Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feliz Cumpliaños PAPI!! Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 11:16 AM

Dear Family
How are you all rocking it? It was way good to hear from all of you last week, minus coop... haha jk i saw the new letter. But yeah sounds like everyone is now getting into the groove of school and whatnot and i hope that everyone continues to work hard and pray for that extra help. Also all the pictures were way cool. Thats too cool that Elder Nelson was there in the stake! Elder Oaks came here like two weeks ago to speak to the young single adults so we didnt get to listen to him.
Jen, congrats on letting the kids out early for recess, im sure they all love you haha and really jen, do what you feel is right, but know i love you and konw that Heavenly Father loves you too.

nano, thanks for feeding my brotheren haha i am sure they cleaned you girls out haha i think im actually loosing weight here just because there are not as many cool members haha all for the better, need to make friends.

Coop, you make me laugh bro. Good job on the tournament, you just keep tearing it up and please give a shout out to sam for me. Call him best buddy haha

Mom and Dad, love you guys, know that us kids can control being held too tight, but you guys are great, thanks for your prayers and love

ok my week.
We dont have transfers today. Well, my district at least. Everyone is going to stay the same!!!! weee!! haha really when the presidente told me that my mouth kind of just dropped.... haha but im way excited for it. We had some issues last transfers, some conflicting attitudes but Im just excited to see how we are going to rock it. So yeah elder candiani is still my companion and i love that kid. He thinks i make some rules sometimes but its ok haha also we only speak english in the house haha i have enjoyed it. So tuesday were our interviews and mine wasnt as cool as i wanted it to be but ill live. I just need to dominate basically. Also we have seen soo many miracles this week. We did a fast for some people that we are planning to baptize next week and the 20th and everything work itself out, it was beautiful haha so yeah another one this week and three in the one after. Also it was funny cause last night i was talking to Elder Heap, love that kid, and he was like, Christensen, do you realize in that one year we will be living together at BYU? haha that would be a party. Um.... yeah i think that was all of the cool things that happened. Oh and that my zls are staying too... whoo! love my mission haha

ok fam and fans, im going to go head off and do something great and i hope all of you will to. Going to eat hamburgers with Elder Farmer later on too haha love you guys and know that Heavenly Father loves you too. I have zero doubt in that He lives and watches over all of you. Have faith in that.
i love you guys!
con amor
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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