Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here comes the BOOM Sent: Mon 7/20/09 1:55 PM

Hello Familia,

How are we doing this week? It was nice to hear from everyone... except cooper, this week haha I understand Bro, soccer camp. you don't have an excuse now. Hope you learned a lot and had fun. Be strong and remember who you are.
Jen, you are a trooper. Props on the hike. You make me laugh with being afraid of the outside. You make me laugh with all of your questions as well but it's all good.
We did have some people in church this week and one of them was a person that we are going to baptize this Sunday!! It's all set up and everything and it's not going to drop which seems to be the cool thing to do with baptisms in the zone. I get to go to a meeting tomorrow with the Presidente to be told that we need to improve. Brown and I are trying to sweeten it up by calling it a pep talk haha oh man, i love Brown, its sad that this is my last week with him, unless we go to the same zone! Miracles happen every day. But yeah transfer next Sunday and... I'm ready for them. I'll go wherever the Presidente wants or stay and suck it up but yeah.... next Sunday.

Dad, glad to hear the patio is going well, maybe it would be an opportunity to call in your home teachers to help with the barn raising. Or call the missionaries!! But hopefully you're back in the big LA.
Nano, keep working hard, summer is not almost over.... or maybe it is, im just out of the loop haha and Mom, love you and am grateful that you are always aware of my worries. Really you are great and I love you.

It's not raining here anymore, everyone is kind of worried... I'm fine with it.

Chace! yeah I understood 90 percent of your spanish, thanks man. Always love getting a shout out in spanish, I hope you and Amy are doing well. I saw a hat from Utah State the other day and thought of you guys haha.

So this week was a lot of bus rides, frustrating phone calls and miracles. Are you smiling cause I am. I love my mission! So one of the companionships in my district esta hasta la goma... really far would be another way to say that, and they had 4 planned baptisms. I did the 1 and a half bus ride three times there and three times back this week. And we didn't complete with any..... so yeah, but it is a nice little village to visit. We broke my new investigators record this week. After 24 I just stopped counting cause only a couple were really interested. We found an awesome family of four that already excepted to get baptized and everything... just didn't go to church.... yeah we are going to work on that.
Also, let me tell you how many thought I looked Mexican this week... like four... until I opened my mouth haha it was the most balloon popping experience of my mission. They would ask me what part of Mexico I was from and I would smile and say I wasn't Mexican and they would laugh and be like oh sorry hadn't heard you talk yet haha. Oh man, I want to be perfect! That's my new goal this month, perfect accent. It's going to happen.
I don't think I have mentioned it but Elder Farmer is a dl now too and Elder Memmott is in his district so they call me all the time to say what's up. It's funny to hear their stories and about their companions.
Elder Leon and I actually got along really week this week... probably cause we didn't play soccer... probably cause its banned now.. haha yeah new rule. The mission is going to be changing here pretty quick... hopefully for the better. The Presidente is tired to so so results. Time to grow up!

The last miracle I saw this week was that after we were all disappointed about having only a couple of people to church because those 24 news all gave us the facial, two families showed up to church and wanted to know more. So yeah, the Lord has a plan and sometimes just wants to see that we are trying.

Okay family, fans and loved ones, I got to go eat tacos and stuff so know that I love you, I love my mission and I love the Lord and his blessings.
We are all children of God and have the opportunity to be like him. And just like our parents here at home, he loves to hear from us every day. Be great because that's what you are.

to the moon and back
con amor,

Elder Christensen

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