Monday, November 30, 2009

No Transfers Sent: Mon 11/30/09 12:18 PM

Hello Family,

Well the President kind of threw me a curve ball this week. We had interviews this last Tuesday and everything went well. He told me I was doing great and that he was going to move me to another district, one that was struggling and make me work for my last couple of transfers. I was like, yes, exactly what I wanted... No, but I was cool with it. Then, Thursday he calls me up and is like Elder, remember all of those things we talked about in your interview? and I'm like ya, he was like, it is the opposite. So I'm not going to leave from my area for another 3 weeks and then I'll be going to a "easier district where I will baptize a lot". The reason it's in three weeks is because all of the January elders are going home early for Christmas, so Presidente has to do transfers anyways.
I am kind of glad to be here for a couple more weeks because we have some bomb families that we will be baptizing very soon but sad that I'll be in another area for three days before Christmas, but its all good.
Mom, talked to Presidente about you guys coming to pick me up and he said that he highly encourages that parents go for their kids, and that he has done it with everyone of his kids. So yeah, come on down. I just thought that you were going to drive but maybe I was confused, I was just thinking about all of the stuff that you wanted to buy but whatever, I'm good for whatever. I can't believe that December is tomorrow.... I am old haha but it's fun to see the younger elders start to get antsy about their first Christmas. Kids haha jk

Coop, way to be a stud in basketball bro, you guys will only get better. Just stay positive and work hard. You are huge man and I haven't grown at all... but I did get a new heel on my shoes! So I grew like two inches with my ECOS. Tay you have all the permission to put on heels now haha jk but seriously. So yeah, mom, no worries, I'm going to wear my hush puppies out till there is nothing and only bring my ecos home. I normally do keep care of my shoes, just that some streets are less paved then others.

Sounds like you guys had a good day of Thanksgiving. I didn't get a hold of any turkey but I'm sure you guys helped me out with your portions haha hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and are doing well in their work and school again today.
Also, G&G C thanks for visiting my fam and for the photos. I felt like I was almost there. You guys are great, stay healthy and working hard.
Jen, hope everything is going great with the nephew... yes.. nephew haha im calling it now, but yeah i love you guys stay great.

Nano, keep working hard and having fun. You have that wonderful smile, don't break too many hearts with it.
Mom and Dad love you guys. Got two packages on the day of the interviews. My comp and I have eaten almost all of the candy, I shared too haha and we put up the Christmas tree and are ready to start our sercret Santa plot.

One highlight of this week was an extra meeting with the Presidente and the stake Presidente, the zone leaders were sick and so we went. I felt office'ish haha jk but it was cool.
Highlight of next week, two baptisms, send `photos later.
Stay great fam and i love you all. I am a missionary of the one and only true church of Christ.

To the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Hot Again Sent: Mon 11/16/09 6:54 PM

Hey family,

How are you guys doing? I have had the best P-day ever. We played some basketball in the morning with Heaper, love that kid, but sadly our deadly combination didn't gain a victory. After we figured out the gas for the house we had hot water again!! You don't know how sweet a hot shower is after a week of cold ones but after we went to Chilis for Francis´s birthday, used my card, sorry, and after we went to "chill" with Farmer and play some more basketball. I did some washing of my clothes and planning my meeting tonight. That takes skill, but even better, Farmer went to the offices today and picked up a letter from Tayluray and a package from my beautiful family!! I love you guys, still haven't gotten it yet but its bound to spring up soon or later.
That was a lot about me, sorry its just that I have been having the worst luck with computers lately, like how when I went to print my letters, the printer broke, so I have little idea about how everyone is doing.... you would think I would learn.
But yeah, jen and brit, all the Elders wish you guys all the happiness in the world, Heap said he would love to be the God Father.
I think we have been in Mexico too long. It's all good cause I'm going to be his to his next nephew.
Nano, excited to hear what happened with the job, just stay in there kid, just remember that when we would go to the doctors office for shots, you were the one that didn't cry... and there were only two of us... just pray and I know you will get an answer.
Dad, it was nice to see like 5 letters from you. I love you man, you are my hero, just keep being awesome so we can play b ball when I get home.
Coop!!! I love you bro, I hope you know that, you're so much stronger then me man. Just keep being a stud and work hard, but smile every once in a while.
Mom, I hope everything went well with grandpa and that you enjoyed your stay in Tucson. The pictures were great. I love you mom and i am so grateful for all the patience and love you have for me. All the Hermanas (sisters) are putting up their Christmas decorations and are like, oh i have like another box to go still, and I'm like, hahaha you need to meet my mom. Its funny.

So my week was pretty good. We started out with a new sweet family that is way bomb. After we explained the first vision she was just crying and said that the day we contacted her, she had been praying to God for help and when we walked up, she just felt that she had bumped into two old friends that she had met before but didn't know where.... we call that, the pre-existence. It was sweet, and her husband was like, "I just feel like there is light inside of me", I just feel good, I love my mission. I love my comp, I know we are having all of these sweet experiences cause he is a bomb.

We baptized yesterday, the kids of Balbina, the lady that saw the church, felt different and later my comp contacted her. Anyways, also cool. After the second baptism, the older brother that was watching from the steps just leeped into the font and started swimming and screaming. I couldn't get too angry cause they were so happy but yeah it was funny, also when we were changing into dry clothes, they just kept chanting "nos bautisamos, nos bautisamos" They are good, we just need to marry the mom and dad.

Okay familia, I got to run and do some sweet things but you all stay great and remember that there is an Elder in Mexico that loves each and every one of you, and that our Heavenly Father loves you guys too. He listens and answers prayers. I have a whole bunch of people to testify of that. BE great cause that is who you are!

