Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Hey guys,

What's happening in all your lives? Well I sort of know but like I am week behind. I hope everyone is well and that they are dominating at what they are doing. I almost forgot that is was the 4th of July until I had to call Elder Brown about something and he said it, haha, I have been here too long. It's crazy to think that one year ago I was sitting in the MTC parking lot watching the fireworks over the BYU stadium... the only fireworks here were ones to celebrate the new elections, Any ways, I hope everyone was home and that the back yard patio looks awesome. I would have loved to help but yeah.... next time. It sounds cool. I hope dad doesn't miss his starry nights too much.
Jenny, thanks for that quote. It was way awesome and I need to improve my prayers, thanks. Visiting teaching is just missionary work to members, remember that but work hard you two.
Dad, hope Aiken is treating you well. Keep up the hard work.
Mom. love you, I got the package on Friday and it was a box of delights. The only thing that is completely gone are the sour air heads The mini preach my gospels were the hottest item in the district. I thought you sent me a letter saying I couldnt have them? oh well. And that photo of Grandma and Grandpa Bingham. I didn't read at first and just looked at it and was like... that looks alot like grandpa B haha that was cool.
I'm looking forward to your talk dad. I need to hook you up with some spanish line. like a testimony or something.
Coop! I know I said it before but your a stud. Keep working hard, drink more water and stretch. It doesn't help to be big and not be able to do anything.
Nano, love you. I prayed for you really hard Friday night. idk, i felt like you needed a little love. You're great kid.
Also got David's letter on Monday last week. Your a stud man. Hope you enjoy being home. You did a great work. also I'm currently listening to a CD that Elder Brown lent me. It's called angel, or the artist is Angel, but either way, love it haha look for it. Also i need it to be more relaxed. I am having serious issues with my comp. I realize I need to be a better person and yeah be a leader and show love but man... its hard. We almost got in a fist fight today at soccer. He laid me out from behind and really I didn't care about that so much just that I kind of let all of my tension out that I built up during the week and yeah, had my spanish rant and let it go. Three more weeks.
Also we had an adventure. First an assitant came Tuesday to work with me and that was actually pretty sweet, I learned a whole bunch. and than later on Tuesday, an elder that a family in my area was taking care of, took off. like went home solo. He had been sick and instead of putting him the offices the Presidente put him in my area with a family to take care of him. We came after some interviews and he was gone.... so that was the first time in my mission. Hope it doesn't happen again.
More than that, nothing too exciting. We pretty much blanked Sunday, that was depressing after finding a lot of people that were really interested. We are hoping for two baptisms this week for a couple. They are really cool and said that they already had a dream getting baptized and everything but they weren't in the church Sunday. please pray for familia Vega Martinez. I will pray too.

Got a letter from Tay!!!
and she wrote me a paragraph!
but i got to go love, know that i think you are great and hope you are having a great time with the boys haha
be great everyone, I love you all.

this is the true church
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Westley Christensen

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