Monday, August 24, 2009

Jail Bird Jake got nothing on me haha‏ Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 10:21 AM

Hey guys,

So, yeah, it was a pretty exciting week I must say. A little bit of everything and at the end a confirmation of my favorite little old lady haha but how are you guys doing? Everyone is now back in school, including here, it's the first day, and I have my p day... hmm it feels good. It's crazy to think that I am going to complete one year here in Mexico. Time is not on my side. I have too many things to do still.
Mom, I am hoping to go to the dentist today, its with a member in another ward but he is still going to charge me. I don't think he will charge normal but still something so I'm going to use my home money.... if you could help me, but we will see. Also, took the picture of my shoe.
CLARK, how you doing buddy!?!? I cant believe it's over man, you are such a stud, write me a line or two man. You are my hero. You too Jeff haha you guys rock, thank you for your service and for giving all. I love you guys. And really I am sure Clark and David sounded just fine without me singing in church. I was ususally a burden haha love you guys, see you in one year.
Nano, back in Cruces, live it up sis. Make friends and more important grades haha love you.
Coop!! you are stud man, congrats on JV, you are going to tear it up this year. Just listen to the coach, give 100%, and stretch, cause you dont want to end up like me. You go ahead and make #15 a great number.
Dad, hope surgery went well, remember to relax and be patient. Basically take a break haha love you.
Jen love the soccer chear. I would have loved to play in green and gold but yeah I'm doing my thing here. Good luck in school and being the mom of everyone. We all need you, so stay strong. Brit, thanks for the shout out.

Okay, so my week really quickly. Bueno, well Monday night in the junta, Elder Romney came with the secs and yeah sat in on my junta. Which was fine cause we were only going to watch videos of preach my gospel. Elder Romney is a stud, I love that guy. He reminds me alot of Clark now that I think about it. But yeah we had a chat for about half an hour outside and he helped me alot to think about the needs of my district. So Wednesday I decided to go on splits with one companionship for 24 hours and everything was going great untill we got put in jail.... haha not even kidding haha good times.
So I am going to explain myself before mom freaks out. We were wrapping up the day and we happened to pass by an atm and I still had money in my mission account that I wanted to take out. So while I was taking out my 300 pesos, Elder Rivera was outside passing the time playing with his keys, and at one point decided that he was just going to try his key in the sercurity lock on the gate outside, just for grins and giggles. Bad idea! An old man saw him and thought that he was tampering with the security gate and told the police and they picked us up two blocks later haha. I got to ride in the back of a police truck!! Yeah, it was just nonsense so we were laughing the whole time and everything so when we got to the police HQ we just were really nice to everyone, saying hi, doing contacts, the norm haha and when the police asked me for my name they just kind of looked at me strangely and asked is I was Mexican, which I said "no", if I had my license, "nope". So they left me alone but the fine for my comp was going to be 2000 pesos but yeah they are kindof corrupt like that so Elder Rivera called an hna that works in the state goverment and five minutes later, they let us go free and then the zls came by to give us ride and we jsut laughed a lot. Yeah, now I am the joke of the mission in that everyone has to say something about jail but it's all good. I felt like Troy in Russia, but not as cool haha but the thing was that the rest of the week we tore it up! Only five in church but three of our inactive families came too. And then the confirmation. We have a baptism this week too. It's of a 9 year old girl of an inactive family so yeah its alright.

fam, love you
pray often
work hard
be examples
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

PS no i didnt forget nano, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! eat a piece of cake for me haha stay great sis

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Stephanie said...

"I am going to explain myself before mom freaks out."

i'm guessing it was too late, right?
if it were me, the freaking out would have already begun!
jail time? . . . in mexico?
we must have a lot of faith to ever let them out of the house!