Monday, May 17, 2010

Subject: Last Transfer! the beginning of the end.... Sent:Mon 5/17/10 1:43 PM

Hey Guys
well it was fun to talk to you all yesterday. You all sound great. Sorry if I didn't really make sense or was weirdish, that's what two years in mexico does to ya. haha. but yeah thanks for all the love and support you guys rock hard. I still haven't talked to heap today, he is kind of busy these days, but ill be sure to do it soon. No Jenny, i didn't eat anything, I'm trying a new thing on fasting, every sunday. I'm not as extreme as Elder Nymeyer but its an attempt. Today we woke up, it was cold, like 70 degrees, and we went back to bed. no just kidding, but yeah we have washed and cleaned the house and now we are going to get some lunch and then a meeting and then another meeting. its my life, but I'll live. Yeah, I'm a little tired but super excited. These are going to be the best 6 weeks ever, my comp and I are going to rock it. Coop, don't wreck the car please, and get ready to train.
Jen the name is cob like koby. But i was thinking about it and I think we will have to pick a name that has nothing to do with him, like sparky haha just think it over and get back to me.
Nano, despite what mom thinks i might not be going to the young single adults activities, just kidding... maybe, but you know we got the double team going.

OK I'm sending some photos. The first is of my comp and elder gardner playing wall ball against the church. The second of my district and the last one of us right now at the computer place. Gardner is sicky, he is rolling with us today because he is going to be training and his kid hasn't gotten here yet. (Trying to open pictures still, post soon!)

OK well I'm off to conquer the world again so I'll be seeing you cats on the flip side. Haha, I'm cool. I love you guys and know this church is true. Live and love it.
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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