Monday, August 17, 2009

Lets get wet!‏ Sent: Mon 8/17/09 4:18 PM

Hey fam and fans

so what a week right? I am sure you guys were running around just as i was if not more. I hope that everything went well with the moving into the other house for nano and that tryouts went well for coop. Britton saw that you wrote me bro, love you, sorry about that sunburn, i saw the photo in the package haha at first i didnt know what it was haha. also mom, love you, loved the package, already gave away all the candy and laughed at all the photos haha the one with jenny in the tube... oh man... great haha also cooper! why are you wearing my soccer jacket! gosh dang it haha your school photo was all my clothes haha keep it real man. Nano, saw the new hair cut, very hot, good luck keeping the boys off. Jenny, last two semester, keep it strong, everyone needs you down there. Dad, sorry i forgot to mention it but the drawings were way sick that you sent me. I have a much better idea what to expect when i get back haha, i liked the little dock idea haha i say we put in some live trout or something to go fishing every once in a while haha and were those turtles or just plants i saw in the pond haha hope everything goes great.
So yeah sorry this is kind of fast but we didn't plan to well today. But really i love you all.
Sam and Ave! How you guys doing? haha clowns, still look the same. (Mom Sent hima picture) Ave also got your letter man, ill be writing you back soon.
Also got one from tay and t money. so yeah i have some letters to write.

so my week super fast....
we had a baptism sunday for my favorite person ever haha she is super nice and treats us like her grandchildren. So yeah we will definitely be in line for some miracles this week with her family accepting haha but yeah other than that it was a little rough going. there have been a lot of rumors going around in a couple parts of our area that we are entering into the houses of women to do other things and yeah nonsense so basically everyone is afraid of us and we lost alot of good investigators. I'm not too frustrated, The Lord has a plan, we will just work around it. So yeah that was exciting news haha also that there is no water in mexico. It has not been raining like normal and the reserve levels are really down so the gov is turning the water off every other day haha its fun. It doesnt affect us too much cause we arent ever in our house but the members yes.
today we had a fun p day and went to a fun center with bowling and ice skating and mini golf. yes, i won haha no only in bowling once.
my miracle this week was an investigator dropped her boyfriend when he started yelling at her for talking to us. Power in faith. miracles happen

ok i got to get to my meeting but i love you guys and pray for you all constantly. Have confidence in the Lord
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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