Monday, November 2, 2009

Woo hoo i learned to delete!!! Sent: Mon 11/02/09 4:05 PM

Hello Family,
Man, I love you guys. Uust wanted to get that out there real fast. How have you guys been? I cannot express my love for technology because I finally learned that deleting letters doesn't delete letters.. you have to purge them... I'm going to have to look up the word purge haha but yeah the mail box should be good for a while now so we can go abck to, please. Thanks for all the patience.
I know how mom has been doing but little else.
Coop, don't even worry about it bro. You will only get better with time and experience. Don't stress, just keep rocking it.
Jen, Happy Birthday again, I am kind of slow like that but I heard my lovely sister Nano made some dinner for you. you guys are great, take care of each other.
Dad, nice job representing with all the talks, you're my hero, just keep it up.
Mom, I do have the box, thanks so so much. It was so great in fact that it only lasted like 4 days. I still have my cookies to make... it's just that they don't use ovens here very much... but I'll make it work... in a skillet haha but yeah thanks so much.
I hoped everyone had a great dia de los muertos and ate way too much candy. We had a lot of pumpkin and... gave contact cards out to the kids that knocked our door haha no, but we should have.
Today is a national holiday, it's a two day holiday, yesterday was for the children that had passed away, and today are the adults. Oh man, there are so many traditions that I need to tell you guys about but any ways it was a good holiday except that today the post office is closed for that and I cant mail Tays memory chips... but Thursday si, we have a conference over there so I'll just stop by.
My week~
It flooded again. Oh man I love rain. It started when we were climbing a dirt road to go give a blessing and when it started we just ducked inside of a store and thought, we will just wait it out, and hour later we decided we had to leave but it just never stopped and when we looked down the road that we had come up on, it was gone haha what had replaced it was a river a about the size of the Rio Grande. It was fun and me trying to be super elder was like, hey we are going to go to our appointments/ Bad idea, but it was funny at the beginning and I did get to run in the rain! We were drenched when we got home and slightly miserable cause no one was home haha so yeah there were house flooded and people swept away in the current. But yeah, hopefully it is the end of the rain.

Also, the worst week of work in a long long long time. I love my comp, we get along great, we work hard, we are obedient, and we got owned this week. No one wanted to listen to us. The only family we found was a family of 5 Saturday at 8. talk about the last hour but they are great but no one went to church except two kids and our baptism!!! Even that wasn't easy but we did and he will be a great member, he is already talking about getting married in the temple! just that he is single... haha on the prowl haha oh RMs, anyways yeah it was a rough week but we will turn it around. We have a couple good families that we are hoping to baptize in the next two weeks but we will have to work and pray a lot. I'm pumped. Also I really like my comp. We have never fought. If he was in the US he would be a legal miget haha and then he has this laugh that cracks me up. We are doing good. Also got to see and get owned by elder heap today in basketball... but I love that he is here... it's great.
ok fans and fam, stay great, i am going to go chill with Farmer before the meeting so you all stay great, keep your heads up and work hard, I love you all and know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father does too. I love my mission
to the moon and back,

con amor,

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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