Thursday, July 17, 2008

HOlA!! Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2008 1:22 PM

Hey guys!!Well no real surprise but yes it is your favorite missionary son, no worries cooper I said missionary, Westley Gene. Well it sounds like everyone is doing well which is great to hear. Glad everyone made it back from arizona fairly well. Sounds like the wedding went off pretty well and that mom did a great job, congrats to you mom. That will be a great blesssing for Nichole. It's great to hear about Alex getting back and in such high spirits. I can only imagine how pleasent i'm going to be to be around when I get back haha jk kind of but yeah congrats to Aunt Stacey and Uncle Aaron, I'm bragging about my family all over the place, and ironically so is taylre haha idk it was funny. Katie's Wedding!!! whoo!!!! that's what i call a good time. Do we have any more weddings coming up or are we thinking of taking a break for a while? Speaking of funny things, me and this other missionary, Elder Heap and I wrote another one of our elders' 17 year old sister. She wrote back and it was just an average hello but the next day he sent a couple of pictures home of the district and yeah he got a letter today saying and I quote "yeah all the guys in your district look like a lot of fun. Elder Christensen is actually pretty cute..." no lie haha well I had a good laugh about it but I don't think that I'm going to write her again. yeah pictures of you guys are always great, I just have the little wallet size one of the family so yeah I could use some. I'm also going to be sending my memory chip back here pretty soon so. Oh yeah my mission president!! yeah I haven't met him. They were here for like two days and than left so yeah not really much of a chance, I guess he had lunch with the guys that came on time.... haha but yeah we will get to see him out there. We have also gotten two new districts of 8 elders each. we are quickly becoming some of the verteran of the zone. If that's not a scary thought, idk what is. I'm doing my best to stay average and stay away from the zone leader position haha jk but really it's a lot of meetings. Sounds like cooper had a great time at scout camp. Three merit badges are good. I expect an eagle when I get back =) haha but really it's not a bout the award, it's about why you do it. Remeber that. OH yeah!!! haha sorry I totally almost spaced it. I went to the doctors office for my knee, I mean doctor Kimball. WEll first when we were in the waiting room it was cool cause everyone saw the badge and smiled and waved and it's really like we really aren't even us, we are representavites. But yeah the cutest little girl, probably six walked by the glass wall facing the hallway and you could see her mouth "missionaries!" point for her grandpa to see and wave at us. I felt pretty cool, but yeah on to the appointment. DR Kimball said I looked great and said that he could notice that I put in the work. Don't laugh. But yeah he cleared me to run and I did so on tuesday and yesterday. First day ran a 10 minute mile, just taking it nice and easy just testing it out, next day 8:31! so really a pr and probably faster than cooper =) but yeah I'm sore but it feels good to have that much more strength. Alright well I'm going to run now. I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the letters and the support! You are all great!I love dad I love momI love jennyI love brittonI love danielleI love cooperI love my next nephew or niece? =) jk jen hahalove you guysELder Westley Christensen

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