Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I cant believe the transfer is over‏ Sent: Mon 6/08/09 3:46 PM

Hello family,

So from the little that I read from mom's letter, I lacked details in my last letter. I will try to improve. But how are all of you doing this Monday? Getting back to work and for those that work? Dad is back in Carolina? That's lame haha but I hope you doing well dad, just be patient, just remember that it is only a little bit more... until the next time you have to do it.
Coop is going to soccer camp in UNM? Sounds good, tear it up bro. I can't remember much about the camp but I imagine that it's better than most.
My sisters are working and loving life, always good to hear. Stradling came back with what? pmd? Elder Nay is going home on Thursday and I dont think he will have pmd. I imagine that my mastery of english has declined in the last months but we will just see how much in one year.
Mom i love you and I hope you are enjoying the vacation time. Thanks for sending the package, obviously I remembered every thing i was going to ask a day later but it happens like that some times, but thanks mom, I'll be on the look out for it.
Ok so my week...
We didnt really have any exciting stories this week, and by that I mean that we didnt get attacked by gangs but we did get attacked by a gang of dogs. Brian took it like a man and threw me in front of them haha the good thing was that the one dog that bit me didnt have many teeth so it didn't do anything. Brian is doing good. He is feeling a little trunky with me yelling at him to get up and everything but he never ceases to amaze me. I told him he had to bear his testimony because otherwise the members were going to think bad of the missionaries and he was like heck no, so I left it at that and bore mine and right before the bishop got up to end it Brian being the champ he is got up there and bore his testimony, it was good for his first time. Also we are teaching this grandma that doesn't understand my spanish at all... so Brian has to teach. He just looks at me every other sentence to repeats what I say but it went well. ALSOO!!!! talked to the family Aguilar!!!! hno Juan and Luis got baptized on Sunday!!!! The hna was funny in that she just screamed but yeah start the clock, one year, going to the temple. That was really the most exciting thing that happened all week. We have lost a lot of investigators and I feel like we are starting from scratch and yeah no one is going to church.... but we will find the way to do it, just have to practice some faith.

ok fam and fans, I got to run and meet some more with some investigators that didn't go Sunday. No worries, we are going to have a talk haha jk but remember that I love you all and that your prayers make miracles. Know that it's a little rough right now but that I love this work. I find that I just smile in lessons when I hear testimonies. I never would have imagined that in my life, I love you all!!!

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder W Christensen

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