Tuesday, February 23, 2010

from West‏ Sent: Mon 2/22/10 5:19 PM

Hey Fam,

How are all of you guys doing today? It's a beautiful 80 degree sunny day outside with a slight breeze from the northwest, great day to write the fam. I have decided that all of our family trips from now on need to be directly to parts of Mexico or on cruises that stop here. I'ts only unpleasent like two months of the year.
I got my Subway and my Dr. Pepper on my side andI'im reading to "rock".

Nano, I would love to have you up inPprovo with me. Idk about nursing and everything and career choices but you are always welcome up there if you want. I have a lot of good buddies from the mission that are going to go to UVU afte their mission. So yeah, pray, ask, meditate and be patient.
Mom, I was going to ask you if you have done any research on the housing situation?... or maybe that's still too far ahead but Heap andIi do'nt want to screw up.
I love you guys. Mom and Dad thanks for everything you guys are doing to keep everyone on solid earth and calm. Thank you for your examples and your love. Keep working hard in the church and in the home.
Dad thanks for the sports updates too haha.
Jen, love of my life, how are you doing? Keeping my nephew safe? Good to hear, also I can't remember what his name is going to be....
Coop, I can't believe that you are going to be a sophomore. Try to keep those grades up bro and keep working hard. I only took adv chem and alg/trig my sophomore year oh and adv english haha that was terrible but really helped me for college so, suffer now and not suffer too much later? I love you bro, keep a positive attitude and working hard.

My week here in Tepa. I love this place. The stake is as large White Roc, area-wise so it makes it nice to have all the companionships close by if we need to give a thump over the head. But yeah it was a crazy week with alot of weird things going on but I'll have to tell you guys about that later. Just know that calls after 10:30 are never good things but yeah everything is fine. I had to say goodbye to E. Brown, I am going to miss that guy,Ii can't believe he is already in his house haha but yeah that makes me like the third oldest generation in the mission. It feels weird but we are working hard and trying to help my comp finish strong too. He is my lifting coach. Cooper, just know we are going to lift when we get back.

We will hopefully have another baptism this week and finish the month with 3 confirmations. We are doing well as a zone. We had transfers today and we lost every senor companion in the zone... we got to do alot of growing up real fast. I am going to have a couple of pep talks with some elders tonight so hopefully we will be on the same page. Also we had stake conference this week. One of the councilors of the stake presidency talked about how dead babies still grow after the resurrection and all this stuff that wasn't apostasy but it definitely wasn't a good topic for stake conference so just keep that in mind if you ever talk in church and the missionaries are in the back with a family of investigators. A smile and a testimony go a long way. I was sitting by one of the assistants of the mission and he was like, please kill me, haha, its fun.

Okay, I'm out like a scout but I love you guys soo much. I can't believe that it will be March the next time I write. MOM Ii still remember your birthday. Uou guys are great. I know this church is true,Ii have no doubt of that. I know that Christ not only came to this world but is my Savior also. I love my mission. 20 months son!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Wes Christensen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Just Another Week Sent: Mon 2/15/10 7:01 PM

hey fam,

What a crazy week. Then to top it all off with this new system they have going for the church,Ii couldnt log into my own email, but no worries I finally remembered all the things thatIi had forgotten and got in to get all of your great letters!! Sorry about last week, and yeah I was on the move and we didn't plan things very well and had to run instead of writing but here I am.
My new area is here in Tepalcapa by theLlago Guadalupe, idk, if that's on the map but there you go. The nearest companionship to me are the assistants, its been a blast seeing them every day and doing division. I got my fill of E. Brown. I still cant believe that he is going to end this week... it's crazy. My new comp is Elder Arrieta from Chihuahua, if you don't recognize the name, that's ok, he was my dl before.... but now we got along great and we had a pretty sicky week with two baptisms and a confirmation and the zone is going crazy with baptizms so it was a good time to arriv. I don't want to take all the credit but.... I haven't done anything really. But yeah, its a larger area and we have two wards here. It's funny cause one of my bishops is a manager for Coke and the other for Pepsi haha and neither one gives us free soda... lame!
The members are all pretty nice and my zone is kind of smaller so its ok. I miss ElderFfackler but I talked to him yesterday and he sounds like he is tearing it up just like I taught him to. That was my week in a nut shell.