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Westley Christensen

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, im relaxed haha Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 4:54 PM

Hello everyone
Can we just take like two deep breathes real fast haha i feel like everyone just went and did a 180 when i wasnt looking. jen!!!!! freak are you kidding me? haha i can´t believe it. i am so happy for you guys i just kind of screamed at my comp haha no but really when i saw the, read this one first, title i was like, freak jenny is pregnant, but then I was right and was like no way!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. And he would be in June just to steal my thunder haha jk. I'm so excited, I'm going to be the best uncle. That's right coop haha no but you guys rock.
Also mom, i love you and everyone else, but yeah i am eating well. Its gotten a little colder but at least it is not raining anymore. and even if i get transfered in 3 weeks like i think will happen, unless Heap calls out a huge favor from presidente, the offices will find me, so no worries about packages. Also the next holiday is christmas and i cant believe it. The mission is already getting ready for the Christmas program and i am kind of in shock that it will be 18 months. Got to live it up.
Nano, you stay tough in that ER, you are my hero, you know i couldnt do it.
Grandpa B, you take care of yourself, i love you guys. I need to give you a big hug when i get back.
Dad, idk whats happening in your life but i assume much of the same studness. Keep care of mom and coop, and congrats on being a grandfather. We are old dad haha jk you are a stud. COOP! I love you bro but i don't want to give you a swift one in the rear, and i say that with all the love in my heart. But really bro, stop stressing so much. you got skills bro, just trust in yourself and work hard. Just the last week i was playing b ball with heap and he is really good and im not and i was like, man, i could have played if i didnt have a bad attitude. So be better than me bro. Its the same as you and me playing in front of the house. Find the joy. But i love you bro, remember that. I dont know how many times I brag about my little brother every day, you are my hero.
SO my week. Also heap just called and said congrats to jen and brit. also that Tay shouldn't die haha anyways my week was good. We definitely found people and brought them to church and it was great. We have a possible 5 baptism weekend but it will probably we two kids. Other then that i have been out of my area alot. I left my comp to do alot of the work and like a stud, he did it. We have my new favorite fam. the fam cortes, its a complete family but the father and son are listening to us right now and everyone else later. But yeah its like a dream investigator. He prayed and dreamed about teh first vision. Is that not bomb. and yeah we are doing really well as a district too. But anyways, the news is that Elder Brown in the new assistant , yeah im pumped, im waiting to call him and tell him he is a jerk for not waiting to be my comp first.

ok i got to run and be late still. so i love you and pray for you guys every day. Be wonderful and have faith that God loves you too. I got a letter from T money!!! he is in Florida!

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

Monday, November 2, 2009

Woo hoo i learned to delete!!! Sent: Mon 11/02/09 4:05 PM

Hello Family,
Man, I love you guys. Uust wanted to get that out there real fast. How have you guys been? I cannot express my love for technology because I finally learned that deleting letters doesn't delete letters.. you have to purge them... I'm going to have to look up the word purge haha but yeah the mail box should be good for a while now so we can go abck to, please. Thanks for all the patience.
I know how mom has been doing but little else.
Coop, don't even worry about it bro. You will only get better with time and experience. Don't stress, just keep rocking it.
Jen, Happy Birthday again, I am kind of slow like that but I heard my lovely sister Nano made some dinner for you. you guys are great, take care of each other.
Dad, nice job representing with all the talks, you're my hero, just keep it up.
Mom, I do have the box, thanks so so much. It was so great in fact that it only lasted like 4 days. I still have my cookies to make... it's just that they don't use ovens here very much... but I'll make it work... in a skillet haha but yeah thanks so much.
I hoped everyone had a great dia de los muertos and ate way too much candy. We had a lot of pumpkin and... gave contact cards out to the kids that knocked our door haha no, but we should have.
Today is a national holiday, it's a two day holiday, yesterday was for the children that had passed away, and today are the adults. Oh man, there are so many traditions that I need to tell you guys about but any ways it was a good holiday except that today the post office is closed for that and I cant mail Tays memory chips... but Thursday si, we have a conference over there so I'll just stop by.
My week~
It flooded again. Oh man I love rain. It started when we were climbing a dirt road to go give a blessing and when it started we just ducked inside of a store and thought, we will just wait it out, and hour later we decided we had to leave but it just never stopped and when we looked down the road that we had come up on, it was gone haha what had replaced it was a river a about the size of the Rio Grande. It was fun and me trying to be super elder was like, hey we are going to go to our appointments/ Bad idea, but it was funny at the beginning and I did get to run in the rain! We were drenched when we got home and slightly miserable cause no one was home haha so yeah there were house flooded and people swept away in the current. But yeah, hopefully it is the end of the rain.

Also, the worst week of work in a long long long time. I love my comp, we get along great, we work hard, we are obedient, and we got owned this week. No one wanted to listen to us. The only family we found was a family of 5 Saturday at 8. talk about the last hour but they are great but no one went to church except two kids and our baptism!!! Even that wasn't easy but we did and he will be a great member, he is already talking about getting married in the temple! just that he is single... haha on the prowl haha oh RMs, anyways yeah it was a rough week but we will turn it around. We have a couple good families that we are hoping to baptize in the next two weeks but we will have to work and pray a lot. I'm pumped. Also I really like my comp. We have never fought. If he was in the US he would be a legal miget haha and then he has this laugh that cracks me up. We are doing good. Also got to see and get owned by elder heap today in basketball... but I love that he is here... it's great.
ok fans and fam, stay great, i am going to go chill with Farmer before the meeting so you all stay great, keep your heads up and work hard, I love you all and know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father does too. I love my mission
to the moon and back,

con amor,

Elder Westley Gene Christensen