Tuesday, March 30, 2010

21 isnt old, just well seasoned Sent: Mon 3/29/10 5:51 PM

Buenas tardes a todos queridos
hoy me gustaria empezar con una escritura si podria... haha

whats up homies? haha i love you guys, thanks for writing and being awesome like that. I really am grateful for all of your support and love and testimonies. Coop, sorry about the loses but sometimes you win em and sometimes you lose em. Stay strong bro. Hope everyone is enjoying the break. Actually Pres. gave us a week off too!.... oh wait, nope haha but its all good, still loving it all the time. Sorry the trip to Las Vegas wasn't so hot but now you know, sin was never happiness haha hope everything goes well with the wedding and the parties and family. Send my love to everyone.

MOM!!! i got your package!! thanks haha sometimes you make me laugh with the items you send but yeah i love it all. Thanks for the birthday cake, i will be sure to make and share with my districto. Also, the girl scout cookies are already gone haha i shared them with everyone and they were like, these are pretty good, and i was like claro son americanos, sabemos de galletas haha i take pride in that haha but just kidding. Hope everyone enjoys the week and can grab a tan.

My week was alright, we had our baptism!! Javier was baptized yesterday and everything went great. Just that after we got a phone call from Pres and yeah.. elder arrieta, my comp is home now. There were just some stuff and Pres decided that it would be better if he was home, so he left today at 4 in the morning. So im chilling with an elder that is from my generation that is going to open a new area in a week so he will be with me till then. But he is not a zone leader and im going to be flying solo on that point for a week.... but its all good, totally ready for it. I got to talk to Pres in the morning about it and he has all the confidence in the world in me... haha me too.... It will be fun. we have interviews wednesday and i will be able to presidente again. other than that we are just going to work like crazy and baptize the world. I cant believe im turning 21 this week haha we went to applebees to celebrate and we totally got that free sunday! thats how we do

ok im out like a scout. Be great and be true to the faith. Trust in our God and know that he lives.

I love my family,i love my mission.

to the moon and back
Elder Christensen

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still got it Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 3:15 PM

Dear Fam,

Love you guys! Mom BYU is cool again, I got in and have been looking at my classes I need to take,I'll have a list for you guys next week of classes I might need some help to get into. LIke D&C and bowling, haha no but yeah I feel much better being able to look at everything. President gave me permission to do this.

How are you guys doing?! are you guys having a great day? I just got done playing soccer for 4 hours and i feel like I did back in the day.. sore. It was fun. Our zone isnt very good so it was more laughs than goals but I sure looked like I knew what I was doing (that's a never). But sorry you guys are having snow... just so you know, i miss. Have fun out there is Las Vegas, try to put some goals in bro. Represent the New Mexico side. Take photos of the strip for me.

MOM!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!!!!! EE-EE-EEEE!!! haha that was my mexican scream... yeah its getting there haha mom, you are the best mom i have. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me with everything even though I was a punk alot. You are the best, have a great b day!!! Thanks for sending my packages, you guys rock. love you all. Yeah, the offices are super close to me so i will get it when it gets here.
Jen love you, I have been thinking on nicknames for my nephew and the best i got right now is CoB haha but I'll keep working. And no Jen, I usually don't eat breakfast unless someone gave me fruit the day before. I'm kind of poor right now... might have to take some money out... sorry. No more Wendys I promise. Today I didn't even go, so there it is.

Dad! eh Papi, love you man, keep working hard and being my example. Good luck on the trek planning, just know that i would love to be the pony express guy that rides up with the mail. I promise to avoid anything that would disrupt the trip mom haha thanks for the love. love you guys so much.

So this week was fun. We married a couple, had an interesting leadership conference and Elder Hunter and i couldnt get into the presidentes van with his keys in hand.
We will baptize this next week the guy we had for this last week, there was some mixups... that is part of the 2 weeks thing... transfers haha but its all good, just need to count to ten more often haha but yeah and we did really well in church with some sweet families we have in teaching.
The conference was alright until I had to help with an activity andIi got in front of everyone and they asked my to teach faith so I was like "yeah sure easy". so I start and like the assistants just start copying everything I do. We all know how much Wes loves to be in front of a crowd but seriously haha i was sweating like a big dog. I turned bright red and was all nervous and everything was laughing but yeah the example was that our elders will do everything they see us do, so what kind of example are we putting? A sad sweaty little man one haha but it was good. Later we were helping the hna put the stuff into her van and me and another elder were totally retarded. We spent 15 minutes easy trying to open it haha it was just more advanced then we have ever seen. back doors and open by themselves with a button and all that crazyness haha but yeah we felt cool.

Ok gang, i got to take a shower and wash clothes but I love you guys soo much. I know this is the true chruch because I see the blessings every day. I know God lives and loves you all. Be great cause that is who you are.
love you to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Christensen
I love my mission

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snowing?‏ Sent: Mon 3/15/10 4:51 PM

Hey guys,

Well i love you all.

How are you all doing? Sounds like my little hill of a town got some snow haha thanks for the picture. A guy in my district and I were just talking about snowboarding before I saw the picture. I think yesterday was the third time in my mission thatIi had ice in my drink. Good old mexico. Thanks so sicky that you guys all have the flight plans and everything!!!! I was kind of hoping to get back home a little earlier but it will be fine, like a Friday. My comp also got his flight plans back to his house. 'Im kind of willing to pay for a ticket a little bit earlier than that but... jk kind of.
Nano, welcome to PROVO haha thats way cool. You will have to go eat at the Dennys right there in front of UVU and know how great it is haha good times.
Jen, congrats on the super weekend and that your cowboys won. Hopefully they can make it past the first round this year in march madness haha, stupid BYU haha sterl, you rock it bro, that is so Mexico City style.
Dad, i love you man. I didnt do so well on the work out plan this week because of the conferences but i did good this morning.
Mom, love you and thanks for helping everyone and everything. YOu are my hero. Heap and I are going to start planning week seven of our last transfer so that you guys can have an idea about whats going to go down. I have a meeting with him tomorrow so it will give me a chance.