Coop, good job on basketball and keep working hard. Just know that in my new house, there is all of this gym stuff so im going to be pretty much ripped when I get home.. be ready. Itss a way for me to vent haha
Nano... i love the effort to get married beforeIi get home but it's not necesary haha but have fun and don't break too many hearts.
Jen thanks for the letters and good luck in school, work, baby and everything, tha'ts way cool how Henrys' mom helped out alot.
Dad, keep being a stud on the stake. That was cool you could be home for one Sunday and good luck in thoseSspanish wards. I had an interview with Presidente for some things in my zone today and he just asked about all you guys. He loves you guys so thanks for being you, he also said that he had been to Los Alamos one time to do some work stuff and really liked it. I was like, yeah that's my pueblito.
MOM!!! love you, thanks for the package, it was super sweet. I made sure to make friends and share the candy but thank you soo much. Don't be like ¨ its just the family...¨ haha i love you guys, I definitely didn''t feel like it was national SAD haha.
Coop, you would tell me if you stole a kiss already right haha jk but yeah hope everyone had a great V day.

Sterl,Ii love you bro, don't go dying with those headaches. You are my hero. Grandpa and Grandma Christensen, i love you guys, do work on the mission.

I talked to the Presidente mom about the rules andIi can leave the mission to go whereverIi want and he hasn't gotten a letter from you and he says he wouldn't have the nearest idea about hotels, so yeah, good luck.

Also very important, new email. westley.christensen@myldsmail.net, i will only get letters at this address, so please help a brother out haha

ok I am out to my junta, love you guys and I know that this church is true. I have seen it bless the lives of two more people this week. I love my mission.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen
ps dad, that job sounds great and if not, then there is one here as a translater like 1500 a week with housing and food so yeah.... just an idea
pss i love everyone

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its raining on a sunny day‏ Sent: Mon 2/01/10 5:18 PM

Hey fam
How are you guys doing? FEBERO!!!! Haha, I just get excited that its a new month. Its hailing and snow right now after a week of really nice weather. Hopefully, you are all surviving the weather over there.
And just before we move on to other things,Ii knew it was going to be a nephew, it's all good. That's so cool Jen, just stay healthy and don't try to do too much. I keep asking all the pregnant peopleIi meet how much time they have. They all look at me kind of strange but atleast i know what you look like more or less haha i love you guys.

Coop, keep working hard in everything, especially school. And keep helping mom and dad out.
Nano, good luck with that RM thing haha crazy girl. I would definitely pray about it. The Lord has a plan, just need to figure it out.
Mom and Dad, thanks a bunch on the school stuff,Ii will definitely ask the Presidente about that letter. Also I love you guys, Dad, the Presidente gave me a book that was pretty sweet. Counciling with our councils, by Elder Ballard,Ii would buy it.
Mom, Heap and I decided that it's perfectly safe here. I love you.

My week was a little crazy. We did super awesome. We found alot of good people and than had some sweet lessons whereIi was like, "man, I totally dont even know where that came from", and just awesome experiences in general and then we got to Sunday and everything fell on its face... we had one in church... not too bad because he is getting baptized this week but it was a little rough. We can only repent and do better. We also did interchanges with our zone leaders and that was pretty sweet. I love them, sometimes they just get angry that my district drops goals... but yeah. We also had conference this last Tuesday and it was pretty good. The Presidente pulled me out and told me that I was leaving next week, the 7th, to Tepalcalpa as a zone leader. I know my comp and he is pretty good. I'm going to take the new assistants old spot so hopefully I'll just keep going with the flow. It is crazy. Only 7 weeks here in Santa Teresa and 4 with elder Fackler. I am going to miss alot of things, but its all good. I will go and do. It's also crazy to think that unless something terriblely wrong goes down this will be my last area... crazy.

Today we went to Tula and saw the GIANTES, it was sweet. They are just some ancient statues that are way sweet. It wil have to be on our list of things to do. We took some great pictures but ill have to send them next week.

Ok I am out. Love you and I know that this is true, it changes lives and blesses families.
to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Christensen