Monday, May 24, 2010

Short but sweet‏ Sent: Mon 5/24/10 4:24 PM

Hey guys,

Well time is short and today even more than normal. We have a new elder in the zone so we tried to make it a good P-day for him. I almost won in bowling.... but then we went to lunch with Heap and Molyneux, yeah that's how you spell his name. They are pretty much my homies. Its been a good day, just woke up a little sick but life goes on. But oh wow, the mission is doing so well . We have one week left to complete 300 and we are at 245.... it's going to be a close one, but we will win. My zone is not soo hot right now but really I should be happier. We are going to end with more than the zone has had in over a year so I think that should still count as a pat on the back. Just everyone is getting super stressed with the end of the month and baptisms and everything and I think every one should just be like and just relax.... haha "good one wes"

The weather here is killing me softly. Its been like 90 ish everyday and I feel like I am going to die. Ties and pants are not made for this weather. I am constantly sweating and usually smell bad at the end of the day like I played a soccer game or something haha but we are doing well. I am tired but I am far from dead. I'm going out with a bang!

This week should be pretty normal. Just divisions, baptisms, miracles, the usual. Mom, I did see the reservations, sounds like a good time. Is it the same as the Heaps? Coop!! last week of school, work hard and represent.
Nano and Jen, you guys rock, keep working hard and keep praying for me please. Also jen,,, the 7th is the big day (Conway coming into this world) You stay strong.
Dad, I love you man. It's funny cause every time i am tired or annoyed and don't want to do it,I aim like, dang it, dad would do it without complaining.... so props dad haha you are my hero, I love you man.
Mom, you know that I love you. I don't know about reading all the books about Mexico when you have the best two guides ever, Heap and I, but whatever. It's all good.

OK, I got to run but I love you guys sooooo much. Talk to you soon. I know this church is true, I love this gospel, I love my mission.

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

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