Monday, January 4, 2010

Its cold‏ Sent: Mon 1/04/10 3:22 PM

hey guys
so I haven't gotten better. I have been running around with what I thought was a head cold but now its more like a sinus infection. I say that like i know what it means but i really don't, its just what everyone else tells me. But idk, I just know that my head hurts alot but im tough, so ill stick it through.. Also its been raining here! its like the first time in history and it is so cold. Its like freezing rain/lots of mud on the ground = pretty good looking missionaries, but yeah hopefully the rain will stop soon and the sun will come back out. but that was all of my bad news for the day.

how are you guys? trip to AZ! that sounds way sweet, glad to hear you guys had a blast. Grandma and Grandpa, congrats, you guys are my heros, way to go. Lace and Chandler, have fun with my family and be patient with snow boarding, its actually kind of fun. jen, i love you, you keep my nephew safe haha i love you guys. is it a nephew now? im with britton on twins hahaha. Coop, dont worry, you dont look like me much. You are not that handsome, jk bro, keep working hard and good luck trying. remember to have just as much patience with mom and dad as they will have with you. nano, thanks for all the photos and shout outs. Good luck back at school, you will do well, just stay positive.

My week was long, i had a couple interviews to do and a lot of sitting at waiting but the results were good. The other elders in my branch baptized 4 this week and they have one more for the coming sunday. We are trying to keep up... we brought someone to church!! that is a definite improvement. i just need to work harder and just be a rockstar and stop putting up all of my excuses. i know that i can because i know thats what God wants me to do. Just got to keep my comp focused for one more week before transfers next week and we are all good. Presidente said in my last interview that my next comp was already selected and its an american! havent had one of those in a while but it should be fun! ill let you know when i have him, other than that it was a pretty slow week. Also i learned the rubix cube... yes I am a nerd. The things i do for my district haha jk

Im out like a scout, but dont pout cause ill shout... haha yeah i love you guys and i love my mission. This is the true chruch and I am a representative of it. Be great!!

to the moon and back
elder christensen

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