Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Wet in a lot of ways Sent:Mon 9/14/09 12:24 PM

Hey Loved Ones

How is everyone doing this fine looking monday? I hope everyone is doing well going back to school and work and doing well in their individual activities. SOO pumped to hear that byu dominated haha thanks for the info dad, we will have to see how the broncos do as well.

Coop, you make me laugh with your ridiculousness but i still love you. Hope you tore it up against st mikes. Also pay attention in seminary, you could use a couple of those scriptures out here. speaking from someone that doesnt remember much..... haha expect when dad taught! love you haha

Mom love you so much. the shoes are hush puppies and that would be a lame side note but its all good, my other pair should hold out.... and mom, good luck in sunday school, i know the lord will bless you with the help you need. I had to freak out of some diacons yesterday cause they were wrestling with my future convert in the lawn... oh my gosh i love kids haha

dad i loved your curveball analogy, it made my laugh a little. For a second i thought it was one of moms made up metaphors but no... haha i love you guys. hope the shoulder feels great and also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! your a stud, keep it up. hope it was a good one.

Bingham family, i love you guys but we need to stay healthy. everyone look after themselves and take care. i love you guys, trust in the Lord.

Nano and jen, hope everything is going great and everyone is enjoying themselves and trying hard in school... not getting distracted by parties... haha take care you two, i love you guys

ok my week, we had a baptism! whee! bianca alvarez, 23, boyfirend, jehovahs witness. Amazing faith to tell him to respect her decisions, yes. She is great and we will continue to work with her mom and sister. Other then that we were not the hottest things in mexico haha we had trouble finding and teaching people but we had a lot in church. It also did not help that all that rain that we were missing finally showed up this week... all at once haha its rained every afternoon for the last week or so and we have had some minor flooding issues in the city. By my last area they had like 200 houses damaged from flooding. but no worries, i live on the second story haha but yeah getting wet is a custom again. Also my companion and I get in the dumbest fights. I just need him to not beat box in the street while we are walking haha

also got sick two days ago. Threw up and everything, it was awesome. Probably something that i ate at mexican night at the stake activity. Im sending photos of that. we took mustaches haha it was fun

ok im out like a scout. Love you all and know that our heavenly father does too.
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

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