Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, im relaxed haha Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 4:54 PM

Hello everyone
Can we just take like two deep breathes real fast haha i feel like everyone just went and did a 180 when i wasnt looking. jen!!!!! freak are you kidding me? haha i can´t believe it. i am so happy for you guys i just kind of screamed at my comp haha no but really when i saw the, read this one first, title i was like, freak jenny is pregnant, but then I was right and was like no way!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. And he would be in June just to steal my thunder haha jk. I'm so excited, I'm going to be the best uncle. That's right coop haha no but you guys rock.
Also mom, i love you and everyone else, but yeah i am eating well. Its gotten a little colder but at least it is not raining anymore. and even if i get transfered in 3 weeks like i think will happen, unless Heap calls out a huge favor from presidente, the offices will find me, so no worries about packages. Also the next holiday is christmas and i cant believe it. The mission is already getting ready for the Christmas program and i am kind of in shock that it will be 18 months. Got to live it up.
Nano, you stay tough in that ER, you are my hero, you know i couldnt do it.
Grandpa B, you take care of yourself, i love you guys. I need to give you a big hug when i get back.
Dad, idk whats happening in your life but i assume much of the same studness. Keep care of mom and coop, and congrats on being a grandfather. We are old dad haha jk you are a stud. COOP! I love you bro but i don't want to give you a swift one in the rear, and i say that with all the love in my heart. But really bro, stop stressing so much. you got skills bro, just trust in yourself and work hard. Just the last week i was playing b ball with heap and he is really good and im not and i was like, man, i could have played if i didnt have a bad attitude. So be better than me bro. Its the same as you and me playing in front of the house. Find the joy. But i love you bro, remember that. I dont know how many times I brag about my little brother every day, you are my hero.
SO my week. Also heap just called and said congrats to jen and brit. also that Tay shouldn't die haha anyways my week was good. We definitely found people and brought them to church and it was great. We have a possible 5 baptism weekend but it will probably we two kids. Other then that i have been out of my area alot. I left my comp to do alot of the work and like a stud, he did it. We have my new favorite fam. the fam cortes, its a complete family but the father and son are listening to us right now and everyone else later. But yeah its like a dream investigator. He prayed and dreamed about teh first vision. Is that not bomb. and yeah we are doing really well as a district too. But anyways, the news is that Elder Brown in the new assistant , yeah im pumped, im waiting to call him and tell him he is a jerk for not waiting to be my comp first.

ok i got to run and be late still. so i love you and pray for you guys every day. Be wonderful and have faith that God loves you too. I got a letter from T money!!! he is in Florida!

to the moon and back...

Elder Christensen

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