My life, it was a fun week but it definitely made me miss you guys alot. Not like I want to end my mission but like... I am tired of some things, like comps but it's all good, I am still loving every moment. It was a week of zero citas... bueno like 4 in total. We had a lot of errands to run for the Presidente and the assistants and it just kind of destroyed a couple of days of work. Then we showed up late to everything... Presidente was not happy. Actually conference was the most upset I have seen him in a long time. He basically just told us that we weren't doing a portion of our potential and invited, like called everyone out, if you dont want to work, just go home. It was way intense but I loved it. I would not have picked a better Presidente. And than the rest of conference was good too. The best was that at the end, I was sweeping up culture hall where we ate, Christensen cleaning standards, thanks dad haha and Presidente was like "Christensen, thanks alot," I was like "yeah sure Presidente," and than he was like, "I pray for you every night. Just three more weeks if you know what I mean" haha i love him. Yeah... three weeks.
The zone is not so hot right now but yeah that's going to change. Just have to throw some auzzi at em =) like my boy sterl does haha but yeah we brought ten to church!!! it was sicky, stay tuned on furture baptisms. We actually have one this week. Javier, he is 27 married and way sicky, teaching us how to box.

Ok, I'm out. love you guys.
be great cause that's who you are
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Monday, March 8, 2010

Westley wrote on Saturday!‏ Sent: Sat 3/06/10 4:39 PM

Hey guys,

Well I am just going to take advantage of the free time I have in the offices to write you guys. I get to stay with an elder that had a surgery on wednesday and im going to be his companion today. Should be fun. Everyone else went out to buy us food so we are just listening to music andI'im writing you guys. How are you all doing? I can't figure the question mark out on this computer.

Thanks everyone for reminding on my sobrinos (nephew) name. Conway.... really, jk, but really what am I going to call him? Con? conner? corn? air con? haha just saying, nicknames will come hard. ButIi will support any name.
Cooper you will not be the best uncle. But second was never bad either haha
Nano, allIi can say is that the Lord wants you to be happy. He has a plan for you that will lead to that happiness. We sometimes think we know better when the decision isn't so hard, just give it all over to him and let him make you the best you can be. I love you.
Coop, keep working hard bro. I didn't get to work out very well this week but I have been able to do 60 push ups in a row three sets.... just know we are going to be throwing down when I get home. Also Avery wrote me and said that you were sicky at a b ball now a days. We will have to see. Heap and I are going to be on the same team at byu. I love you bro, keep working hard.
Mom thanks for everything and all the love. I would rather have money for a new laptop then stuff here. The only thingIi would ask for are some new pairs of socks cause all of mine are suffering now haha but yeah huge thanks for finding that job for me! I love you guys. And yes, mom, there normally are tacos in the street that are cheaper but sometimes we like to have a flash back to the good old US haha
Dad keep working hard. I know you don't like to work on the weekends but like the good book says, let the things of cesar to cesar and the things of God to God.... oh wait that would be Sunday haha jk love you man, keep working hard.

My week was pretty good. We had a surpise baptism of the lady that couldn't last week on Tuesday. It was good just that my comp didn't plan it very well and yeah good times, just breathe in and out with me. Also this week, I went on divisions with my whole district. It was good to get out and work with eveyone and see how they are doing. I didn't help too much but at least I got to know my elders better.
Two funny stories of the week. The first, is that on one of the divisions we ate with an hermana that just got back from the mission three months ago and she has been married for a month and a half. So we were like, oh wow, so your husband waited for you then? uh kind of, he finished the mission before i did.... he was her zone leader haha yes! but yeah, no worries here. I thought it was funny and the second was that we ate with an hermana that had a huge plate of veggies cooked and all ready, like more than mom would make for the whole fam, and she was just like, here you go elder, I know how you guys don't get to eat many veggies... half the plate. I was like, well I am full! It was all good. I love my area, the members are great and we are going to be baptizing every week until my comp goes home.

Congrats Stan on the baptism. represent the Germans haha.

Love you guys a huge bunch
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I GOT YOU A JOB!‏ Sent: Mon 3/01/10 5:01 PM

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Sorry I'm kind of writing with no time but you know that's how things happen sometimes. We just got back from bowling and Wendys. We do normally eat tacos and dog meat but that's only when we don't want to travel jk... or am I? It sounds like everyone had an exciting week! a new truck?! I didn't see that one coming but I guess my old truck was kind of old. Just about 21... like some other really old thing around here... haha oh thats me in one more month and I can buy beer, well in the US, here you can do it whenever. I think i might do it just to say I'm 21 haha jk mom,Ii won't.
And that's sweet about the job!!! Thanks guys that sounds sweet. I will watch paint dry for 16 dollars an hour and Fridays off!? This could be heaven, is there anyone I might know there? Either way,I am super pumped for it.
That's a bummer about all the sports. Flip, I have to run to my junta, i mean meeting, I love you guys soooo so much. Thanks for everything. I know the church is true and I love my mission.

Okay, I'm out. Love you guys, be great cause that's who you are. Sorry for the letter. Next week will be better.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen