Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!‏ Sent: Mon 5/10/10 1:02 PM

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing? Everyone is done with school except for Coop?... bummer, keep working hard man. Thanks so cool that everyone is back in the house now. I can't believe that summer has already started for you guys. The kids here got the day off because in Mexico, Mothers Day is today and not yesterday, so there you go. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!! love you a whole bunch. Thanks for putting up with me and not letting me be too ridiculous. My comp and I were talking about it yesterday while we were watching kids roll on the floor screaming in church and we were like, I love my parents. If I would have done that, i would have gotten a swift one in the behind haha but it was with love so its all good. Mom, hope you had a great day and next year we will have to make you breakfast in bed.
Dad, you keep working hard. I'm interested in riding a bike to work too, but maybe not with wind but yeah you keep being my hero. Jen, stay strong, only a little bit more.
Nano... where is nano? I didn't hear from her this week.... but keep rocking it sis.

ok yeah, i was thinking about calling next Sunday because I thought that everyone was going to be home. I have all the time in the world, minus Sunday mornings and Monday from 6-8 my time. But yeah I'll call later to put us in accord. And thanks for the info about the house mom. Heap sounded really excited when he told me about it so there you go. Maybe it is a little fresa but Nano can come to my house for Sunday dinner. It's going to be fun.

My week was alright. Super stressed all the time. If its not my area it's my district and if its not my district it's the zone. If fun to be responsible haha but my zone is doing well, right now we are not number 1 but close. My area is doing better. We are going to baptize, WEEEEE but yeah other people in teaching not so much but we are working hard. I talked in church yesterday and I talked about how we need to pray to our Heavenly Father more often. I used mom as an example when I was at BYU. If i didn't call there were consequences! The ward enjoyed the metaphor.
Next week are transfers and I think the only companionship that will not be changed will be us.... so a whole new team but same attack plan, own up!
Today I was washing my clothes and while I was scrubbing the collar on my shirt, it kind of dissolved and fell apart... haha my comp just looked at my and said, "just 7 more weeks" So crazy to think that in a week I will be the oldest generation.... but its all good, Just got to do work.

Okay, I'm off to have a BBQ American style as a zone. That's leadership for you. My comp and I made a ping pong table in our house, out of chairs, a table and some toilet paper. Just so you know. OK well I'll call you guys later. I love my mission and love my family. I know this is the true church because I have a received a testimony of it. I know that Christ is my Savior. I love you guys
to the moon and back.

Con amor,

Elder Christensen

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