Tuesday, June 1, 2010

100 weeks old‏ Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 5:53 PM

Hey Fam and Fans
Elder Heap told me yesterday that we were 100 weeks old and I kind of just looked at him for a while and then freaked out! haha
So it was a fun week. The mission completed with 322 baptisms! yeah buddy, say my name!!! haha not really, other zones did really well and dominated and my zone and companionship did alright. I mean we should be happier because we baptized more then the stake has baptized in alot of time, like a year and a half, but i know we could have done more. But whatever, just need to go crazy till the end. And its getting tough. Like Saturday, it was the hardest day of my life,i was soooo tired and exhausted of walking and lack of sleep and we still had people to visit and invite to church and yeah it was rough but we did that thing. We baptized Saturday and it was good to back in the water. ;) We are planning for a couple more this week and the week that's coming but we need to keep seeing miracles. Please pray for Rosa, Gaby, Martha and for Carlos. I'm not going to rest until the family is in front of me, so no worries there.
Elder Heap and I hung out today, we went to chinese food and then played ping pong, he is really good at that and beat me handly. Also random note of fun, I went emo this week. haha! I don't know what was going on but while shaving I cut the skin that's on my adams apple and then again the next day. So yeah it looks funny. I just tell people I am an american and they leave me alone. ;)
But how are you guys doing this week? Coop, congrats on the grades, I know you could do it bro. Keep working hard and make sure you put a smile on = ) Jen, you are a trooper, you keep rocking it and keep coby safe until he is ready to come. You need to relax more, take a couple of p days and come back to life. It's fun to refer to real life in mission terms. "i am going to have 3 appointments with members and 2 others" haha it's funny when you think about dating again. Anways, Nano, keep working hard and good luck with people that have super fresa car. Keep me updated. Also Dad, good job on the pool and for the uplift, you rock man. Mom, i love you alot. Thanks for working so hard and planning the trip. The car sounds great and the hotel too. I haven't planned anything the Heap didn' show in his inventory that he sent to his mom. If you didn't get it I will send it again. We are not winging it so don't worry! =) But yeah tomorrow we have a conference with presidente and i will have to ask him alot of questions about the stay with you guys. Cause ties right now are not cool at all! I'm loosing weight from just sweating so much. But its all good.

ok my loved ones, take care and rock it. Don't fear, there are more with us then there are with them. Look that up, also my favorite scripture of the week. be still and know that I am God.
It helped me take a couple more deep breathes this week. I love you guys. I know this mission is true.
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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