Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Hey fam,

Sorry for being late..... again but we know me, I'm a little slow at times but just know that it's not a matter of love. Just bad planning haha but how are we doing? Everyone doing well with the first week of school under their belt? And if not, its ok, you have a lot more to go. Resolve problems quickly, otherwise they just drag on and on and on. That's what I learned this week.
Also Father I hope that recovery is coming well and that you aren't getting too crazy.
Coop, work hard on school and soccer, look for opportunities to be a leader always.
Jenny and Brit, good luck being poor. Total love I'm just kidding. Really I know that Lord blesses his servants and you guys are great. Just put your faith in him, work hard and you will see miracles every day.
Mom, love you. Hope work is going well and everything, Recent news, my backpack broke haha like the strap unsewed itself. idk, I'm going to get it fixed.
Also Nano!! hope you had a great b-day, lots of love sis.

Ok, my week super duper fast. We baptized again!! I'm loving it! A little girl of an inactive family, but the nicest most pleasant little girl you have ever met and always screams "hello" from across the street haha love her.
I have been sick with the sore throat this week but idk, I will just man it up I guess.
Interviews tomorrow so that will be an uplifting experience, I hope. I don't know what's going to happen in a week with transfers but I assume I'm going to stay and receive another younger missionary. I'm starting to open my eyes now a days and by that I mean that I am just realizing so many things that I wasn't doing right and that there is an easy solution that was right there. So yeah, I feel like I have been growing up really quickly these last two weeks. Kind of makes me wonder what I have been doing these last 12 months....
We had an awesome experience in that Esther, my grandma here, is inviting all of her family to listen to us and the magority are and it's great and I love how the Lord has a plan and that I get to be part of it. I love my mission! I feel good, we had a good district meeting, I only yelled once and the rest I felt the spirit so it turned out great.
Went bowling with Elder Francis, from Portland, again today. We are pretty much best buds, can't figure out why haha no but he is really a great elder.
Ok, my comp is angry - got to run. Love you and and know the Lord has a plan, our job is not to tell him the plan but to figure it out for ourselves. I love you and know the Savior loves you too.

to the moon and back

con amor,

Elder Christensen

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