Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love Mexico!‏ Sent: Mon 5/18/09 1:32 PM

Hello Family,

How are we doing today? I hope that everyone is home now and enjoying life and if not just lie to me, but hopefully Jenny and Britton are back and working with less stress. Also, I hope it's a little warmer there then it is here. Heck man, as of Tuesday I haven't seen the sun. They say that this is still too early for the rainy season but I'm just getting warmed up on all my Oregon jokes. But really idk how many times I have walked home in the rain this week. The good thing is that it is rarely hard and more of a drizzle on and off but its all the same. I need the sun!
We played as a zone today and I was talking with elder Brown, love that guy, and I made the joke of saying, it is a little cold today haha cause that's how you say it in Spanish but he was just like, yeah, isn't it great! He is from Seattle, maybe explains a little. But another story that came from playing today was that someone kicked the ball over the fence and we knocked at the door and no one answered the door so elder Brown was like, ok I'll just jump the fence haha bad idea, I just he just got over and this crazy guy comes out of the house with a pistol asking him if he wants to die and nonsense and Elder Brown was like, whoa perdon, and the crazy guy was just like, trying to rape my mother huh? So moral of the story is we didn't get our ball back and elder Brown is safe and well and now we just laugh about it. Also I'm safe mom, I only told you that story cause it is crazy and didn't involve me haha
ok so your guys....
Coop, tough luck about the job loss, just look for opportunities, they are there. Nano hope you enjoy your new job. Mom, your questions. No I don't get home sick very often. I keep that album on my desk and that usually keeps me good, also your letters are fine, mundane life is perfectly fine with me.

ok my life
elder Soriano is a good missionary. Wants to work, knows how to work, and gets it done. He is also 26 years old.... yeah that was a shocker but ask me how many times I have felt like the child teaching with him, it's good, I'm going to learn a lot from him. Also he is from Guadalajara but lived like on the the other side of our area boundries for 20 years, so he knows everything about our area, so yeah i felt kind of useless this week but I think it will just improve the more comfortable I feel in the area. also.. its a large area haha its two wards and they both have a lot of territory. and its all hills... I feel like we are always going down hill just to go back up again haha but yeah my legs are adjusting well and I think its helping my knee a lot. also I don't feel as comfortable with my Spanish here. They have a different accent and .... I'm working on it. Also we are hoping for two baptisms this week! thanks nothing to what I have done... but they like me too. I'm counting it haha it's two brothers. The oldest is 14 and I was like... your my brother, it was a weird moment to think how Cooper would do with Elders teaching him so yeah we are working hard and doing well. Just need the sun in my life again.

ok fam and fans. Here is elder Christensen in the field and number one in your hearts!
I tried that line today with the zone and the Mexicans didn't get it.... but you do! do great things people.
You are all amazing individuals and children of our Heavenly Father. be great!
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder W. Christensen

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