Monday, March 8, 2010

Westley wrote on Saturday!‏ Sent: Sat 3/06/10 4:39 PM

Hey guys,

Well I am just going to take advantage of the free time I have in the offices to write you guys. I get to stay with an elder that had a surgery on wednesday and im going to be his companion today. Should be fun. Everyone else went out to buy us food so we are just listening to music andI'im writing you guys. How are you all doing? I can't figure the question mark out on this computer.

Thanks everyone for reminding on my sobrinos (nephew) name. Conway.... really, jk, but really what am I going to call him? Con? conner? corn? air con? haha just saying, nicknames will come hard. ButIi will support any name.
Cooper you will not be the best uncle. But second was never bad either haha
Nano, allIi can say is that the Lord wants you to be happy. He has a plan for you that will lead to that happiness. We sometimes think we know better when the decision isn't so hard, just give it all over to him and let him make you the best you can be. I love you.
Coop, keep working hard bro. I didn't get to work out very well this week but I have been able to do 60 push ups in a row three sets.... just know we are going to be throwing down when I get home. Also Avery wrote me and said that you were sicky at a b ball now a days. We will have to see. Heap and I are going to be on the same team at byu. I love you bro, keep working hard.
Mom thanks for everything and all the love. I would rather have money for a new laptop then stuff here. The only thingIi would ask for are some new pairs of socks cause all of mine are suffering now haha but yeah huge thanks for finding that job for me! I love you guys. And yes, mom, there normally are tacos in the street that are cheaper but sometimes we like to have a flash back to the good old US haha
Dad keep working hard. I know you don't like to work on the weekends but like the good book says, let the things of cesar to cesar and the things of God to God.... oh wait that would be Sunday haha jk love you man, keep working hard.

My week was pretty good. We had a surpise baptism of the lady that couldn't last week on Tuesday. It was good just that my comp didn't plan it very well and yeah good times, just breathe in and out with me. Also this week, I went on divisions with my whole district. It was good to get out and work with eveyone and see how they are doing. I didn't help too much but at least I got to know my elders better.
Two funny stories of the week. The first, is that on one of the divisions we ate with an hermana that just got back from the mission three months ago and she has been married for a month and a half. So we were like, oh wow, so your husband waited for you then? uh kind of, he finished the mission before i did.... he was her zone leader haha yes! but yeah, no worries here. I thought it was funny and the second was that we ate with an hermana that had a huge plate of veggies cooked and all ready, like more than mom would make for the whole fam, and she was just like, here you go elder, I know how you guys don't get to eat many veggies... half the plate. I was like, well I am full! It was all good. I love my area, the members are great and we are going to be baptizing every week until my comp goes home.

Congrats Stan on the baptism. represent the Germans haha.

Love you guys a huge bunch
to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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