Monday, October 26, 2009

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Hey huge sorry to everyone. Last week were transfers and I didn't get moved but I had to accompany an elder to go get other elders and basically we visited every zone in the mission and I didn't have time to write..
So, I am sorry, you guys know that I love you, don't doubt that. Also I have two weeks to cover and 15 minutes to do it.
Long story for why I don't have time but I'll get to that.
First, my mailbox is full. So um.... I got a lot of letters from mom and no one else haha so if you happened to send a letter to me for the last two weeks, a re-send would be great. Or if you didn't write me, you got luck this week and can make up for the next.
But yeah, so that was kind of a shocker when I got to the computer today. If you all could send it to my hotmail or my msn address for next week until I figure things out that would help a lot.
Two weeks ago, the last week of Elder Candiani. We didn't do much... haha it was kind of frustrating but he was ready to go and had a lot of families to say good bye to. He went to Hidalgo with all of the cows and chickens and I am sure he will have a great time. My interview with Presidente went really well, we just had some good laughs and then the usual go get em. I liked it, it helped.
My new companion is elder Hernandez. Yes I have completed a year with a Mexican companion. No, my spanish has not improved because of it, haha no but he is why cool. He is from Oaxaca and has little time in the mission. What I mean to say that he is from Oaxaca is that they are like Samoans... just big happy people and I love him. We had to drop a lot of families this week because they didn't go to church last week so we were basically started from new and we needed some miracles. We worked our butts off the first three days trying to find new families. And by the end of three days... we had two new... they weren't that hot.
So Thursday night I was a little like, freak, I'm tired, but I asked the Lord for a little help for one more day and wow... he helped. We found some bomb families that at the end of the lessons called us heaven sent and then went to church... I felt pretty good. It was just such a great blessing I can't even explain it. We are going to do great things here. I love my mission.

Speaking of which we climbed the mountain again. No, I will never climb it again but this time we went up as a zone and yeah... one of us five got lost thus the lack of time to write. It is all good now. Also Elder Heap is my new ZL!!! That kid is such a stud.

Everyone, I love you all so much. I can't believe this is all starting to end but know that I am here and loving it. I still haven't talked to Pres about the summer arrangments but it would be easier for you guys to visit Mexico to come pick me up. But yeah. I'll write more next week, sorry again, love you!!!!

to the moon and back
con amor

elder christensen

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