a month and knowing that probably won't be there too long. Idk, I am totally willing to share a room with anyone. I trust you mom, thanks for all the help.

My week was tough. I was just getting over being sick, Tuesday morning so we went running, nothing too extreme and I threw out my back. I feel so old. But yeah it was like that one time mom, when I couldn't walk and I felt useless and yeah, some pain killers and went to work! But I am feeling better now, it's just my comp that is now sick with a fever. It's been a long week. But everyone remembers that one grandma that we lost because her kids were rejecting her for changing religions? Well, she is back!! It was the greatest miracle ever. Basically we are going to baptize her in two weeks with her daughter and granddaughter. Also my zone is not the best zone anymore but have faith, we are more of a fourth quarter team anyways. Satan is working hard to discourage us but we are working harder. I still can't believe we are in May.

So crazy, but yeah mom I was thinking that next Monday would be good to call, idk if you are home yet but i am flexible. Also we went grocery shopping today.... o man... i was going crazy haha still haven't grown up too much haha my comp wanted to look down every aisle haha I wasn't going to have any of that. but it was funny, I like him a lot.

Ok I am out like a scout. I got some meetings and people and fans to see so ill catch you guys on the flip side. I know this is the true church that was established by the true God. I love my mission and cant imagine it ending. I am been a representative of our Savior and Christ, I cant imagine anything more important. be great cause that's who you are

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Christensen