Monday, October 12, 2009

Not sick anymore‏ Sent: Mon 10/12/09 3:23 PM

Hello Familia,

How are you guys doing? I keep hearing that the the Broncos are doing well so I just assume that everyone is doing great. Thanks for the sports pop. Also, I am in the area of Elder Farmer so I left all of my letters in my house and I am going to try and remember how well everyone is doing.
Mom, keep it up with the business. I was going to tell you that my two journals that I have are exactly the same brand and color haha so maybe like a Vol 1 and vol 2 thing or idk.
Still haven't seen the package yet but we have interviews tomorrow so I am hoping for a gift.
Dad, you are stud. I hope the paper is finished and that you are tearing it up in all aspects. I loved the photo of all you guys at NMSU.... it would have been better in blue.... BYU! No not really but I have to have some pride.
Sisters, hope work and school and life are all staying up with you two. You guys are my heroes. It will all pay off in the end. Brit, you keep care of them bro.
Coop, congrats on the goals, sometimes that's all you need to get back into the habit. Have confidence in yourself but never be prideful. You can always work harder haha if you learn that now you wont take so long to learn it here in the mission like me. Yes, I have undertaken the task of ridding all pride from me... some may ask, what will be left? That's a good question, we will have to see, idk but I love you guys. I can't believe everyone is having birthdays and growing and moving on with life haha we don't have birthdays here. We are elders.
I thought I was getting a little of a belly so I went and weighed myself with my mission leader and I am actually a little under normal haha like 163... I need to do something with that. We will have to see what I look like when Christmas comes around.
Transfers next week, I am probably staying cause my comp and I now have 6 months here, but yeah, I love the kid. He is such a stud also if I have another Mexican comp next transfer I will have had one for an entire year.... yes, i do know their culture very well.
Also, funny story of the week. We were knocking doors and we got to this door that had two cables coming out of the hole for the doorbell and so my comp is like, I'll just put them together and the doorbell will sound. And it made perfect sense to me so I was like go for it. So he put them together and Boom haha all I saw was a pillar of light, more brillant then the sun.... directly behind my comps head hahahaha oh man, we booked it out of that building pretty quick after we realized we had knocked out the light for the entire building but we had a good laugh and my comp didn't die haha and then we went and found two awesome families.
We might be having a baptism this week, the grandson of my Mexican grandma, but we have to see some papers first.
Also Elder Francis and I are now best friends. It's just people from the north west.
I do use the word flip haha things change in the mission. Just know that Halloween is pretty soon and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hope its not too cold there... the sun is quiet nice here.

Ok I got to go eat some tacos and chill with Elder Farmer before my junta. You all take care and know that our Heavenly Father loves you and that he has so much planned for each one of you. Be great cause that is who you are.
Con amor
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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