Monday, August 3, 2009

Dont let your feet be the weak link‏ Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 20:37:28 +0000

Hello Familia

Whew, yeah i am going to write ya'll haha. It's like i sit down to write and everything starts to happen. People calll me, i need to print stuff and who knows what happens but its all good. I loved the pics from disneylandia. No worries not bitter at all... haha. No i am glad you guys had a blast even without your favorite person, we can all go when i get back if we don't go to Powell or something. I couldn't believe how tall cooper was! and is he wearing my favorite pair of shorts? watch out coop... haha. Thats cool though, i hope it didn't take too much work to retrun to the normal life again.

Coop, good luck with soccer tryouts next week, thanks for writing.

Dad, please dont die falling off a ladder, and thanks for Bishops Betts talk, it was sweet. Excited to hear what the doc had to say.

David!!! how you doing man, thanks for the letter. Don't even fret good buddy, any advice you wish to bless me with is welcomed with open arms. Your like an veteran haha how you are enjoying the after life, remember where you came from, i love you man.

MOM love you, haha sorry you almost got the worst score possible in your first round golfing, life is like that sometimes. Dont let it get you down. I say you should just stick with it. NO i havent gotten the envelope yet but im hoping this week yes. and mom, i konw you want pictures, and i have been taking a couple and i know i need to send more. Really i even tried today but this computer is lame and doesnt want to help me. I need to find a better way to do it I think... idk ill think on it but know im trying.

Also, thank you Jen for reminding me. my hush puppies are suffering i need to take a pic and get the new pair. so we will think on that one later. also yes i took out money twice... not happy about it but i had nothing so yeah its all good. sorry i didnt tell you in advance. Jen! love you questions and here are your answers, no i'm not sick, i have been good for a while and im starting to loose weight in this area again cause there are not as many cool members haha all for the better. actually this area has a title in the mission as being one of the worst for members. Alot of gossip and drama and nonsense. So obviously im pumped for the challenge haha but really, i want to make a real difference here and help a little bit.

We confirmed two on Sunday! felt good even though we weren't there... long story haha. My companion is good but young in mission terms. sometimes his priorities are mixed up but that will just come with experience. I just tell myself that i was way worse haha other than that we get along great. We worked hard, found people, and brought a sweet family to church. My district needs a little help but its all good, just a good kick in the butt and kind word goes a long way haha oh dear i think im funny. Um i basically call all my buddies every day cause they are all dls and its funny to hear them stress about their problems with their districts, they will get better. and yeah that was my week, not really any miracles but we will see this week, we have a baptism planned for a grandma that is 80. if i could adopt her, i would haha i love her, so pray everything goes well.

ok fam i got to run but i love you all and all of your faith. Please know and find out for yourselves that this is the Lords church. We are his children and He wants the best for us. I love you all with all my heart.

from the man in black
to the moon and back

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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