Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Hello family,
So I'm writing late and from MSN for a reason. We were sitting down to write and everything and it started to rain and I actually wrote that it had begun to rain in my letter to you guys and was about to write, "and I think the power is going to get knocked.... " and then it went out. Really, it was revelation. That's my excuse, there was not any power. and then later yesterday we tried again and the same thing happened. I think it was a sign that we were not supposed to write yesterday. Candiani doesn't agree but whatever and I'm writing from msn just because I don't want any confusion as to why I'm on the computer so late haha.
How are you guys doing? I hope everyone is rocking it school wise and not stressing too much. Also, yeah, Mom sorry, its just end of the month and I have been paying for a lot of things because Elders don't have money and I have to help them and yeah... but thanks. Also Jen and Brit thanks for giving me a shout out, means a lot to me, you guys are great. I hope you found your answer Jen and that school and work are all going well.
Nano, I swear, girl you are always going somewhere haha no it's all good, I would too if the fam was so close. Live it up and work hard, good luck with the interview.
Coop! haha kidney punched. Congrats bro, no I haven't been kidney punched before but I know you can tough it out. You are my hero bro, just keep tearing it up and be patient. Mom and dad, love you guys and i hope you know it. Its ridiculous how often I do something during the day and just pause and say to myself... gah I am such my parents child haha but its a good thing. I hope you guys are doing well in your work and with the kids, you guys are too awesome.
Also my kid wrote me!! Valdez! eh, cuidate mi chavo. Tu sabes que te amo y que espero lo mejor para ti. Hazlo que tienes que hacer y te espero muy pronto. Tambien la familia Aguilar.(Sorry about that, just a little sidetrack).
I have been good. Its been raining off and on and I have tried to stay a little more covered and warm cause my lung virus that I always get came back this week... its been fun. I am going to talk with the hna tomorrow to see what she can do. But yeah I'm not too worried.
Ok, need to go through my week super fast real quick.
Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference and at the end we took a mission picture. Was it a mess trying to get everyone together and quiet, yes but we took it and it's done. I learned a lot from the conference and I always feel like its the little revelations that make the difference. But anyways we get back and I don't know if it was because I was sick and tired or because the lunch appointment wasn't showing up but I had little patience and I got super angry super fast when out of frustration Elder Candiani started to tell me off that I was a lazy, unexcited elder. I just about freaked out haha really I haven't gotten that angry in a long time. I seriously felt tinglings haha zero sickness and I just started yelling in Spanish... but then I took some Westley time and walked away and he and I had some great talks and now we are "best friends forever" haha remember the Lord works in mysterious ways but yeah its been great. We went out and found some bomb families! Like a family that the mom is member but that no one else is and they want to be a eternal family and we are like, yes, we can help with that. We couldn't take them to church cause they had a death in the family but this week for sure. Yeah, everything went great for us. We are hoping to have three baptisms either this week or the next but really, miracles are happening every day and I love to be part of it.
Yesterday wasn't so fun cause we had emergency transfers but my new elders are bomb and we are going to tear it up. Really, we just need to tear it up as a mission, and we will, soon. Also changed houses and I love it! I will send pictures later. Just know I love my mission and I'm excited for every day.

Also Elder Heap is good. He says thanks for worrying about him, also he wants us to room with his little brother. who will be a freshman... with freshman friends... more Heap, more love is what I say haha.
Okay, fam and fans, you are be great. Know that I love you, love my work and love the Lord. Also, the presidente had a son that was inactive, and then he came here and started doing splits with missionaries. Yeah he is waiting on his mission call.... Elder Holland called personally to ask what his reaction was... yeah my Pres has friends like that, I love it. You all be great. love you, I know this is true.
con amorto the moon and back, Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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