Monday, March 22, 2010

Still got it Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 3:15 PM

Dear Fam,

Love you guys! Mom BYU is cool again, I got in and have been looking at my classes I need to take,I'll have a list for you guys next week of classes I might need some help to get into. LIke D&C and bowling, haha no but yeah I feel much better being able to look at everything. President gave me permission to do this.

How are you guys doing?! are you guys having a great day? I just got done playing soccer for 4 hours and i feel like I did back in the day.. sore. It was fun. Our zone isnt very good so it was more laughs than goals but I sure looked like I knew what I was doing (that's a never). But sorry you guys are having snow... just so you know, i miss. Have fun out there is Las Vegas, try to put some goals in bro. Represent the New Mexico side. Take photos of the strip for me.

MOM!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!!!!! EE-EE-EEEE!!! haha that was my mexican scream... yeah its getting there haha mom, you are the best mom i have. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me with everything even though I was a punk alot. You are the best, have a great b day!!! Thanks for sending my packages, you guys rock. love you all. Yeah, the offices are super close to me so i will get it when it gets here.
Jen love you, I have been thinking on nicknames for my nephew and the best i got right now is CoB haha but I'll keep working. And no Jen, I usually don't eat breakfast unless someone gave me fruit the day before. I'm kind of poor right now... might have to take some money out... sorry. No more Wendys I promise. Today I didn't even go, so there it is.

Dad! eh Papi, love you man, keep working hard and being my example. Good luck on the trek planning, just know that i would love to be the pony express guy that rides up with the mail. I promise to avoid anything that would disrupt the trip mom haha thanks for the love. love you guys so much.

So this week was fun. We married a couple, had an interesting leadership conference and Elder Hunter and i couldnt get into the presidentes van with his keys in hand.
We will baptize this next week the guy we had for this last week, there was some mixups... that is part of the 2 weeks thing... transfers haha but its all good, just need to count to ten more often haha but yeah and we did really well in church with some sweet families we have in teaching.
The conference was alright until I had to help with an activity andIi got in front of everyone and they asked my to teach faith so I was like "yeah sure easy". so I start and like the assistants just start copying everything I do. We all know how much Wes loves to be in front of a crowd but seriously haha i was sweating like a big dog. I turned bright red and was all nervous and everything was laughing but yeah the example was that our elders will do everything they see us do, so what kind of example are we putting? A sad sweaty little man one haha but it was good. Later we were helping the hna put the stuff into her van and me and another elder were totally retarded. We spent 15 minutes easy trying to open it haha it was just more advanced then we have ever seen. back doors and open by themselves with a button and all that crazyness haha but yeah we felt cool.

Ok gang, i got to take a shower and wash clothes but I love you guys soo much. I know this is the true chruch because I see the blessings every day. I know God lives and loves you all. Be great cause that is who you are.
love you to the moon and back...
con amor

Elder Christensen
I love my mission

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