Thursday, July 24, 2008

MTC Live Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:54 PM

Hola familia
Estoy agradecido por la opertunidad escrito ustesdes. I am not going to try and write everything in spanish cause that would just take too long but yeah what's happening? I love you guys so much. First let me just say that i'm getting my memory chip ready today to send to you all like next wednesday of thursday, idk. I have some audio files on them, I just covered the lence and recorded the sound so really its not a video cause there is no picture haha i know I'm clever. But yeah I'm going to put some stories on in and a little spanish and really it should be a pretty good time. Just promise that when the spanish comes on that britton leaves the room. I don't need any hating. But speaking of spanish! yeah obviously I'm not going go running off to mexico anytime soon but the Lord is definitely help me to understand and learn espanol. We had to the opportunity to go to a class where people that only spoke spanish were learning english and sadly we did not practice english with them haha it was a good experience, and i understood most of it, It's just difficult to speak when I can't roll my r's haha I know the Lord will help me when I need it.
But yeah I just sent an email off to the nymeyers, I know it says direct family only but lets be serious, you can't get much more direct, anyway, I sent my guesses of michigian and tonga. I thought sterling would enjoy learning a 12 week language. i actually had two tongans come up and bear their testimonies in english yesterday which was way awesome cause it was all broken and in a deep togan voice, very sincere. They are going to Portland and I told them that the sun doesn't shine there to their dismay.
Sounds like you guys are all doing great though. Jenny and britton are getting ready to head back already? I guess my realization of time is kind of skewed in here. ON that note my watch broke! so yeah that would be great, just a five dollar something from target that has a timer would be most appreciated. Anyways yeah mom starting that extreme home makeover story right after I leave is always good, love the timing = ) I'm sure that it will look great when it is done. I'm not exactly sure what all is being done but i can make it up. Dad has a high adventure coming up? that's cool what is it? daniell is ready to be done with work and go study for 24/7. Cooper.... sitting around? haha jk hermano. I'm sure mom is keeping you all busy. Batman for FHE sounds fun but really I don't want to hear about it haha I"ll have to see it when I get back of something.
Sounds like you all just have big things ahead of you, let me just say, go BYU BLUE! that's all on that topic haha but yeah sorry if I don't answer all of your questions, I just forget them. My visa... yeah my visa is a good story, I'll explain that one on the memory chip. Let's just say dan might come and go before I ever see mexico or anything outside the mtc. But yeah I hope dan is doing well, he just needs to keep his chin up until he gets here.
I can't even believe that I have been here for an entire month already. I still feel like yesterday was my first dork dot day. Idk, it's crazy stuff. The days are long but the weeks go by fast. Also good to hear about andrew's experience, all good stuff. We have heard that same kind of story from our teachers that have grown up there and served there. No fruits, kind of sad but I'll get over it.
I'm trying to think of one last story before my time runs out... uh my lesson with hermano robinson but i'll explain that on the tape... uh... oh yeah so tuesday was devotional and my buddy elder memmott gave the opening prayer and he was all nervous and stuff but did a great job and after we had a district meeting discussing how the lord gave us talents to use in the field to brings others to christ and one elder was listing everyones strength and looked at me... and laughed.... haha apparently the Lord has blessed me with a funny face. But seriously it got me thinking how I could use my humor. Idk, any help?
Well my time is pretty much done, sorry this email was kind of random.
I could use a extra pair of shorts and a t shirt and gym sock. and dear elder works much better than emails, idk
I love all of you guys, you are all in my prayers, in spanish I might add, and I know you are all doing great things. I love you all very much and think of you often.

Con amor
Elder Christensen

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Stephanie said...

Dear Christensen family . . . A friend sent me the link to your blog and we might as well be friends because I have a son serving in the Mexico City North Mission, too. He's been in Mexico since 20 June, {MTC on 2 April} so our sons missed each other in the MTC by just days. Another elder from Mesa going to the same mission went in with your son on 25 June - Elder Heap. For a little taste of Mexico, you can check my son's blog at:

I'll probably be keeping tabs on your missionary. I just can't get enough!

Stephanie Romney