Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes Grandpa knows just what to say‏ Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 3:49 PM

Hey Americans

So the reason for my title was and is because Grandpa Christensen is great. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself a week ago and Grandpa just told me to suck it up and I realized he was right! So thanks grandpa, your great haha I love you guys.
I love all my family, yes extented too but how is everyone doing?
Jen, don't be mad, you know I love you a whole bunch. Just that sometimes I forget to answer all of your questions and I love that you are still hung up on that fact that the fireworks have shapes haha. Glad 4th of July was good even though you didn't blow up anything and that the nephews are good.
Coop, hit the gym man, just start the habit now.
Nano, idk, the last I heard work was better and you were going to go down to Las Cruces, how did that go?
Dad, love you, good work on the patio. Its ok if you can only lift one bag of cement, you will always be a champ in my eyes haha jk but really, the weekend I get back, we are going to put in that fish pond. If I don't have other plans. I'm there for you.
Mom, it was almost funny cause I didn't see your letter and was like... wow... mom didn't write me for the first time in my mission.... I'm going to have to rag on her. JK (I did write!) Mom I love you. Thanks again for the package. In the envelope, if you could send some more stamps, I have been sharing with the other American in my district. Also the postcards from LA still make me laugh, that was a good idea. Now it will be easier to explain to people that I live in a desert but my house is in a forest...

My week. Well, Monday Elder Leon freaked out and was crying and stuff saying that we needed to be best friends and everything and I was like, this is... dumb haha but then I remember grandpa and yeah we have been good this week. Minus one thing. Our baptisms... yeah it didn't happen. They got scared because the Bishop said a couple of things to them and yeah... its going to take a little of time. and then Sunday I had to be with the zls for almost all of the day and I left Elder Leon in my area to control everything and yeah.... well it could have been better in my ward on Sunday but its ok, we are going to dominate this week. Also Elder Diaz, my zl, came to work with me Friday after everything went wrong and I thought he was going to yell at me and make me feel like trash and everything but he didn't. I consider that as a miracle because the mission is changing a little bit, as in less patient but no he came and was way chill with me and made me feel like everything was going to be ok. But the coolest thing ever this week was a guy that well... found us haha he is the boyfriend of a member here and he wanted to meet us and yeah has already received his answer... twice so that's cool, we already put a baptismal date with him. I hope that will be my last Sunday here as well... but either way I'm good. And the only other exciting thing that happened was that we changed houses. And I say exciting very loosely because we didn't have a car to help haha but yeah we got it done. I feel a lot stronger now, it was amazing to see all the junk we had packed into our little apartment.
Ok fam, I forgot to do something and it's kid of important so I am going to end my compu time early and run and do it... haha asi soy yo haha any ways, love you all and pray for you frequently. Remember that there are three types of people in the world. The ones that see the wall and just laugh and walk away, the other that looks for an easy way around and give up and the last ones that just plow through it. Its what Presidente taught us and it made me think a lot about which I was. I love you all and know this work is true. The Lord loves you.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

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