Friday, July 11, 2008

hey howdy hi Thursday, July 10, 2008 2:51 PM

Hey guys!
Sorry this is coming kind of late in the day but I was having some computer
trouble so now i'm just trying to make up for it by typing really fast cause I
lost some time so we will see how it turns out. well first of all go lacey!!!!!
holy wow that's awesome i can't even believe how ridiculous pumped she must be.
YOu will have to send my love to her for me. And actually the MTC is rooting
for her haha I have met a couple of elders that are actually really bigs fans
and I said that I was her cousin so yeah I'm pretty cool haha also a signed
picture wouldn't hurt... maybe two.. haha jk but seriously yeah haha so yeah mom
and the girls are in arizona living it up and/or working really hard for nicoles
wedding. That's way cool, sorry I can't be there, doing the MTC you know. How
is everyone else doing? anything exciting? any good stories? Well I'll just run
down my life real fast first Hanna Montana came to the staduim of fire fo
perform!! but the mtc presidencie knew that and planned a devotional with
chimes. yes chimes. my forth of july was chimes. rough haha but really after
that we went and watched the fireworks from the parking lot so it was ok. I
also went to the temple last week. so pretty, way cooler than new mexico but
when it's temples I don't think it matters haha another fun part was watching my
companion try to stay awake, he was doing the head bob haha last saturday we
had to say goodbye to our teacher hermano odea. it was his last day and so we
actually did an activity where we voted the most patient loving, kind, and
diligent person in the class. I won patience.... yeah i know haha i think it
says something about what my district thinks of my companion haha jk but it was
sad to see hermano odea go. I'll send pictures soon. Sunday was cool because
we got to watch a movie at night but you would think the church would own a copy
of Legacy that didn't skip, idk haha and during the movie all the elders would
whistle when they kissed, good times haha monday we met our new teacher and he
is hermano robinson. he is from a lDS colony in mexico and is a close cousin
with Dallin Rhor. yeah i know he is really fun and is a very hard worker, we
will be able to learn alot. Speaking of which the spanish is coming along. we
went to the TRC, britton explain, and I talked to three people in spanish for
probably twenty mintues and I understood most of it and it wasn't even mostly
about the gospel haha tuesday nights we have devotionals and after we discuss it
as a district in our classroom and a councilor of the branh presidency comes and
sits in. It was going pretty good until one elder, elder menet, stood up and
said he shouldn't be here because he had commited felonies.... so yeah kind of
threw us for a loop but he had been expunged? so it was ok or something but we
had a thirty minute discussion why all of of belonged here and the best evidence
was because we were actually here. It was pretty intense but totally worth it.
one guy said something to the effect that "you could have lied to eveyone during
the interviewing process but when it came to your call, an apostle of the Lord
called you to that area because you are who you are" " you can't hid from God"
so yeah it was pretty intense. Nothing like twelve 19 year old men crying in a
classroom together. I'm sure it will happen more than not haha well that is
just about it for me. oh yeah the temple is closed for three weeks so that won't
happen for a while. OH i forgot!!! we went to the RC, the place where all those
calls come in when the church offers free bibles online or whatever. I talked
to francine from georgia, her daddy was a pastor, and she been a baptist her
whole life and she didn't need my religion. I bore my testimonie to her and had
a lovely chat about how much we loved Jesus. good times. K that's really
probably it for now but I'll talk to you guys again in a week. I love you all
and you are all in my heart. Do great things. Oh yeah dad, the guys love
remember who you are and don't let it get you down haha
Love Elder Christensen

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