Monday, November 30, 2009

No Transfers Sent: Mon 11/30/09 12:18 PM

Hello Family,

Well the President kind of threw me a curve ball this week. We had interviews this last Tuesday and everything went well. He told me I was doing great and that he was going to move me to another district, one that was struggling and make me work for my last couple of transfers. I was like, yes, exactly what I wanted... No, but I was cool with it. Then, Thursday he calls me up and is like Elder, remember all of those things we talked about in your interview? and I'm like ya, he was like, it is the opposite. So I'm not going to leave from my area for another 3 weeks and then I'll be going to a "easier district where I will baptize a lot". The reason it's in three weeks is because all of the January elders are going home early for Christmas, so Presidente has to do transfers anyways.
I am kind of glad to be here for a couple more weeks because we have some bomb families that we will be baptizing very soon but sad that I'll be in another area for three days before Christmas, but its all good.
Mom, talked to Presidente about you guys coming to pick me up and he said that he highly encourages that parents go for their kids, and that he has done it with everyone of his kids. So yeah, come on down. I just thought that you were going to drive but maybe I was confused, I was just thinking about all of the stuff that you wanted to buy but whatever, I'm good for whatever. I can't believe that December is tomorrow.... I am old haha but it's fun to see the younger elders start to get antsy about their first Christmas. Kids haha jk

Coop, way to be a stud in basketball bro, you guys will only get better. Just stay positive and work hard. You are huge man and I haven't grown at all... but I did get a new heel on my shoes! So I grew like two inches with my ECOS. Tay you have all the permission to put on heels now haha jk but seriously. So yeah, mom, no worries, I'm going to wear my hush puppies out till there is nothing and only bring my ecos home. I normally do keep care of my shoes, just that some streets are less paved then others.

Sounds like you guys had a good day of Thanksgiving. I didn't get a hold of any turkey but I'm sure you guys helped me out with your portions haha hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and are doing well in their work and school again today.
Also, G&G C thanks for visiting my fam and for the photos. I felt like I was almost there. You guys are great, stay healthy and working hard.
Jen, hope everything is going great with the nephew... yes.. nephew haha im calling it now, but yeah i love you guys stay great.

Nano, keep working hard and having fun. You have that wonderful smile, don't break too many hearts with it.
Mom and Dad love you guys. Got two packages on the day of the interviews. My comp and I have eaten almost all of the candy, I shared too haha and we put up the Christmas tree and are ready to start our sercret Santa plot.

One highlight of this week was an extra meeting with the Presidente and the stake Presidente, the zone leaders were sick and so we went. I felt office'ish haha jk but it was cool.
Highlight of next week, two baptisms, send `photos later.
Stay great fam and i love you all. I am a missionary of the one and only true church of Christ.

To the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

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