Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Hey Fam,

How are all of you guys doing today? It's a beautiful 80 degree sunny day outside with a slight breeze from the northwest, great day to write the fam. I have decided that all of our family trips from now on need to be directly to parts of Mexico or on cruises that stop here. I'ts only unpleasent like two months of the year.
I got my Subway and my Dr. Pepper on my side andI'im reading to "rock".

Nano, I would love to have you up inPprovo with me. Idk about nursing and everything and career choices but you are always welcome up there if you want. I have a lot of good buddies from the mission that are going to go to UVU afte their mission. So yeah, pray, ask, meditate and be patient.
Mom, I was going to ask you if you have done any research on the housing situation?... or maybe that's still too far ahead but Heap andIi do'nt want to screw up.
I love you guys. Mom and Dad thanks for everything you guys are doing to keep everyone on solid earth and calm. Thank you for your examples and your love. Keep working hard in the church and in the home.
Dad thanks for the sports updates too haha.
Jen, love of my life, how are you doing? Keeping my nephew safe? Good to hear, also I can't remember what his name is going to be....
Coop, I can't believe that you are going to be a sophomore. Try to keep those grades up bro and keep working hard. I only took adv chem and alg/trig my sophomore year oh and adv english haha that was terrible but really helped me for college so, suffer now and not suffer too much later? I love you bro, keep a positive attitude and working hard.

My week here in Tepa. I love this place. The stake is as large White Roc, area-wise so it makes it nice to have all the companionships close by if we need to give a thump over the head. But yeah it was a crazy week with alot of weird things going on but I'll have to tell you guys about that later. Just know that calls after 10:30 are never good things but yeah everything is fine. I had to say goodbye to E. Brown, I am going to miss that guy,Ii can't believe he is already in his house haha but yeah that makes me like the third oldest generation in the mission. It feels weird but we are working hard and trying to help my comp finish strong too. He is my lifting coach. Cooper, just know we are going to lift when we get back.

We will hopefully have another baptism this week and finish the month with 3 confirmations. We are doing well as a zone. We had transfers today and we lost every senor companion in the zone... we got to do alot of growing up real fast. I am going to have a couple of pep talks with some elders tonight so hopefully we will be on the same page. Also we had stake conference this week. One of the councilors of the stake presidency talked about how dead babies still grow after the resurrection and all this stuff that wasn't apostasy but it definitely wasn't a good topic for stake conference so just keep that in mind if you ever talk in church and the missionaries are in the back with a family of investigators. A smile and a testimony go a long way. I was sitting by one of the assistants of the mission and he was like, please kill me, haha, its fun.

Okay, I'm out like a scout but I love you guys soo much. I can't believe that it will be March the next time I write. MOM Ii still remember your birthday. Uou guys are great. I know this church is true,Ii have no doubt of that. I know that Christ not only came to this world but is my Savior also. I love my mission. 20 months son!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Wes Christensen

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