Monday, July 7, 2008

A Shout Out from the MTC! Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 11:10 AM

Hola mi familia!

Como le ve? I didn't know how to type the upside down qustion mark but I think it will still manage to get across. How is the newer Mexico doing?? I know it may come as a shock but Provo right now is probably the warmest it has ever felt to me. I break a sweat on the way to class. Speaking of class I am pretty sure if not entirely confident that I have the most amazing instructors in the entire MTC. The first one is knid of a celebrity in that we have this reality show about real missionaries that served in San Antonio Texas and one of my instructors, Hermano Hallam, is one of the six elders and sisters that they highlight in the films. He is actually really funny and really humble and i think that he rolls his r's really really hard just to show off to us. Regardless, my second instructor, Hermano Odea is not to be outdone. Well he is really a sub because the real one is in mexico but that doesn't mean much to us. Anyways he is from Gunea Africa, I might have mentioned this in my last letter, I can't remember, but he has such an amazing spirit and personality. He is just a warm person that is fun to be around. Two days ago in class he cried cause he was laughing so hard at the fact that he had given a forty minute lesson about faith and then in our game el equipo de fe, the team of faith, came in last with zero points. Good times, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. But they are great and I'm grateful I can recieve guidance from them.My companion.. Elder Ashcraft. A great soul, and a great chance for me to learn more about patience and loving all of god's children. He really is a good companion and loves the gospel and wants to help others. It is something to be admired. He is just a little too pasionate in that in our first "test" at the TRC, he gave the whole lessson and I shook the gentleman's hand and said see you next week. But we have resolved that problem and now we are doing great work. He is much better at spanish than me but that is too a blessing in that he can help me understand. So far I can only pray and testify and those little sayings that we have amongest the district but it's coming. The district is great. Most of them are from Utah but they don't let it show =) but really , the Lord has called some of the best elders in the MTC to preach the gospel in mexico and peru. I'll be sending pictures of all of them so you will understand. Elder Heap is my district leader and his companion is Elder Memmott, probably my two favorite elders. Elder Johnson is from Salt Lake and his companion Elder Thacker has thus far recieved five packages, no pressure... Elder Graham and Elder Keeling are in my room. Elder Memet and Elder Granjero ( Farmer) are also alot of fun to be around. And last but not least Elder Hampton and Elder Peterson are quiet but enjoyable to be around. We got a new district yesterday and it was a great feeling to not the the district that didn't know anything but rather the district that knew very little. They are great elders. This may come as a joke to some but I gained five pounds before sunday... but thanks to every day exercise and a diet I'm not back to my old lean self that used to be an athlete. You can stop laughing anytime... I get to see doctor Kimball sometime next week just as a follow up and I think it will go well, my knee has been getting stronger every day. Also thursdays are my p days so thats when I'll be writing, between 930 and 12but hwo is everyone doing? How are jjenny and britton doing at work? how is cooper doing at soccer? how is danielle doing with her job? How's everyone? anything exciting fro ths weekend? no new injuries from dad? How is mom's spanish coming? Has bow destroyed anything more?Well I love all of you and you can all wrtie me at and the MTC will print it out and give it to me that day. You are all in my tboughts and prayers, I love you guys!!

Con Amor,
Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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