Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello People that have to go back to school... Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 4:36 PM

Hey fam,

So I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone that has to go back to school this week. Good luck.. really it's all worth it. You don't know how important an education is until you see that some people make for a living. So yeah, its rough, but worth it, like all great things. Any ways, how is everyone doing? Fully rested and everything after a vacation and a week of normal life? Disney sounded fun, I'm glad you all thought of me and everything, and yes Coop, MR Toads Wild Ride is my favorite. I saw the pics and we will have to take some more when we go in a year or something.
Cooper, hope that tryouts are going well and that you are feeling calm. It's good to be nervous because it keeps you sharp but really, just rock it bro, you're my hero.
Nano good luck moving back, make friends, make memories, enjoy life.
Jen hope you had fun decorating Chances wedding night room.... cool haha oh man anyways, I would totally answer some questions but I forgot and I'm in a rush to go to my zone meeting and get yelled at because my district is not the hottest on the block but it's all good, we can only improve, and I sincerly mean that,
Mom I would have loved to gone on the whale boat ride but its all good, we have conference tomorrow and I imagine that the package will be there. I love you mom, thanks for all the support.
Papi, hope everything is going well with the shoulder and work. Your'e my hero.
So my week really fast......
Today we climbed the mountain as a district to get some more unity. Yeah, kind of back fired in that we lost an Elder but it's all good cause we found him again. Good old Eagle Scout training haha but really I'm having some issues with my district. It's definitely not the perfect one I had last transfer but it's like Elder Arnett told me, if i couldn't do it, I wouldn't be there. So yeah, we are going to have a heart to heart. Basically I just want to be an amazing missionary like Elder Heap or Farmer. They rock!
Yesterday was not so hot in that we had few in church.... and we didn't have the baptism of my favorite old lady.. her son got sick and was in the hospital for surgery... so this week we will do it!!! Please pray but yeah it just seemed this week was a little bit tougher but really I think it was just my mentalidad. I can do better and I am going to do it.
Also I think I have a cavity.. going to see what the hna says tomorrow... but just so that you know.
Oh yeah, for lunch today we ate the craziest fruit ever. I actually thought it was a joke. It was bright pink with a white inside with a lot of black seeds. We asked the members but they just said it was from another part of Mexico. When you guys come, get ready for some weird stuff.
oh yeah a miracle this week! We are teaching this punk kid that is the son of a convert that just got baptized. so basically everyone is great in the family and he is the black sheep. I mean black clothes, death metal, always what's to fight. No really, I love him. I get along really well with him and we made him a promise that if he would say a pray asking for an answer to a serious question he had, open the Book of Mormon and read a couple of versus, he would find the answer. Mostly cause he doesn't believe in God. So he did it and he received it..... yes.... haha I was just like, how was it? and he was like... good, well, I only have one question? How did you do it? I was like what? and he was like, answer my question? I just started to laugh and was like, no son, that's how God does it. So I commit every single one of you to do the same.
I know school doesn't start till sep but the school advice goes to you too haha no, i am grateful for the paragraph shout out. It was worth it for todos haha but yeah that little chicken guy knows what's up. Hope you enjoy every day and are being amazing like i know you are.
everyone take care. I got to run but know that i love you all and wish the best and pray every day for you guys. Keep true to the faith.
to the moon and back.

con amor

Elder Christensen

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