Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snowing?‏ Sent: Mon 3/15/10 4:51 PM

Hey guys,

Well i love you all.

How are you all doing? Sounds like my little hill of a town got some snow haha thanks for the picture. A guy in my district and I were just talking about snowboarding before I saw the picture. I think yesterday was the third time in my mission thatIi had ice in my drink. Good old mexico. Thanks so sicky that you guys all have the flight plans and everything!!!! I was kind of hoping to get back home a little earlier but it will be fine, like a Friday. My comp also got his flight plans back to his house. 'Im kind of willing to pay for a ticket a little bit earlier than that but... jk kind of.
Nano, welcome to PROVO haha thats way cool. You will have to go eat at the Dennys right there in front of UVU and know how great it is haha good times.
Jen, congrats on the super weekend and that your cowboys won. Hopefully they can make it past the first round this year in march madness haha, stupid BYU haha sterl, you rock it bro, that is so Mexico City style.
Dad, i love you man. I didnt do so well on the work out plan this week because of the conferences but i did good this morning.
Mom, love you and thanks for helping everyone and everything. YOu are my hero. Heap and I are going to start planning week seven of our last transfer so that you guys can have an idea about whats going to go down. I have a meeting with him tomorrow so it will give me a chance.

My life, it was a fun week but it definitely made me miss you guys alot. Not like I want to end my mission but like... I am tired of some things, like comps but it's all good, I am still loving every moment. It was a week of zero citas... bueno like 4 in total. We had a lot of errands to run for the Presidente and the assistants and it just kind of destroyed a couple of days of work. Then we showed up late to everything... Presidente was not happy. Actually conference was the most upset I have seen him in a long time. He basically just told us that we weren't doing a portion of our potential and invited, like called everyone out, if you dont want to work, just go home. It was way intense but I loved it. I would not have picked a better Presidente. And than the rest of conference was good too. The best was that at the end, I was sweeping up culture hall where we ate, Christensen cleaning standards, thanks dad haha and Presidente was like "Christensen, thanks alot," I was like "yeah sure Presidente," and than he was like, "I pray for you every night. Just three more weeks if you know what I mean" haha i love him. Yeah... three weeks.
The zone is not so hot right now but yeah that's going to change. Just have to throw some auzzi at em =) like my boy sterl does haha but yeah we brought ten to church!!! it was sicky, stay tuned on furture baptisms. We actually have one this week. Javier, he is 27 married and way sicky, teaching us how to box.

Ok, I'm out. love you guys.
be great cause that's who you are
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

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