Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Mom, yes i do haha‏ Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:35 PM

Hey guys,

So, yeah, sorry about the wait and everything but you know that it is sometimes with these transfers. But I called my new zls and asked for permission and Elder Arnett, yes, the same one from a year ago, was like, you better show some love to your mom, so here I am thanks to you mom. And yes, I had a transfer. I am now on the other side of the city in Ecatepec and Coacalco. It should be really close to my fist pin. Actually when we passed my first area in the car I just started screaming and pointing and everyone was like... white guys, but yeah so I'm back and I love it.

My area is tiny... or maybe that's just because I have had large for a long time now haha, but one ward! First time in my mission. I won't know what to do with all of my extra time. My comp. Elder Candiani, his last name is Italian but he is from the Nuevo Leon Monterray. He only has three transfers but seems like a pretty solid kid, maybe a little quiet at times but yeah so was I. So yeah, I just feel good here. We have two confirmations and two other baptisms this week... love that and I just think that I'm going to do really well here. My zone rocks! I got Arnett as a ZL, Francis who is also very cool, likes to be a little forward at times but it's ok. And than Elder Farmer! yeah baby, he is the other dl so we call each other frequently. The house is a triangle but still larger than my other house so I love it. Took a cold shower this morning... not pleasant haha.

My other area..... yeah I'm going to forget it. Elder Leon and I got along better than ever this last week which was weird because normally companionships loose it the last week. I realized I never took a picture just me and him.... and I'm ok with that I'll see him later.
That's my life right now. I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I have to treasure up every moment. But yeah, that's all I got.
Love you mom, Dad hope everything is going well with the shoulder, sisters getting ready to go back to school, Jen I ate a bowl or Raisen Bran today... and last night.
Bro, thanks for writing me finally haha its all good.
Sterl, tear it up bro, go get your own baptisms.
Tay sorry no letter, no he tenido tiempo. Cuidate y espero que estes disfrutando tu tiempo. and still getting one liners from 12 year olds.

Alright everyone, the field is white and I need to go reap. I love you all and you are all the reason why I am smiling right now.
Remember that the BofM answers any all and every question you have. READ IT!
To the moon and back,

con amor,

Elder Christensen

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