Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yeah Conway!!! and Jenny and Britton too!‏ Sent: Mon 6/07/10 5:54 PM

Hey guys!!

Oh man, I'm an uncle? That's so crazy. I was telling my comp all day yesterday and was like," comp, I think I am an uncle, I think I'm an uncle. There he is the champion. Congrats guys, that is such an amazing thing, just know I'll be the fun uncle and will only play with him, I don't do the dirty work but yeah, he looks like an all american from where I am sitting.

Sorry this is going to be short. I'm burning more time then I actually have. We had alot of stuff to do in the morning and then we washed super fast and we still have to go to the Junta and do everything and I still haven't eaten today. That happens alot sometimes, but anyways.

Tuesday, I gave my last testimony in the zl conference. It was not as much fun as I thought it was going to be. It's like I know I am leaving but I don't feel I'm leaving. My mind just hasn't checked in with the body yet. We are working hard. We didn't have too much news this week but we found good ones, we had three families in church and we have three baptisms this week.
Elder Christensen is not trunky haha but I sure am tired. My next three weeks are going to be crazy. We have conference this week and then Heap and the gen are going to Teotihaucan Saturday. I think it's better if I go again so I'll know everything and be able to be a better guide. Beause last time... I didn't understand anything.
Sunday was super fun. Our services are reversed so we have priesthood first and then at the end sacrament meeting. So the funny part is that in the primary they gave out air ballons. It was probably the worst sacrament meeting of my life haha i was just waiting for a flying ballon to hit the person that was talking. I love kids..... that are my nephew, yeah its been good practice in this ward.

Ok I'm out., sorry for not writing soo much but it's not a reflection of my love ; ) ok i love you guys soooooo much and know that I am in the best place having the best timeIi could be right now. I love you.

To the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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