Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Just Another Week Sent: Mon 2/15/10 7:01 PM

hey fam,

What a crazy week. Then to top it all off with this new system they have going for the church,Ii couldnt log into my own email, but no worries I finally remembered all the things thatIi had forgotten and got in to get all of your great letters!! Sorry about last week, and yeah I was on the move and we didn't plan things very well and had to run instead of writing but here I am.
My new area is here in Tepalcapa by theLlago Guadalupe, idk, if that's on the map but there you go. The nearest companionship to me are the assistants, its been a blast seeing them every day and doing division. I got my fill of E. Brown. I still cant believe that he is going to end this week... it's crazy. My new comp is Elder Arrieta from Chihuahua, if you don't recognize the name, that's ok, he was my dl before.... but now we got along great and we had a pretty sicky week with two baptisms and a confirmation and the zone is going crazy with baptizms so it was a good time to arriv. I don't want to take all the credit but.... I haven't done anything really. But yeah, its a larger area and we have two wards here. It's funny cause one of my bishops is a manager for Coke and the other for Pepsi haha and neither one gives us free soda... lame!
The members are all pretty nice and my zone is kind of smaller so its ok. I miss ElderFfackler but I talked to him yesterday and he sounds like he is tearing it up just like I taught him to. That was my week in a nut shell.

Coop, good job on basketball and keep working hard. Just know that in my new house, there is all of this gym stuff so im going to be pretty much ripped when I get home.. be ready. Itss a way for me to vent haha
Nano... i love the effort to get married beforeIi get home but it's not necesary haha but have fun and don't break too many hearts.
Jen thanks for the letters and good luck in school, work, baby and everything, tha'ts way cool how Henrys' mom helped out alot.
Dad, keep being a stud on the stake. That was cool you could be home for one Sunday and good luck in thoseSspanish wards. I had an interview with Presidente for some things in my zone today and he just asked about all you guys. He loves you guys so thanks for being you, he also said that he had been to Los Alamos one time to do some work stuff and really liked it. I was like, yeah that's my pueblito.
MOM!!! love you, thanks for the package, it was super sweet. I made sure to make friends and share the candy but thank you soo much. Don't be like ¨ its just the family...¨ haha i love you guys, I definitely didn''t feel like it was national SAD haha.
Coop, you would tell me if you stole a kiss already right haha jk but yeah hope everyone had a great V day.

Sterl,Ii love you bro, don't go dying with those headaches. You are my hero. Grandpa and Grandma Christensen, i love you guys, do work on the mission.

I talked to the Presidente mom about the rules andIi can leave the mission to go whereverIi want and he hasn't gotten a letter from you and he says he wouldn't have the nearest idea about hotels, so yeah, good luck.

Also very important, new email. westley.christensen@myldsmail.net, i will only get letters at this address, so please help a brother out haha

ok I am out to my junta, love you guys and I know that this church is true. I have seen it bless the lives of two more people this week. I love my mission.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen
ps dad, that job sounds great and if not, then there is one here as a translater like 1500 a week with housing and food so yeah.... just an idea
pss i love everyone

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